Your Grrrs: July 20, 2006

Your Grrrs...

Freada in Boynton Beach, Fla., writes: THANKS! I needed a good laugh. Next time I hear the expression "hissy fit" I will think fondly of you. Poor thing. Get a night guard for your mouth and valerian to help calm you a bit. We don't want to lose you to a stroke!!

Sheila N. in Houston writes: Hi, Mike! Strange as it may seem, I can identify with you on the sibilance thing! I have heard it on the long bus commutes made longer by some obliviot who talked non-stop all the way home and all I could hear were the S's, ST's, J's and SH's 'til I could spit! For all the noise they were making with those sounds, they were wasting their time and efforts whispering! GRRR!!

Larry H. in Huntsville, Ala., writes: Mike, please take a vacation SOON! If you don’t get relief we may be reading front page news about you shaving your head and running nude down Broadway screaming Grrrrr! Chill Bubba!

Andy writes: Mike, you just gotta quit grinding your teeth, clenching your jaw or whatever. I am much older than you and I am now on my last few teeth due entirely to a lifetime of Grrring. Lighten up and keep your teeth. Yours for a more relaxed life.

Richard writes: Mike, take a vacation. It shhhhounds like you're one shhhibilant from a long stay at a hotel with padded rooms where the only attire permitted is uncomfortable jackets. Rent yourself a houseboat on one of the lakes, park it on a small island for a week and just relax away from humanity!

Dave Bradley writes: Just read your Grrr article about the woman with the speech impediment that wasn't really there. I didn't think it was funny or insightful. I thought it was horribly rude and intolerable. I wonder what you'll write about next? I bet there's some handicapped kids that you can make fun of somewhere. Keep up the shoddy reporting.

John H. in St. Louis, Mo., writes in response to Erin Kasaba: Mike, I enjoy reading your column. I have never been inclined to send you an email, however I must respond to Erin Kasaba's response regarding customer service. Erin, your attitude toward customers and customer service is appalling. Especially for someone in a sales position. Your dislike for your customers is obvious. You are a narrow-minded individual to believe that "sales" is not related to customer service. Your job has made you "hate" people and your only concerns are your tips and your commission. There are few jobs on this planet that are not in some way customer service oriented. Granted no one is perfect, but you will never make it in sales with your condescending attitude.

Michele Watt writes: Mike, I look forward to reading your column and browsing your readers' Grrrs each week. I completely agree with 95 percent of them and have experienced most of them myself. I've recently encountered something numerous times at the grocery store that I just HAD to GRRR about. What's with the self-importants who think they can park their cars at the curb right in front of the entrance at the grocery store and wait for their passenger to run in? The pedestrians have to move around them to get in, and they block and congest all the other traffic in the lot. It drives me insane!!! Take a parking place like the rest of us!

Jerry I. writes: My Grrrr is that idiot who races up behind you on the freeway while you are approaching an exit. The idiot first tailgates you, and then at the last moment guns his engine to pass only to take the very same exit only nanoseconds ahead of you. But he/she got there first, and I guess that's all that matters.

John in Spartanburg, S.C., writes: Here's a new Grrr! that I haven't seen on your page before. This last weekend my girlfriend and I went to Charleston and the beach was relatively empty. In fact, there was no one to the south of us for a good 50 yards. My Grrr! goes out to the group that decided it was a good idea to lay out 5 feet away from us when there was all that open beach to choose from.

Tom in Canal Winchester, Ohio, writes: I just bought a brand new car and within two weeks it wouldn't start. Turn the key ... nothing. Then I would try again later and it would start just fine. I called the dealer and they told me to bring it in. So when I got to the dealer the service manger said if it started they wouldn't be able to figure out what's wrong with it and to bring it back in when it wouldn't start. So I repeated back to him, "you're telling me to bring it back in when it won't start." He said yes. Nice.

Daniel Acton in Waco, Texas, writes: I am amazed that, every summer we hear about hundreds of people up north dying from heat exhaustion. I understand that not everyone has an air conditioner, but everyone knows it when it gets "hot" (it's not really hot unless the temperature reaches 100). When that happens, get your pets inside and check on your elderly neighbors. If your elderly neighbors do not have the means to cool off, then offer to drive them to a shelter, which nearly every city has. More lives can be saved if people just used their heads. Maybe that's a lot to ask since you chose to live up there anyway. I understand it got up to 96 in Chicago. How could you even stand it? Oh, the agony. Try coming here, where it was 105 yesterday (with 35 percent humidity ... heat index 111) and it will be even hotter today.

Julie S. writes: Hey Mike. I wanted to let you know that all is not lost in the land of movie-watching. My husband and I went to see "Pirates of the Caribbean" this last weekend. I was wearily eyeing the guy next to me and his jumbo-sized bag of popcorn, considering the hour-long crunch fest I was about to endure, when he leans over and says "Hey. If I'm eating too loud, just let me know." I made some good-natured comment about an elbow to the ribs and settled back to watch the previews. Sure enough, the guy was completely silent as he ate. It was a most pleasant surprise at my local movieplex. Grrr on.

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