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"I am sick of seeing and hearing Ann Coulter. She says outrageous things to gain attention to herself and sell more books." — Bill (Greenville, AL)

"If agriculture and education got half of the money that defense spending got, they would be in better shape than they are." — Mike (Jonesboro, AK)

"Why do celebrities, who lived excessively, belittle me for not sharing their faith? Do I need God to say no, or just a brain?" — Tommy (West Palm Beach, FL)

"Bush taught the bad guys a lesson: Work like hell to develop nuclear weapons, otherwise, the U.S. will topple and invade you." — G.Y. (Vienna, VA)

"Is there anyone out there that has bought something lately that wasan't made in China?" — Kyle (Citrus Heights, CA)

"To that French soccer player who threw a hissy fit and head butted the Italian player. It must suck to be a snobby loser." — Gregg (Brooklyn, NY)

"Ann Coulter is a legend in her own mind. She is a fad, her fifteen minutes of fame will come to an end soon." — Chuck (Miami, FL)

"Let's take over Mexico. Then they will be legally in America." — Carmen (Lawrence, MA)

"Just before November elections, Congress voted themselves a pay raise, but wouldn't pass a minimum wage increase. How smart of them." — Mary (Colorado Springs, CO)

"If there is no hard evidence connecting Usama bin Laden to 9/11, then why are we at war in the Middle East?" — J. (Hailey, ID)

"Senator Feingold is obviously on a higher level than the rest of Washington. Feingold 2008!" — Jay (Madison, WI)

"Four more Americans were killed in Iraq Tuesday; not one from a flag burner." — Chuck (San Diego, CA)

"When it's election time, let's all act surprised, like we didn't know about troop reduction in Iraq." — Mike (Easton, CA)

"The most chilling part about all the conservative comments is that they sound just like comments I heard during Vietnam." — Curt (Atlanta, GA)

"Why kill the ants in your house now, Karen? Just wait for the terrorists to nuke us. Put down the paint thinner and clear your mind." — Sabrina (Miami, FL)

"The murder of our soldiers and the Iraqi trainees killing their instructors is the course Republicans have us staying on." — Chuck (Poway, CA)

"Michael, if you want to give more of your money to Uncle Sam than to Wal-Mart, then yes, vote Democrat." — Julia (Herriman, UT)

"Big deal — 500 chemical weapons that probably couldn't kill the ants in my kitchen." — Karen (Midland, TX)

"The Republicans don't want to withdraw from Iraq, so let's start a long-term draft-based policy to stay there." — Charles (California)

"Thank God for people like Ann Coulter who say it like it is without political correctness." — Steve (Kirkland, WA)

"Geno is right, we don't have to sell our delicious Italian cheesesteaks to those people who break the laws of this country." — Mario (Boston, MA)

"It's ironic that Ann Coulter doesn't seem to mind the free expression of the 9/11 widows who support President Bush." — Mary (Illinois)

"Has everyone had enough of the same thing over and over again? Vote Democrat and see a better, stronger America." — Michael (San Antonio, TX)

"Compassionate conservatism is the oxymoron of the 21st century." — Robert (Abilene, TX)

"If we leave Iraq, bin Laden will move in and we'll finally know where he is!" — Chuck (Poway, CA)

"If I ordered a Geno's Cheesesteak in Italian, would Geno refuse to serve me? How does he decipher between tourist and immigrant?" — Suzanne (Long Island, NY )

"Did Bush fly Air Force One into a war zone to test the insurgency? Is he delusional?" — Bud (Lamesa, TX)

"Ann Coulter told the truth, Jersey women enjoy spotlights. She has rights to point that these widows are manipulators." — Anna (Silver Spring, MD)

“Curt: If you believe Zarqawi was only in Iraq because of Bush, then you know absolutely nothing about Islam and Al Qaeda.” — Joe (Colorado)

“Zarqawi wasn't killed by the bomb. It was an inside job to collect the money.” — Maria (Severn, MD)

“Some of the Iraqis want diplomacy used in the area instead of U.S. troops and bombs. That's a good one.” — Charles (California)

“If anyone thinks that Zarqawis' death is going to bring peace to Iraq, it's going to get worse. Get ready.” — A.R. (Port Saint Lucie, FL)

“Nobody is going to take Ann Coulter seriously anymore for the horrible things she said about the 9/11 widows.” — Michael (Connecticut)

“The 9/11 widows Ann Coulter slandered are miles and miles above her in character and dignity.” — Kathryn (Richmond, VA)

“Ann Coulter should be banned from additional publicity. She sunk to a new low to promote this book.” — Ronni (New Mexico)

“Why do you keep giving Ann Coulter a forum? She is a really rotten person.” — K.J. (Richmond, VA)

“If patriotism means to demonize and slander everyone you disagree with, then Ann Coulter is America's number one patriot.” — Mary (Illinois)

“To say that the Duke lacrosse players are guilty is like saying that O.J. Simpson is innocent!” — Les (Raleigh, NC)

“Ms. Coulter rarely tells the truth. She admits she's not fair and/or balanced. She tells things as she wishes they were.” — Jason (Lawrence, KS)

”Ann Coulter's a patriot? NeoCon patriotism must condone insulting Vietnam vets and 9/11 widows. How American of her.” — Tommy (West Palm Beach, FL)

”The only reason Zarqawi was in Iraq is because of a failed and morally bankrupt administration.” — Curt (Atlanta, GA)

”To enjoy the rights/privileges of being American and to interact withother Americans, immigrants should learn to speak English.” — B.D. (Tuscaloosa, AL)

"Al Zarqawi is dead, and bin Laden is next. Praise be to God and our fearless troops." — David (Cape Coral, FL)

"Now that Zarqawi is dead, maybe you liberals can shut your mouths for once, and realize we are in Iraq for the right reasons." — Elaine (Cherry Point, NC)

"The role of amendments is to limit the power of the government, not the rights of the people. This cannot be forgotten." — Devon (Atlanta, GA)

"Ann Coulter is a patriot, a great human being and a thinker, who always tells the truth." — Dave (Boston, MA)

"Military intelligence is an oxymoron? I have a Master's from Yale and speak seven languages. How about you, pal?" — Col. M

"I appreciate the air time for both ex-gay perspectives. Many people think this is a closed issue, but I see it as anything but." — Jon (Cleveland, OH)

"Ann Coulter is 100 percent right by calling Democrats 'Godless.'" — John (Portland, OR)

"Ann Coulter is a true idiot! She gives all a right to speak with no recourse or accountability! At least Michael Moore researches his statements." — Jay (Madison, WI)

"How about an amendment that prohibits presidents from lying to the public about foreign threats?" — Charles (California)

"Tommy: Jesus was very liberal for 30 A.D. Your comment is proof of your misguided liberalism — get Bush by discrediting Jesus." — James (Raleigh, NC)

"I wish I could be half as brave as someone like James Kimber. America needs more like him." — Joseph (Pompano Beach, FL)

"Tommy: I apologize, but I can't think of two more polar opposites than a great man like Jesus and an imbecile like Bush." — Derek (Detroit, MI)

"The sergeant who is suing Michael Moore is living proof that 'military intelligence' is an oxymoron." — Curt (Atlanta, GA)

"Why do you hate the military so much? You called them terrorists a few months ago and now you want to hang the Marines." — Bob (Mckinney, TX)

"If you can't beleive Cpt. Kimber about the Iraqi civillians, who can you believe?" — Richard (Sidney, NE)

"The only way to solve the illegal immigrant problem is to make it financially hard on them and employers that hire them." — Al (Mission, TX)

"Conservatives voted for Bush because he is the closest thing to Jesus Christ. If he's a moderate, then Barry Bonds is clean." — Tommy (West Palm Beach, FL)

"Alan, so glad you did not try to undermine the Sgt. who is suing Michael Moore. What a travesty that would be, and he has every right." — Sally (Nuangola, PA)

"Average hourly wage in America is $16.62, so how does anyone survive at the minimum wage of $5.35?" — Donna (Sturgis, SD)

"Max: The majority of Americans don't care what Europeans think. We're being used by Europe to fight off Islamic terrorists!" — (Joe Colorado)

"If it wasn't for the UK, Canada, Australia, etc. there wouldn't have been a Europe left to save." — Sean (Canada)

"Bush is not right-wing at all. He is a moderate. Conservatives only vote for him because he was the lesser of two evils." — Mike (Houston, TX)

