Speakout! Israel at War?

Israeli warplanes attacked a Lebanese army air base near the Syrian border, the first strike on the Lebanese army in Israel's fight with Hezbollah guerrillas. The attack followed an intense strike on Lebanon’s airport, an attack that could draw the Lebanese army into Israel's war with Hezbollah guerrillas.

More than 50 people have died in violence following the capture of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah, which launched more than 80 rockets and mortars into Israel on Thursday. Read more.

As the situation grows dire in Israel, the Palestinian territories, and Lebanon, what should the U.S. stance be?

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"We need to support Israel, but stay out of their way. They have a right to fight this battle. We should stop trying to broker deals with these terrorists. Every time a deal is made, Israel backs off. Then, the terrorists re-group and attack all over again. Let them finish the fight this time." — Judy (Kentucky)

"No amount of shuttle diplomacy is going to convince a Muslim terrorist regime to stop attacking or recognize Israel's right to exist. Dealing with Hamas, Hezbollah or al-fatah has been an exercise in futility and only makes our efforts to do so pointless. We must no longer ask Israel to show restraint; it is time to let them defend themselves in any way they see fit." — Frank (Montana)

"The U.S. needs to support Israel in any way necessary. It is time for the world to recognize that Muslims do not want to live peaceably with Israel. Instead, they want Israel and the U.S. destroyed. If we do not respond with those facts in mind, we will be destroyed also." — Jan

"We should support Israel 100 percent. I believe that this is an Iranian-directed operation using Hezbollah to do the dirty work." — Pete (Florida)

"The U.S. needs to remain vigilant of the situation and intervene if Iran and/or Syria enters the field of battle or if Israel is threatened with annihilation. At this juncture, we need to provide whatever support Israel needs, short of a U.S. military presence." — Jerry

"We are friends of Israel, but that does not mean we need to get involved. We don't need to get involved in any more conflicts right now. We have enough on our plate." — Cyndy (Delaware)

"The U.S. should come to Israel's aid if they are attacked, but we should prove to the world that while we advocate Israel's rights to its borders, we do not support them unconditionally. We should condemn the attacks against Lebanon and the aggressive acts Israel has taken with other surrounding Arab nations because they never truly tried to negotiate the release of the Israeli military prisoner." — Matt (West Palm Beach, FL)

"We need to stay out of it. We cannot continue to be caregivers to the world! Charity begins at home." — Carol (Massachusettes)

"We should provide as much intelligence as we can to help locate the Israeli soldiers, but should stay out of it militarily. We have enough going on in Iraq right now. Once we are out of Iraq, if this is still going on, then we can provide military support." — Kate (Baltimore, MD)

"Israel is our strong ally and we need to support them in every way possible. Our president is correct in making it clear that Israel has every right to defend themselves against Hezbollah and Hamas. If Iran and Syria want to get into the fray, then they need to understand that we will continue to support our allies." — Jim (Atlanta, GA)

"The U.S needs to start minding its own business. We have to stop getting into the world's business. We should try to sit one out for a change." — Tom (Atlanta, GA)

"We should stay back and let the Israelis handle this. They are completely capable of defending themselves and taking care of their own safety." — Wayne (Boston, MA)

"Nothing! Continue to endorse Israel’s right to defend itself. If Hezbollah wants to kidnap Israeli soldiers, then they must suffer the consequences." — Brian (Phoenix, AZ)

"We should not get involved, at least not yet. It will be interesting though to see if any other countries, such as Syria or Iran, get into this. Realistically, it should last as long as the first Gulf War. If it drags out and others get involved, watch out." — Rocky

"The U.S. can do more for the Middle Eastern peace process than ever before by staying out of Israel's way. We should do nothing unless nations like Iran and Syria try to intercede." — K (Albuquerque, NM)

"The U.S. needs to stand by Israel in the fight against terrorism. There is no difference between Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah or any other radical group." — Elana

"The U.S. should take a pre-emptive strike against Iran’s nukes and stand with Israel against Syria. The U.S. should send more troops to Iraq and put them at the borders of Syria and Iran." — Joyce (California)

"We can’t keep fighting everyone’s wars. We do not have the forces or the supplies to effectively be everywhere. While Israel is our friend, I don’t think they were the victim. There is always fighting in the Middle East and there always will be. Let’s see how this plays out. It could be another two-week war." — Kate (Burlington, NC)

"It's not our war to fight. We have too many other things that are on our agenda. We have to deal with North Korea, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan. It seems as though Israel has the situation under control. If we keep jumping into other people's business we will spread ourselves too thin." — Freeman (Maine)

"I think we should sit back and watch. Let Israel flex their muscles for a while and let the other countries see that Israel can take care of its own. However, if they request our assistance, then we should consider it." — S (Oceanside, CA)

"Since Israel has always been on the forefront of the War on Terror, they deserve all the support we can give them. And, compared to the countries and peoples that surround them, they are of a higher moral caliber." — Forrest

"In my opinion, this is a war that will never end. It's been going on since before most of us were born, and continues to fester. The U.S. stance is a precarious one. Ultimately, we would be on the side of Israel. The bottom line is that we need to do what we can to aid our few allies in the Middle East." — Jason (San Antonio, TX)

"The U.S. should declare war on Syria. We should launch a large scale air assault against military and terrorist camps." — Adrian (Catlett, VA)

"It is passed time for the civilized nations of the world to take a strong stance against the terrorist organizations and the countries that support them." — C.E. (English Hills, CA)

"We must support Israel in every way possible. I would not advocate ground troops, but every other way possible." — Linda (Oregon City, OR)

"We only have one choice: to stand united with all countries trying to fight terror. I personally believe we must deal with Iran. If this means bombing them, then so be it. Israel is our ally and we owe it to them to back them at all costs." — Carol (Ft Myers Beach, FL)

"How about do nothing for once? I hate to see it happening, but we aren't the answer to everything. We have plenty of domestic problems to deal with." — Brad (Mississippi)

"We should back Israel all the way, with our military if they need it." — Morris

"The U.S. should back Israel to the hilt. There should be no doubt as to the fact that Iran is heavily involved in this and that Hezbollah's actions were meant to be provocative." — Art

"We're in too deep with crucial problems. Our allies should pitch in." — Joe (Lilburn, GA)

"The US should not get into it. We have no right to be over there." — Rhonda

"We should stand behind Israel and give them any kind of help they need — material, money, man-power, etc. This is the War on Terrorism, no matter what country." — Jack (Columbus, Ohio)

"Why should we do anything? When the U.S. sticks its hands into anything, it gets slapped. When it takes no action, it gets slapped. Let the U.N. take care of this for a change." — Rich (Eustis, FL)

"There will never be peace in that region. America should stay out and mind its own business. Israel can help herself. She is strong and the people unite over there." — Angella