"Ian: Is England defined by the millions of Arabs slaughtered during the Crusades? Without America, you'd be fluent in German." — Tommy (West Palm Beach, FL)

"Ian: I hold my head in shame each time I think of lives lost saving your country when you were incapable of doing it yourself." — Steve (Chesterfield, VA)

"We're looking at 1930s Germany alright — if you're talking about America's mindset. Cocky, reckless and hated by the world." — Max (Baltimore, MD)

"There's no denying that we Europeans think Americans are stupid (that's not very nice of us). But Bush doesn't improve that image." — Geir (Bergen, Norway)

"They supposedly have Rep. Jefferson on video accepting the bribe, what else did they need?" — Morris (Seattle, WA)

"Bush's policy of tax cuts to the rich, dismantling the middle class and ignoring the poor has created America's wealth gap." — Mary (Illinois)

"We are looking at 1930s Germany when it comes to the Iranian problem. The U.S. government needs to step in now." — Geoff (Phoenix, AZ)

"Bush has nothing to do with wealth gap? What do you call more tax cuts for the rich? Getting more is easy once you're rich." — Ray (Cleveland, OH)

"Haditha is like My Lai in Vietnam. The true face of the U.S. is shown again for the world to see. Hold your heads in shame, America." — Ian (London, England)

"Bush is paying for today's war with tomorrow's money, while cutting taxes for the wealthy. That's not creating a wealth gap?" — Tommy (West Palm Beach, FL)

"Will it be offensive if we celebrate the 4th of July? I don't want to make the illegal immigrants uncomfortable." — J.W. (Atlanta, GA)

"Where's the nearest time machine? I want to go back to America, the land of patriots and men of honor." — Sloan (Rohnert Park, CA)

"Bush has nothing to do with the wealth gap! People are wealthier because they take risks that others will not." — Mike (Little Rock, AK)

"Mark: Bush actually has bin Laden and is saving the news of his capture until we get closer to the next election." — Joseph

"Tommy: Mexico's poor are a direct result of Vicente Fox's inability to clean up his government's massive corruption." — Max (Arizona)

"Pay close attention to the U.S. stance toward Iran, and you'll see it's actually the U.S. who doesn't want peace." — James (Rockford, IL)

"Greg: Did you see Marines commit murder in Iraq? Don't buy into liberal propaganda." — Kyle (Citrus Heights, CA)

"I think President Bush is an honorable and brave man. We are making progress in Iraq and the people do want to be free." — Peggy

"Since a congressman's office was raided by the FBI, others are angry and afraid they will be next. Why? What are they hiding?" — Mary (Colorado Springs, CO)

"First Rep. Jefferson, now Rep. Hastert. Are we going to wake up and realize that lobbying must be ended? It's ruining society, free market, and faith." — Jay (Madison, WI)

"Greg: Mexico is the second leading supplier of oil to the U.S. With that kind of wealth why does 20 percent of the population want to leave?" — Frank (Madison, WI)

"The Right blames Vicente Fox because his people are poor, but refuses to blame Bush for America's massive wealth gap." — Tommy (West Palm Beach, FL)

"I think it's sad that an entertainment contest gets front page press while the fair tax rally gets none." — Tony (Dallas, GA)

"Ever notice that when Bush's numbers get low, bin Laden suddenly releases a new tape?" — Mark (Indianapolis, IN)

"In Haditha, in Iraq, U.S. Marines murdered 24 innocent Iraqis, including women and children. Way to win their hearts and minds." — Greg (El Paso, TX)

"The crooked politicians in New Orleans aren't talking about the millions of dollars in Katrina aid that is unaccounted for." — Sam (California)

"Homeland security? What kind of security do we have here when about 26 million veterans' records are stolen?" — Tony (Myrtle Beach, SC)

"What movie or fiction book mocks Islam or Hinduism? Entertainment and art always attack Christianity, not other religions." — Glenda (Clermont, FL)

"Those stranded in New Orleans aren't stupid, they're poor; and re-electing Nagin isn't as bad as the insanity of re-electing Bush." — Mary (Illinois)

"A guest worker: Low wages, a shiny badge, and a kick out the door when we're done with you." — Charles (California)

"Theresa: A few Mexicans? Try at least 12 million here illegally, draining our resources." — Joe (Colorado)

"'No Child Left Behind' sucks. Why should smart kids have to wait for dumb ones? We have a right to go as far as we can." — Jen (Tacoma, WA)

"Everyone is worried about a few Mexicans when the Japanese have already taken over this country with their cars." — Theresa

"Why don't we Americans learn Spanish or other languages too? That is why our intelligence is so awful and the CIA is a joke." — Martin (Madison, WI)

"Not only are the people of N.O. too stupid to leave before a hurricane comes, they are stupid enough to re-elect Ray Nagin." — Andrew (South Carolina)

"This illegal alien situation isn't a racist issue or Mexican bashing, rather it's about American citizens' sovereignty?" — Stephen (Lebanon, OH)

"They will never go after employers of illegal immigrants. It is why the problem has gotten so bad. They line politicians' pockets." — Jay (Madison, WI)

"Amanda: As long as we're trading, let's trade one neocon nutjob to Iraq for every American soldier who wants to come home." — Tommy (West Palm Beach, FL)

"Protecting American borders is not racism. Our country can't absorb that many people coming at one time." — David (Cape Coral, FL)

"People want the government to protect them from terrorism, but they never want the government to have the resources to do so." — Roger (Flint, MI)

"Amanda: Coming here legally is not as costly as paying a coyote or dying in the desert. Do all Republicans think this way?" — Derek (San Diego, CA)

”Why isn't anyone talking about the ‘new 9/11 Pentagon video’? Why did the government decide to release this video now?” — Stephen (Atlanta, GA)

”If they can’t afford to come here legally, let's trade them one liberal for each immigrant.” — Amanda (Columbus, OH)

”All I read is Mexican bashing. What about things that really affects us, like wages, healthcare, privacy, gas, and rent?” — Josie (Madera, CA)

”I'll bet that when the 6,000 National Guard report for duty, they won't be allowed ammunition for their M16s.” — Kyle (Citrus Heights, CA)

”Simple immigration solution: Go after the employers, landlords, and medical facilities and enforce existing laws.” — Dale (Tucson, AZ)

"It's funny to me — if Americans break the law, they go to jail, but when illegals break the law, they get freedom. What's that about?" — Pamela (Duluth, GA)

"If anyone from the U.S. traveled outside the country, you would see why people are so desperate to get here." — Ana (Martinsburg, WV)

"If illegal aliens can no longer get a job here, they will take their families back to their home country by themselves." — Al (Grand Rapids, MI)

"I want to eliminate the bilingual option at ATMs, business calls, and checkout lanes. Only English in America." — Sandy (Hendersonville, TN)

"Does Bush think that saying what Americans want to hear will fix the border problem or help his poll numbers? It's too little, too late." — Jim (National City, CA)

"Besides the Band-Aid that Bush has proposed for our borders, what about the economic burden these people have created? No amnesty?" — George (Escondido, CA)

"We are aiding Mexico by providing social services, healthcare, and free education to millions of it's residents." — Julie

"Meirdo: I moved to Mexico last year for business, and I learned Spanish. Why? Because that's the language of Mexico." — Mike (Navojoa, Mexico)

"As the grandchild of Italian immigrants, why should illegal Mexican immigrants not learn English as my grandparents did?" — Nicholas (Baltimore, MD)

"The illegals say, "We are not criminals; we are your future". As far as I know, if you break the law, you are a criminal." — Liv

"How do we know the NSA is not listening to Democratic officials? The information could be given Republicans to win the next election." — Walter (Salt Lake City, UT)

"If illegal Mexicans don't learn English, how are they going to work? 'I'd like a Mac Grande please.'" — Pete (Oceanside, CA)

"According to illegals' thinking, if I rob a bank because 'I was looking for a better life' that makes it OK." — Kyle (San Diego, CA)

"Someone please define the word 'illegal' to these invaders of our country, obviously there is no translation in Spanish." — Mary (Portland, OR)

"Let's all hope Qaddafi's Libya is not a Trojan horse, and Bush is not a fool." — Morris (Black Diamond, WA)

"If you honestly believe that this administration wouldn't manipulate your personal information, just ask Valerie Plame." — Tommy (West Palm Beach, FL)

"If you live in America, you should know English. I wouldn't move to Mexico without knowing Spanish!" — Todd (Charleston, WV)

"Our do-nothing politicians will send the National Guard to the border telling them to do what they do; NOTHING!" — Lee (Washington Twp., MI)

"People who cross our border are guilty of not being born with silver spoons in their mouths." — Charles (CA)

"Maria: You must live in a fantasy world, where picking veggies pays for a mortgage, healthcare, gas, and college tuition." — Tommy (West Palm Beach, FL)

"I'm sick of U.S. citizens saying 'learn English' to illegal Mexicans. Why don't you learn Spanish? Guess it's too hard for you guys, huh?" — Meirdo (Denver, CO)

"Illegal and legal immigrants from Mexico and Canada are way better workers and cheaper then Americans." — Sean (Englewood, CA)

"Anne: We do not owe criminals a better life. If they truly value a better life, let them immigrate legally like everyone else." — Ray (Sacramento, CA)

"The rich delude themselves by thinking they work harder than everyone else. It's just a rationalization of inequality." — Harold (Miami, FL)

"Anne: You don't better your life by starting off breaking the law." — Andrew (South Carolina)

"My family came here to work and have a better life. Why should they be deported for that?" — Alex (Houston, TX)

"All that immigrants want is a better life for themselves. Secure the borders, and then make the illegals here legal." — Anne (Atlanta, GA)

"The U.S. has the second worst death rate for newborns in the modern world! Our government only pretends to value young lives!" — Ben (New York, NY)

"Greed is a bigger factor in America than laziness. It's not healthy for a nation to have a few mega-rich and so many poor." — Rick (Arlington, SD)

"Stop making excuses for laziness; a job is a job, even if you have to pick veggies for a living." — Maria (Severn, MD)

"I don't mind immigrants coming in; just come legally! If you want rights, respect the laws of the country you are entering." — Heather (Charleston, SC)

"Americans: Stop vacationing in Mexico until the Mexican government helps us stop the illegal immigrants from coming in to the U.S." — Scott (Philadelphia, PA)

"Compassionate conservatism at work: all poor people are lazy. Not uneducated, not burdened, not trying to improve, just lazy." — Tommy (West Palm Beach, FL)

"Illegal Mexicans should go home and rebuild their own country and stop the drug trade!" — Don (Gallup, NM)

"Maybe its time we all do a search of the old family tree, just to make sure we're all here legally." — Duffy

"No one would be on welfare or homeless in this country if they do the jobs illegals do." — Maria (Severn, MD)

"Bush's pick for CIA head has been shown to misunderstand the Fourth Amendment! The Constitution is just a piece of paper to Bush." — Phil (Richmond, IN)

"Thanks to Bush and Cheney, we're starting another arms race with Russia and China. These aren't men of God, they're psychopaths!" — Larry (Austin, TX)

"Maria: Americans aren't too lazy to work, illegals just do it cheaper." — Kelly (Las Vegas, NV)

"Most rich Americans only got that way because their parents already had it! Social mobility in the U.S. continues to decline!" — Adam (Ft. Wayne, IN)

"America, 'Land of the Free.' I guess illegals take that saying literally — free food, medical, and education." — Joe (Denver, CO)

"Illegals disregard our laws, so we should disregard their protests. What makes them think they have rights here anyway?" — Steve (Littleton, CO)

"Illegals are breaking our immigration laws, so send them to jail." — Constance (Nebraska)

"Illegals are 'migrant workers' like car thieves are 'motorists!'" — Daniel (Tempe, AZ)

"Maria: Don't you call me lazy. I've been working and paying taxes for 40 years, not border jumping so someone else pays my way!" — Sam (California)

"There was a time when the country thought it couldn't do without slavery. We'll get along fine without these illegal trespassers." — David

"I was in D.C on April 10, and I witnessed people who say they want to become Americans dragging the U.S. flag on the ground." — Keith (Iva, South Carolina)

"It's not about immigration or Mexicans. It's about non-citizens crossing our borders illegally and abusing the system!" — Ray (Sacramento, CA)

"I take the same medication as Rep. Patrick Kennedy. It makes me very drowsy. I would not even think about getting behind the wheel of a car." — Alan (Sandy, UT)

"Mark: The poor are not poor because of politicians. They are poor because they are lazy and want handouts." — Andrew (South Carolina)

"If lazy Americans would do the job illegals do, we wouldn't have any illegals in this country." — Maria (Severn, MD)

"Maybe we should all sneak across the border into Mexico and demand free housing, free healthcare, and a free ride!" — Cathy (Harmony, NC)

"If people are appalled by Mexicans and their home country, then why do so many people still go to Mexico every weekend? Hypocrisy!" — Fatima (San Diego, CA)

"If you're a student of history, I hope you see the underlying motive of all this protesting. Look up the word 'reconquista.'" — Sloan (Rohnert Park, CA)

"Giving Moussaoui life in prison was the right thing. Why give this moron the satisfaction of a quick death and martyrdom?" — Tommy (West Palm Beach, FL)

"Wimpy USA! Moussaoui should not only have gotten the death penalty, but we should have broadcast it on TV around the world!" — Jim (Morrow, OH)

"'United 93' doesn't mention Flight 93's eight-mile long debris trail, which shows that it was shot down, not crashed." — Rose (Atlanta, GA)

"Why aren't Mexicans protesting Mexico and it's government? We owe these people nothing. No amnesty." — Morris (Seattle, WA)

"The Mexican boycott failed! I wish they'd take every day off. The only closed businesses were in Mexican neighborhoods." — Omar (North Hollywood, CA)

"Illegal aliens broke our laws as soon as they crossed the border. Therefore they should be rounded up and deported!" — Don (Costa Mesa, CA)

"I am Hispanic, and I support the Minutemen. I am not a racist. Go home and protest to your own Government, illegals!" — Hernandez (San Antonio, TX)

"Let's all go demand free vacations in Mexico, and free food and medical too." — Dennis (North Glenn, CO)

"The illegal rallies backfired! It just made legal citizens mad! Give illegals what they deserve: prison or deportation." — Tim (Denver, CO)

"Denny: You're a typical right-winger, blaming the victims for being too poor, even though your politicians let it happen!" — Mark (South Bend, IN)

"The Black Panther Party is nothing more than skinheads of a different color." — J.W. (Hyattsville, MD)

"I don't like the high gas prices either, but if they are forcing you over the edge, then you were living too close to the edge to begin with." — Denny (Kirkwood, MO)

"As a local truck driver, I was ecstatic to find the L.A. freeways running at full speed all day. Please, continue the boycott!" — Samuel (Los Angeles, CA)

"Illegals are just trying to feed their families. Our politicians and businessmen are really the ones to blame." — Denise (Chicago, IL)

"How dare those lawbreakers demand rights when they stomped on our laws? Send them back." — Trin (Westminster, CO)

"Give California to the illegals — no more San Francisco or Hollywood lefties, and no worries about earthquakes. It would be a net gain for the U.S." — Manuel (Miami, FL)

"How would Mexico feel if we illegally went into their country and demanded things? We have more respect than that!" — Claire (Nebraska)

"Miranda: 'Land of the Free' doesn't mean that we shouldn't control our borders and who enters our country." — Joseph, (Raleigh, NC)

"Sonja: Because the illegals are draining our health care system, they need to be here legally or go home." — Austin (Mechanicsburg, VA)

"Miranda: Yes, Mexicans should be here, legally! They should wait in line just like everyone else or go home." — Melissa (Minnesota)

"These protestors scream for unearned rights on American streets, mangle the American anthem, and then call us racists. No amnesty!" — Joe (Colorado)

"Somebody said Jimmy Carter is better as an ex-president than he was as a president. I feel the same way about Bush. I can't wait until he's ex-president." — Jim (Tulsa, OK)

"Mexicans should be in America. After all, this is the 'Land of the Free.' I support the 'A Day Without Immigrants' protests 100 percent." — Miranda (North Augusta, SC)

"Why are people trying to stop others from having a secure job, a house, and happiness? We should all mind our own business." — Sonja (Phoenix, AZ)

"I dare the U.S. Border Patrol to do their job and round up the protesters." — Roger (Richland, OR)

"The illegals have run their country in the ground, now they are trying to run our beautiful country in the ground." — Janet (Louisiana)

"My wife immigrated legally, with all the costs and difficulties involved. So these protesters can do the same, or get out." — Rob

"Once the illegals are legal they won't want to work for cheap wages, or do the 'jobs no American will do' anymore. Then what?" — Shirley (St. Paul, MN)

"I mowed my own lawn today and it felt good. I think I'll fire the gardener tomorrow; I need the gas money." — Haley (Woodland Hills, CA)

"The Minutemen in Texas are the only folks in this country who are doing anything about the immigration issue." — Daniel (Bellbrook, OH)

"Let the illegal immigrants in, and kick the 'New' Black Panthers out." — Carol (Daniel Island, SC)

"Mexicans are boarding a ship that's already sinking — just another factor in the demise of America." — Jared (Knoxville, TN)

"Illegal aliens protesting! As a Chilean American, these people do not represent me. Go home illegals." — Marcia (Silver Spring, MD)

"I would gladly pay $5 for a head of lettuce. Maybe the Mexicans should revolt rather than invade the U.S." — John (Imperial Beach, CA)

"AT&T was called a monopoly and was broken up by the government. It's time to break up the oil companies and their monopoly." — Mary (Colorado Springs, CO)

"Let me drive my SUV in peace. If you want to conserve, quit driving so I will have gas." — Steve (St. Louis, MO)

"Traffic today is great. I'm convinced now more than ever that illegals have got to go. Thanks for the wake-up call." — Willie (Huntingtown, MD)

"Big bonuses for oil executives are no big deal, but when they are campaign contributors for our elected officials, then I wonder." — Steve (Cheyenne, WY)

"Every worker who does not show up for work May 1 because of attendance at the immigration rallies should lose his or her job." — Jennings (San Antonio, TX)

"Why do we struggle with independence from oil, yet a country like Brazil will be energy independent by the end of this year?" — Erik (Cincinnati, OH)

"The OC is now Mexico — we have been sucked dry by illegals. Wash your own cars, people!" — Nancy (Orange County, CA)

"Save gas by forcing all extreme liberal environmentalists to push our cars." — Manuel (Miami, FL)

"I am a public school teacher in Texas and I love my job. I believe in what I do and work hard. Stop complaining, and do something." — Bethanie (Texas)

"So oil executives shouldn't make massive incomes, but it is okay for Bill Gates to rake in billions? Do we limit Microsoft?" — David (Cape Coral, FL)

"So, just because there are 12 million illegals here we give in? When my ancestors left Czechoslovakia, they weren't planning to go back." — Jackie (Chicago, IL)

"When you control all three branches of government, I guess you can still blame Democrats for your failures." — Steve (Oklahoma City, OK)

"If the price of gas is too high, then you don't make enough money. Quit whining and change your situation. Work hard, and get ahead." — Tim (Philadelphia, PA)

"They say I'll save gas by removing my bowling ball and golf clubs from my trunk. Now that's an energy plan!" — Greg (San Diego, CA)

"Laws, morals, religion, beliefs, politics are inseparable." — James (Raleigh, NC)

"How much did threatening Iran with nuclear weapons drive up the cost of oil? Thanks a lot." — Charles (California)

"How do oil and gas executives sleep at night? What are they going to do with their billions once they leave this Earth?" — Gina (Littleton, CO)

"Want to see a hypocrite? Just look for the 'I support the troops' ribbon on a gas guzzling SUV. Take the bus!" — Andrew (Pittsburgh, PA)

"To get Congress to solve the problem of high gas prices, take away their free cars." — Kyle (Citrus Heights, CA)

"Bush's plan to ease gas prices is to pollute our air. Good, real good. Way to plan ahead, George." — Karen (Rogue River, OR)

"Wait a minute! Stop blaming Bush for gas prices when the Democrats are saying they hope it gets to $100 per barrel." — Amanda (Cleveland, OH)

"While we are paying record prices for fuel, Iraqis pay only about five cents a gallon for gas, subsidized by U.S. taxpayers!" — Jim (Nevada)

"The right wing has a two pronged oil strategy: start drilling in national parks, and get someone else's kid to invade Iran." — Charles (California)

"James: If you don't realize that morals were around way before Judeo-Christian law, then you're a moron." — Derek (Detroit, MI)

"Dems are talking about Bush's scandals, but if Gore had been elected, he would have them too, just as all of past presidents have." — Don (Herriman, UT)

"Bush promises to crack down on illegal dealings from the gas industry. Too bad they're not doing anything illegal." — Floyd (Seattle, WA)

"This gas crisis is just another blunder, caused by the Bush administration's lack of planning in Iraq." — Dave (Los Angeles, CA)

"We need someone as president who is not trying to screw half the world over." — Ginny (Stewartville, MN)

"President Bush: To help Americans cut all taxes on gas, then reduce all politicians' wages by 30 percent." — Marie (Washington Twp, MI)

"Do Rumsfeld and Bush realize that America's war machine runs on gas? You bet, that's why gas will be $5 per gallon very soon!" — Pete (Oceanside, CA)

"Driving a car is becoming another class privilege — only the rich can drive." — Don (Bullhead City, AZ)

"All we need to do to save fuel is do what President Ford did in the 1970s: reduce the speed limit, nationwide, to 55 mph." — Sam (Birmingham, AL)

"Suzanne: Then make murder legal, because 'thou shalt not kill' is a Judeo-Christian law." — James (Raleigh, NC)

"Our media is using the same scare-tactics and lies about Iran as they did about Iraq! Are we the United States of Amnesia?" — Ben (Nevada)

"Tammy: Home schooling? That's just the blind leading the blind." — Robert (Abilene, TX)

"Politicians tell lobbyists, 'show me money and I show you my vote.' That's why gas prices and illegal immigrants steady rising." — Tony (Myrtle Beach, SC)

"Those still backing Bush are selfish. They'd rather drag this country down than admit they were tricked by a liar." — Kevin (Granger, IN)

"Lobbyists are killing this country. Politicians listen to them instead of to the hard-working voters that put them in office." — Tommy (West Palm Beach, FL)

"If you want to hurt China, stop buying their stuff — Wal-Mart alone represents 1 percent of the Chinese GDP — then they'll get the message." — Tim (Philadelphia, PA)

"China isn't stripping our economy — our politicians and businessmen are doing that themselves." — Beth (Topeka, KS)

"Mexicans: You are welcome to come, just follow the immigration laws, please." — Shani (Opelika, AL)

"When will our government have guts enough to address the illegal immigration problem? I say build the wall, and electrify it." — Marie (Cape Elizabeth, ME)

"Even Jesus supported the separation of church and state. Laws are ideally guided by moral values, not religious institutions!" — Mary (Illinois)

"If it wasn't for the Chinese we wouldn't have an economy. They own us now. Where do you think the deficit comes from? Thanks, GOP." — Bill (San Jose, CA)

"Luis: You may be Mexican, you may be here, and you may be American, but are you a legal American? If so, get your people to do the same." — Mike (Brighton, MI)

"Amanda: In today's USA, whose religion would you choose to determine the law, mine or yours? That's why they should be separate." — Suzanne (Long Island, NY)

"The chairman of Exxon just got a $400 million retirement package! Welcome to the land of gross inequality." — Bret (Austin, TX)

"Bush and Cheney's ties to the big oil company executives are the main reason we are being price gouged at the pump." — Linda (Cincinnati, OH)

"Bush's approval rating is down to 33 percent! That's what happens when you lie your country into a war: people stop liking you." — Ned (Oklahoma City, OK)

"The White House couldn't even play the correct state song for China, and they're supposed to be in charge of Iraq?" — Charles (California)

"Derek: There are bad things in private schools too, but not near the level they are at in public schools. That's reality." — Andrew (South Carolina)

"The U.S. needs to wake up! China is stripping our great economy. Buy U.S. goods and save our jobs! Stop the Mexican invasion!" — Jim (Doral)

"I am Mexican! I am here, and I'm not leaving ever. So get over it America, because I am an American too." — Luis (Cartersville, GA)

"You might be able to take a politician out of church, but you will never take church out of politics." — Marie (Bledsoe)

"When this country will not give the death penalty to an admitted terrorist like Moussaoui its turned into a country of wimps." — Elliot (Keokee, VA)

"Build the wall! Sympathy for illegals is gone after everyone saw their anti-American actions during street protests. It was disgusting." — Elena (Westminster, CA)

"If not for religion there would be no politics or law. They most certainly 'should' mix." — Amanda (Cleveland, OH)

"This country would be much better off if Karl Rove was in jail." — Jim (Laughlin, NV)

"Bill: Forget the draft. We wouldn't want to fight with anyone who didn't feel it important to be there." — Willie (Huntingtown, MD)

"Tammy: Parents who don't home school their kids don't love them as much as those who do? That's ridiculous." — Andrew (South Carolina)

"Arrest the immigration protesters. Most are illegal and not protected by our constitution." — Lara (Colfax, CA)

"Mixing religion and politics has always been bad for both. Even the slightest knowledge of world history affirms that." — Allen (Troy, AL)

"Maria: So it's illegals who bring a strong work ethic, but not the legal ones? What's ethical about breaking the law?" — Sloan (Rohnert Park, CA)

"If all the Mexicans can just hop on over to America, can I hop on over to Bill Gates' estate and pitch a tent for a few years?" — Travis (Marin County, CA)

"It's time for Americans to boycott any and all Cinco de Mayo celebrations, and put the shoe on the other foot." — Lee (Denver, CO)

"Andrew: If you think that violence, drugs, and poor education don't exist in private schools, you're dreaming." — Derek (Detroit, MI)

"So the GOP is siccing Karl Rove on Congressional Democrats this fall? Let the dirty, unethical politics begin!" — Tommy (West Palm Beach, FL)

"Iran, Syria, North Korea are the primary threats in the axis of evil, as was the defeated ex-dictator from Iraq. Thanks, George." — William (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

"The Mexicans plan on skipping work on May 1 to prove how much we need them. Let's prove that we don't, and fire them all." — Kelly (Las Vegas, NV)

"Home schooling is the best education by far — for parents who love their children enough to devote themselves to it." — Tammy (London, KY)

"Want to end this war and not start the next one? Bring back the draft." — Bill (Fremont)

"Tommy: You call organized religion a group of judgmental bigots? You liberals have made careers out of judging others." — Sam (New Mexico)

"Tommy: Our political climate is already self-righteous and judgmental, thanks to Karl Rove and the Bush administration." — Mary (Illinois)

"Tommy: Does your condemnation of religion include those lovers of peace, fundamental Islamists?" — Joel (Colorado Springs, CO)

"Mary and Tommy: You liberals don't get it. Our Constitution does not guarantee you freedom from religion. Try reading it." — Joe (Colorado)

"Getting this country back on track is a monumental feat, and the Republicans can't do it, not with their philosophy." — Mary (Colorado Springs, CO)

"Most illegals bring with them strong family values and good work ethic. Those are values that we are losing." — Maria (Severn, MI)

"Alex: Organized religion teaches members to be self-righteous and judgmental. Do you really want this mixing with politics?" — Tommy (West Palm Beach, FL)

"To not separate church and state would be to live in a theocracy in which free expression would be deemed blasphemy." — Mary (Illinois)

"Is it possible or even probable that Saddam's WMD programs have been co-opted by Iran?" — Mike (Little Rock, AR)

"I dislike public schools because of the violence, rampant drugs, and poor education they receive compared to private schools." — Andrew (South Carolina)

"Our public education system uses kids who can't think, read or write. That is why I dislike it." — Sloan (Rohnert Park, CA)

"Alex: When Iran decapitates a man for breaking religious laws, you would say they're just expressing themselves." — Derek (Detroit, MI)

"Why do people go to such measures to seperate church from the public? Whom does it hurt? It is just people expressing themselves." — Alex (Gaithersburg, MD)

"Illegals don't want to be citizens, they want be Mexico. Close and seal border, and stop all social services to non-citizens." — Vicki (Newport Beach, CA)

"Closed borders are a matter of national security. If illegals can get in so easily, how many terrorists are coming with them?" — Stephanie (Smyrna, TN)

"How many immigration protesters would show up for a non-working, non-school day protest?" — Miguel (Santa Ana, CA)

"Illegals ruined my property value, my town, and now are protesting in MY country? Stop the invasion! Use our military." — Wayne (Sahuarita, AZ)

"Mexico has accomplished what no other nation on earth has has invaded and conquered the United States of America." — Dave (Clarksville, VA)

"If illegal immigrants want what we have, then they need to first become what we are: American citizens." — Maryanne (North Andover, MA)

"Most people who dislike public schools do so because they fear they will no longer be able to brainwash their kids." — Derek (Detroit, MI)

"Illegal immigration has been a problem as long as I've been alive. Why is it suddenly a major issue now." — Bryan (Bellingham)

"David: Illegal immigrants deserve nothing. They are here at their own risk, and their wages are not spent in our economy." — Tommy (West Palm Beach, FL)

"My parents crossed a desert with only the clothes on their back, and they found a job, but the homeless people who are born here supposedly can't. Hmm." — Maria (Houston, TX)

"Jill Carroll is no hero. She's a liberal with an agenda and her 'kidnapping' smells like a setup." — Dana (Stevens Point, WI)

"My wife, a private school teacher, taught in the public school system for eight months. 'Never again,' she proclaimed." — Sloan (Rohnert Park, CA)

"Why is it that whenever Bush screws up, which is on a regular basis, it's Clinton's fault? Republicans are pathetic." — Michelle (Connecticut)

"Public schools are tops in Wisconsin, and the state ranks near the top in terms of education in this country. Sorry to ruin your myth." — Jay (Madison, WI)

"I still want to know why Usama and his henchmen are still breathing? Bush is a failure with misguided priorities." — George (Queens, NY)

"Public schools should stick to science, reading, and math. Politics, sex, and history should be left to the parents." — Amanda (Cleveland, OH)

"I would rather spend the money from our taxes on the homeless who are legal residents, than on the illegal immigrants." — Odie (Ruiz, WA)

"Iraq is ignorant, racist, and not capable of creating a democracy. They were better off with a dictator." — Donna (Berkeley, CA)

"Illegal immigrants 'cut in line' because they need the money more than those who can afford to wait." — David (Los Angeles, CA)

"People who call public education liberal are just incapable of living in a world where others have different religious views." — Tommy (West Palm Beach, FL)

"Deb: Have you served time in Iraq? If not, start packing. As a veteran, I thank you for your ignorance." — Drew (Idaho)

"We did nothing on North Korea's nukes because Clinton was the president! Now we do something and Korea is Bush's fault." — Steve (Richmond, VA)

"The Mexican constitution says illegal aliens are criminals, and it prohibits non-Mexicans from political demonstrations. What hypocrisy." — Manuel (Miami, FL)

"The U.S. has a real problem in Iran, and no troops to do anything about it because Bush has them in Iraq for no reason." — Todd (Ontario, Canada)

"In 100 years if things keep on the same track all of our children will be living in a new New Mexico." — Jonathan

"The Soviets once said they didn't have to fight the U.S., it would destroy itself from the inside. We've begun the process." — Ken (Belleville, IL)

"Immigrants come to our great nation in search of a better future for themselves and for their children." — Casey (Oakton, VA)

"The illegals want to be in America. Well, we are at war, so send them to Iraq to fight for a couple of years." — Deb (Las Vegas, NV)

"Just make Mexico the 51st state. Call it Mexico, as we already own New Mexico. This will shorten our land border to the South." — Sandra (Port Richey, FL)

"Bush cannot continue his 'John Wayne politics' with Iran. He has created a situation that will only end with violence." — Donna (Berkley, CA)

"Make Mexico a state or treat its citizens the same as we would treat illegals from Iran. There shouldn't be any difference." — Dot (Dallas, TX)

"New immigration policy: For every one of your people you send here, we will send you one of our inmates, starting with the ones on death row." — Joe (Woodbury, MN)

"U.S. citizens are losing their well-paid jobs not to 'illegal immigrants' but to outsourcing to India, Philippines, etc." — Tomas (Los Angeles, CA)

"North Korea got nukes and we did nothing. Iran says the word 'nuclear,' and we are all over them. So much for the so-called Axis of Evil." — Bob (Omaha, NB)

"How can you call a faith-based education the truth, or even something good for that matter? It is a scam and it's no wonder kids get turned off." — Jay (Madison, WI)

"Why are U.S. citizens being accused of racism? We welcome any race or creed to immigrate here legally." — David (Cape Coral, FL)

"The protestors are Americans; they are Central Americans and South Americans. North Americans think everything revolves around them." — Don (Jackson, CA)

"Congress should govern for Americans, not Mexicans. Vote to enforce the law, or vote for the U.S. to be a nation of illegal Hispanics." — Greg (Perth, WA)

"Shut down the welfare system, and make the lazy welfare queens take the jobs. Then the illegals will leave." — Sharon (Burlington, NC)

"The U.S. should put pressure on President Vicente Fox to create new jobs in Mexico." — Maria (Severn, MD)

"I believe the only solution to the immigration problem is to build a wall or fence." — Lorraine

"Solve immigration and reduce dependence on foreign oil — ask Mexicans to vote on becoming the 51st state." — James (San Rafael, CA)

"Until the border is closed and employers who hire illegals are fined, nothing can be done about illegal immigration." — Bud (Lamesa, TX)

"Public schools have the lowest test scores, and they don't believe in absolute truth. Research before you speak." — Amanda (Cleveland, OH)

"If all illegal immigrants were deported, our country's economy would collapse on itself." — Josh (Appleton, WI)

"Immigrants who remain loyal to their home country but use the U.S. for free healthcare, jobs, etc., are not Americans." — Wynn (Arizona)

"Bush wants to stop Iran's nuclear plans, but he needs to settle the U.S./Mexico border mess first. It's becoming more volatile." — Mary (Colorado Springs, CO)

"Talk of any kind of amnesty is just going to flood the border towns with illegal foot traffic." — Alfonso (Sierra Vista, NV)

"Illegal activists, explain your rationale to my Turkish daughter-in-law. She has been struggling for a year to enter the U.S. legally!" — John (Moapa, NV)

"As a legal immigrant, I am offended at the idea of amnesty for illegals. What are we saying? Cut in line and you'll be fine?" — Hector (Miami, FL)

"Public school is a Communist tool of the liberal agenda. You may as well send your kids to an al Qaeda training camp." — Renee (Keokee, VA)

"I am a single mom and work for a living. I pay for my child's college with very little help. Why should Illegal aliens get a free ride?" — Cindy (Pataskala, OH)

"Why does it seem like America is going down the drain? Our Government has done nothing but cause our country shame." — Tim (Pasadena, MD)

"Why don't we adopt Mexico's immigration policies, and apply them to the immigrants here?" — Marcy (Pittsburgh, PA)

"Do the right thing. Follow the rules of your host country and immigrate legally. I did, and it was simple." — Chris (Cave Creek, AZ)

"Impeach Bush now, for authorizing Libby to disclose highly sensitive intelligence." — Maria (Severn, MD)

"Sloan: Private schools are the rule breaker. You don't get what you pay for! Public school means better education and truth." — Jay (Madison, WI)

"President Vicente Fox promotes people crossing into the U.S. He wants the money that the workers send back to their families in Mexico." — Mary (Colorado Springs, CO)

"My husband is a legal immigrant. This year he proudly became an American citizen. How dare anyone expect a free pass?" — Natalie (Cave Creek, AZ)

"Every new wave of immigrants faces opposition and difficulties, but sooner or later they blend into the great melting pot of the U.S." — Gloria (Lee, MA)

"If the public school system collapses tomorrow, I won't lose one hour of sleep. It's private school for my kids." — Sloan (Rohnert Park, CA)

"Frank: Our outstanding armed forces shouldn't be your dumping ground for illegals, especially the criminal ones. Shame on you." — Joe (Colorado)

"Cheney's aid, Scooter Libby, says Bush ok'd the CIA leak! This administration is full of liars, and America realizes it." — Tom (Elkhart, IN)

"You glib armchair warriors who think we should 'nuke' Iran are irresponsible fools. You don't even know what you're saying." — Christopher (Portland, OR)

"If President Vicente Fox took better care of his people, they wouldn't be coming here. Telling them to come here is not the answer." — Mary (Colorado Springs, CO)

"Does the word 'illegal' mean anything in this country? The EU has stringent immigration policies (which they enforce) and no one bothers them." — Dave (Florida)

"My hat's off to the state of Massachusetts for their healthcare plan. This is how bipartisan efforts should work for the people." — Monica (Selma, AL)

"Tom DeLay now has time to pursue a corrupt career in the private sector too. He can do it all." — Dave (North Dakota)

"Lester: Have you forgotten that Jill Caroll's translator was murdered during her kidnapping? That's as legitimate as it gets." — Suzanne (Long Island, NY)

"Illegals should become naturalized citizens, work, pay taxes, speak English and show allegiance to the U.S. flag or return home." — Avis (Honolulu, HI)

"Stop the protests by these students — expel them from school and then kick them out of the nation, along with thier illegal buddies." — Amery

"People here love to whine about immigrants, yet they keep voting for the Republicans, who let illegals in for cheap labor." — Elizabeth (Cleveland, OH)

"The Mexican trespassers would be better served by protesting their own government. Make Mexico a place worth staying in." — David (Cape Coral, FL)

"Round up all the illegals and give them two choices: deportation or the armed forces." — Frank (Seattle, WA)

"If Iran wants to show off their weapons, then let's show them ours. Nuke 'em!" — Sam (Kingman, AZ)

"If the illegal population loves Mexico so much and wants to wave its flag, then they should go back to Mexico. This is America." — Laron (Dallas, TX)

"You don't know it yet, but the U.S. is already sinking! You're doomed by your own hypocrisy, but too confused to realize it." — Bruce (Winnipeg, Canada)

"DeLay gets in trouble and what does he do? Distracts from his own immorality by whining about a 'war on Christianity.'" — Phil (Atlanta, GA)

"Stop welfare, and we will stop the majority of illegal immigration. Some want to work, but many don't." — Kevin (Texas)

"I have a better idea: send the Mexican immigrants to Canada. They deserve each other." — Mike (Little Rock, AK)

"Bush is not the first Hispanic president. He is the first totally incoherent president since Warren Harding." — Frank (Athens, TN)

"America, it's bad when the vast majority of illegal Mexican immigrants remain loyal to Mexico rather than to the U.S. — no amnesty." — Sam (Texas)

"Explain to me how illegal immigrants can vote when they are supposedly 'undocumented?' Send them back. No amnesty." — Joel (Colorado Springs, CO)

"Don't attack the immigrants. Attack the government and big businesses that have exploited them for the past 20 years." — Mary (Illinois)

"Thank God Tom Delay's era of corruption, idiocy, and avarice is finally coming to an end. God bless the court system." — Derek (Detroit, MI)

"Send all protestors to Iraq, let them see what it's like to fight for freedom that isn't appreciated at home!" — Danny (Keokee, VA)

"Jill Carroll's release is an interesting situation. I can't help but wonder how legitimate her kidnapping really was." — Lester (Lawton, OK)

"The problem isn't with the immigrants but rather the governments' unwillingness to uphold the law." — Pop (Soldotna, AK)

"If you want to be an American, learn some English and wave the American flag." — Kirby (Dyersburg, TX)

"It looks like Tom 'The Hammer' DeLay got hammered by his own screw-ups and chiseling." — Mary (Colorado Springs, CO)

"Illegal aliens that come to this country have about a 75 percent chance of voting Democrat. So it's not really bad at all." — John (Houston, TX)

"Texas cares more about prosecuting people who drink in bars legally than prosecuting people who cross their border illegally." — Suzanne (Long Island, NY)

"If Clinton was the first black president, then Bush is the first Hispanic president." — David (Valley Village, CA)

"If these Mexicans love Mexico so dearly, and find Americans so rude, then why do they come here so desperate to escape Mexico?" — Julius (Chicago, IL)

"The sight of 500,000 protesters in LA, demanding rights in Spanish, while waving Mexican flags, should stir the U.S. from its siesta." — Jennifer (Arizona)

"When things are going bad all over the place, and all else fails, blame the immigrants. That never fails." — Joe (Fresno, CA)

"People here should be guest-workers. Those who do not register should be deported if they are stopped for any crimes, and they should get no social services." — Bob (Queens, NY)

"We are witnessing a wholesale invasion of our country and the abandonment of American citizenship. Wake up, America." — John (New Jersey)

"Who the heck are Canadians to talk to Americans about killing natives. You need to read your own history." — Kim (New York)

"Our infrastructure cannot support millions of illegals. Clean up the entire INS and enforce the law — no amnesty!" — Sam (Texas)

"There is a reason most Mexicans vote Democrat — they like receiving entitlements at the taxpayers' expense." — David (Cape Coral, FL)

"The Mounties say that Canadian criminals get their handguns from U.S. smugglers. Canada has a security problem on its border." — Alex (Montreal, Canada)

"Send the illegals to Iraq! If they make it back, give them U.S. citizenship." — Pop (Soldotna, AK)

"Let's deport Republicans, not Mexicans. They have caused the nation much more trouble. Or maybe we should outsource them all." — Frank (Athens, TN)

"Immigrants aren't like some citizens in this country: living on welfare, housing, and food stamps! We come here to work." — Auris (Arlington, TX)

"Well, if the police ignore people breaking our immigration laws, I hope the police ignore me the next time I'm speeding." — Ken (Belleville, IL)

"Rounding up 12 million illegals on trains and buses, and sending them to holding camps would be like having the Nazi's in the U.S." — Jerry (Grand Blanc, MI)

"You self-righteous Neocons should be ashamed. Put yourself in Jill Carroll's shoes, and then let's see how you would survive." — Tommy (West Palm Beach, FL)

"I am on F1 visa, paying almost four times the fees, to be legally in USA. Did I do something wrong in not overstaying illegally?" — Stephania (Chicago, IL)

"The military should use the desert along the Mexican border to train troops for desert warfare and guarding borders in Iraq." — Carolyn (Houston, TX)

"America: Mexicans have been on this continent longer than any of you have. How did you earn this land? By killing all the natives!" — Bruce (Winnipeg, Canada)

"I work on a construction crew, with 10 illegal aliens and two U.S. citizens, and all are paid the same. Don't talk to me about jobs that Americans won't do." — Tim (Arizona)

"My girlfriend told me it took her seven years to get into the U.S. legally, and she had to speak English — no amnesty." — Kim (Texas)

"Oscar: What the heck does diversity have to do with lawbreakers entering our country? You need to get real." — Sam (Texas)

"How can any American support illegal immigrant protesters who fly the U.S. flag upside down underneath the Mexican flag?" — Ann (Arizona)

"Americans, wake up! You are being used by Mexican illegal immigrants who don't have any loyalty to the U.S." — Joe (New Mexico)

"Why hasn't a single manager at INS been fired for the complete disaster they have fostered at both the north and south borders?" — Joel (Colorado Springs, CO)

"What is it about the word 'illegal' that liberals don't get? We must deport every illegal alien and use the quota system." — Sean (Florida)

"Paul: When an Iranian nuclear missile hits the U.S., then you can say Bush should have rattled his sword more." — Kim (New York)

"Just think, the millions of dollars that go to helping illegal Mexicans could be used on our poor school system." — Tony (Discovery Bay, CA)

"Do not reward illegal immigrants for breaking our laws. No amnesty or anything that resembles amnesty!" — Joe (Los Angeles, CA)

"Where do people get their statistics? I have applied for low-paying jobs, and I have seen plenty of Americans in line with me." — Richard

"Jail time for employers of illegals! Greed drives this problem, and Bush is just paying back favors. Can I take back my vote?" — Charles (Oceanside)

"Immigrants are given the same rights as other citizens. Illegals are not, and should not." — Rose (St. Johns, AZ)

"The U.S. is killing as many innocent Iraqis as the insurgents are. Look into it! We've lost the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people." — Scott (Boulder, CO)

"If these people want to be American citizens, then why were they all carrying Mexican flags? If you love Mexico so much, go back." — Susie (Bakersfield, CA)

"In California, 29% of inmates are Hispanic. One in three are there because they are illegal. Wouldn't you rather see your tax dollars going to schools, roads, etc?" — Vicki (Colorado)

"Let's just invade Mexico and make it our 51st state. Then they won't be illegal anymore." — Bill (Elgin, SC)

"Immigrants should be granted the rights that other people have. Isn't this country famous for diversity?" — Oscar (Houston, TX)

"When are our leaders going to listen to the citizens, and not worry so much about getting re-elected. No amnesty for illegals! Keep out!" — Pat (Covington, KY)

"Republicans impeached Clinton for a sex act, thereby exposing the Right as the undisputed kings of 'gotcha politics!'" — Sandy (San Diego, CA)

"The Bush regime should spend less time rattling their sabers and more time actually proving that Iran has evil intentions." — Paul (Milwaukee, WI)

"The Mexican government should be held accountable. It is corrupt and discards its people, and takes no responsibility for them." — Aaron (Phoenix, AZ)

"Illegal aliens need to know that they don't have the same rights as American citizens." — David (Dallas, TX)

"Sure, send those illegals back. Then, see how long the 'help wanted' signs stay up. My guess is a long time." — Lea (Las Vegas, NV)

"How did right-wing extremists manage to co-opt the respectable word 'conservative?'" — Allen (Troy, AL)

"Americans have 11 million reasons to feel threatened. Deportation is the only solution that is fair to us." — Mark (Houston, TX)

"There are massive protests against immigration reform, but most of those protestors are illegal aliens." — David (Bloomingdale, IN)

"How many more Bush people are going to resign in self-defense before he gets the message: his political boat is sinking." — Mary (Colorado Springs, CO)

"Thank you Andy Card, for your selfless service to a great country and a super president." — Jim (Miami, FL)

"I say send all illegal immigrants back to their countries and use our prison inmates for our agricultural needs." — Danny (Las Vegas, NV)

"A 5,000 mile wall on the Canada-U.S. border? Great idea, you know, because nobody on either side owns a ladder or a shovel!" — Patrick (Kingston, Canada)

"Andy Card pushed out the door? I guess Republicans do care about poll numbers." — Tommy (West Palm Beach, FL)

"Bush says we're nearing victory in Iraq. He also told us 'mission accomplished' three years ago. Trust him at your own risk." — Joy (Austin, TX)

"Any wage is fair when you are uneducated, untrained, unemployed and unmotivated. We must force the lazy to work." — Ray (St. Louis, MO)

"Harry Reid: If you want to see real incompetence, look in the mirror." — Deb (York, PA)

"I believe in double standards. I miss the days when men were men, and women were women, and both were treated as such." — Dawn (Cleveland, OH)

"Every illegal immigrant should learn some level of English, but many Mexican people refuse." — Yvonne (Tulare)

"We should be outraged at companies that knowingly hire illegal aliens. But Congress don't care — all they want is re-election." — Wes (Arizona)

"Now that so many immigrants are protesting in big groups, why not surround them and check which are illegal?" — Amy (Neenah, WA)

"I know! Let's send the border patrol to these rallies! Round up the immigrants and ship them out." — Cesar (Starkville, MS)

"If you can only chant in Spanish, then you probably shouldn't be demanding to be an American." — April (Mississippi)

"If the illegals become legal then they won't be 'cheap labor' anymore. They'll expect pay equal to that of American citizens." — David (Cape Coral, FL)

"What's Alec Baldwin still doing in the U.S.? I thought he was moving to France after the 2000 election." — Steve (St. Louis, MO)

"Make all the illegals learn English." — George (Chicago, IL)

"The 34% of Americans who support Bush know that it could be worse — we could be back in a Clinton era. Is Hillary next? Someone help us!" — Mike (Ann Arbor, MI)

"Alec Baldwin is a typical liberal: dishes out outrageous comments, then walkes away when challenged." — Keyton (Murray, UT)

"If these immigrants come from such wonderful countries and are so proud of them, why are they leaving?" — Kerri (Corinth, TX)

"How dare the illegals claim they love this country while waving the Mexican flag! That really hurts their argument." — Brad (Houston, TX)

"Lea: Greedy farm owners don't bother to hire Americans, because they can get illegals for $2.00 a day, unregulated of course." — Tommy (West Palm Beach, FL)

"I do not hate Bush, but I do hate what he's doing to the country I love, much of which not even future presidents can undo." — Mary (Illinois)

"Chris: Bush destroyed the economy? You're daft! Illegal immigration is what's destroying our economy." — Wes (Arizona)

"The U.S. supported Saddam during his worst atrocities, so we're fine with tyrants so long as they help big business." — Ben (Louisville, KY)

"If you built a wall on the U.S.-Canada border it definitely would benefit security — it would keep American guns out of Canada." — Ryan (Ottawa, Canada)

"Proponents of open immigration say that Americans don't want these jobs. But paying $20.00 a day to work isn't a fair wage." — Mark (Orchard Park)

"Iraq is Bush's quicksand: The more he wiggles around saying the war is going well, the deeper he sinks himself." — Mary (Colorado Springs, CO)

"Where are the apologies from illegal immigrants for breaking U.S. laws, instead of their demands for entitlements?" — Randy (Huntington Beach, CA)

"If lazy Americans would take the jobs that illegal immigrants will do, we would not have this problem." — Lea (Las Vegas, NV)

"I believe Bush needs to focus more on the economy he has destroyed than the people he has supposedly upset." — Chris (Sammamish, WA)

"If we are worried about security, why don't we just build a wall on the U.S.-Canada border?" — Marco (Killeen, TX)

"Who are the 34% of the American people that still support Bush? I want to know, so that I can avoid them at all costs." — Allen (Troy, AL)

"I am a voter in Nevada. When Harry Reid was voted into office he said he would work on Nevada, and we’re still waiting." — Gabe (Las Vegas, NV)

"Harry Reid is right on the money about Bush being dangerously incompetent! More and more people are beginning to realize it." — Bob (New Bedford, MA)

"The Russians sold the U.S. war plans to Saddam, and somehow Bush is the enemy according to Democrats?" — Mike (Little Rock, AK)

"People that parade with Mexican flags down American streets don't want to be Americans. They want to live here as Mexicans." — Lee (Washington Twp, MI)

"What did Clintons many ‘gates’ do? Not much. They sure didn't get thousands killed because of incompetence and arrogance." — Jay (Madison, WI)

"Bush and his war mongering, profit oriented, radical right are the present danger. Shame on them." — John (Austin, TX)

"I'm surprised Bush allows New Hampshire to say such seditious things as 'Live Free or Die.'" — Jack (Citrus Heights, CA)

"Harry Reid is the epitome of the ultra left-wing Democrat, who hates Bush so much that he would bring down America just to get at him." — Les (Colorado)

"Democrats must prepare themselves for the fact that Hillary is going nowhere but home, and soon." — Huck (Wildwood, NJ)

"Feingold's push to censure Bush is an intentional distraction and waste of time. It's time for impeachment, and nothing less!" — Jacob (Evansville, IN)/i>

"Hillary found Jesus, and apparently he said to send all the lawbreakers from Mexico to the U.S." — Al (Salem, OR)

"The U.S. has created a Frankenstein's monster in Iraq, with no ability to control it." — Charles (California)

"Perhaps Joseph Goebbels should have gone to Yale instead of to the gallows. It might have made him more tolerant, according to Liberal logic." — Al (Winchester, MA)

"Survive three more years of Bush? Hey, we barely made it through eight years of constant Clinton 'gate' scandals." — Joel (Colorado Springs, CO)

"Harry Reid is right on the money about Bush being dangerously incompetent! More and more people are beginning to realize it." — Bob (New Bedford, MA)

"Would you be offended if, at the end of World War II, Joseph Goebbels were to attend Yale?" — Jay (Miami, OK)

"Do we need to get attacked again to have all of Congress singing together and united?" — Todd (Marseilles, IL)

"Laura Bush is the one person in the White House who has at least held a book of social dissent, philosophy, or history for a brief moment." — Jaime (Cairo, OK)

"Maria: Yes, it does take two to make a baby — so why doesn't the man have a choice in the abortion process?" — Joseph (Reno, NV)

"Even Bush's own handpicked Iraqi prime minister, Iyad Allawi, says that Iraq is in civil war!" — Jerry (Muskegon)

"Even the carefully pre-screened audiences at Bush rallies are turning on him with harsh questions. It's a bad sign for the president." — Dave (Iowa City)

"Maria: Both you and Joseph don't get it. Protection is not 100% perfect and abstinence is only a pipe dream." — Curt (Atlanta, GA)

"The Bush administration is the darkest stain on the presidency in U.S. history. Can we survive three more years of this?" — Frank (Athens, TN)

"Harry Reid is incompetent. He should worry more about his connection to that criminal Jack Abramoff." — Tim (Sarasota, FL)

"Donna: Shame on you. Laura Bush was not elected to do great things, yet she does: promoting women's rights and literacy. Educate yourself!" — Jim (Miami, FL)

"Maria: It does takes two people, and both have contraception options. Everyone needs to be responsible for their actions." — Jim (Doral, TN)

"Harry Reid and his left-leaning friends are the real danger. Shame on him." — John (Cherry Hill, NJ)

"If we finish what we start there's no need to jump back in. Do it right the first time." — Mike (Wallins, KY)

"Most veterans in my family have the 'best' healthcare money can buy." — Renee (Keokee, VA)

"If the commanders on the ground in Iraq decide everything, what does Rumsfeld do?" — Don (Boston, MA)

"Joseph: If a man used protection there would be no need for abortion. It takes two." — Maria (Severn, MD)

"I think anyone who serves in our military should be financially set for life." — Kenny (Denton, TX)

"I would say that we need more than a White House staff shake-up! This adminstration needs a complete overhaul." — Jimmy (Alameda, CA)

"What waste? Most veterans do use their benefits, because we served our country with honor and deserve those benefits, as promised." — Tony (Myrtle Beach, SC)

"Laura Bush is a non-elected representative of America, and she's a wonderful example for us." — Sam (Kansas)

"In five years as first lady, has Laura Bush accomplished anything? Is she just a victim of right-wing conservatism?" — Donna (Fallbrook, CA)

"What's wrong with pulling troops and letting the Iraqis take over? It's not like we couldn't jump right back in if needed." — George (Bakersfield, CA)

"What is the difference between terrorism used by Palestinians today and that used by Algerians in the 1960s to win their freedom?" — Joe (Dayton, OH)

"Jim: Rally around Bush, just like people rallied around Hitler and Stalin? Don't think about it, just rally! That's idiotic." — Derek (Detroit, MI)

"Steve: Waste? When a disabled veteran waits a year to see a specialist? Make the cuts with pork, not health care!" — Gary (Azle, TX)

"Our young are suffering from the cancer and moral rot of public schools, the ACLU, and those who forgot how freedom is won." — Mike (Wallins, KY)

"Once the Middle East tastes freedom, tyranny can not stand." — Matt (Utah)

"If a woman used protection there would be no need for abortion. Men have no choice once the baby is conceived." — Joseph (Reno, NV)

"The only reason Republicans support Bush is because they don't want to support a Democrat. Competence is not an issue for them." — Mary (Illinois)

"Those who advocate invading Iran or North Korea have probably not studied maps of Iran or North Korea." — Patrick (Kingston, Canada)

"Once a baby is born, the debate on whether it is a person is gone. Then, both parents are obligated to support their child." — Dawn (Cleveland, OH)

"Stop using veterans like myself for your one-ups-manship! Most of us don't use government medical care, and we need to cut the waste." — Steve (Richmond, VA)

"I think it's Bush who doesn't care about the military. He's still trying to find Alabama for his National Guard duty." — Allen (Troy, AL)

"President Bush treats our Constitution like toilet paper. He uses it only when it serves his needs and then tosses it." — Mary (Illinois)

"If George Bush visited Iran, he would see that they need nuclear power. There are at least two blackouts a day in that country." — Nima (London, England)

"Google says they are protecting their customers' privacy, but I bet they would give marketers the search queries for a price." — Russell (Witchita, KS)

"If the French would fight as hard for their country as they do against it, the world would be much safer. Remember Iraq?" — Alan (Murray, UT)

"Can't you see how Europe's liberal ways are bringing about its end? Only conservatives can hold back this global decadence." — Thelma (Miami, FL)

"If a man wants the 'right' to choose fatherhood, then he should think about using protection." — Greta (Doylestown, PA)

"Bush has set off a chain of events in Iraq that will spread like cancer. Unfortunately, it will be our young that suffer the most." — Raymond (Lake City)

"Let's all rally behind our elected president. He is a principled man, just a little misdirected." — Jim (Miami, FL)

"Do you honestly believe that Democrats give a hoot about the military? Please check the facts people, starting with John Kerry." — Sean (Florida)

"Guess what, veterans? Our U.S Senate don't care about our your medical care needs, only about the big lobbying groups' needs." — Tony (Myrtle Beach, SC)

"Once again the Left shows that it is so open-minded that its brains have fallen out." — Frank (Madison, WI)

"The U.S. strikes first at countries that are too far away to even strike at us. We've become the world's top 'rogue nation.'" — George (Cass County, MI)

"A woman has the right to choose if she will have a child, so a man should have the same right to choose fatherhood." — Eric (Staunton, VA)

"Well, after today's announcement, so much for Bush's promise to cut the deficit in half by 2009!" — John (Rochester, MN)