DNA and Duke...

It's been a busy week for 'The Lineup' mailbag! The Duke case still has people scratching their heads in wonder at the ongoing investigation. Will DNA evidence solve this case?

E-mail No. 1

What I would like to know is how can these young men still have a case against them when people are being released from prison everyday because DNA evidence shows they didn't commit the rape. DNA evidence in the Duke case shows they did not commit the 'supposed' rape. What gives? These three young men's lives are being ruined because this girl appears to
just want to get attention and maybe money. She already has Jesse Jackson getting her college paid for. Besides what is a mother of a toddler doing being a stripper anyway? Who was taking care of her child? Should Social Services be stepping in to have the child is a better environment?

ANSWER: Dear Robin, thanks for your e-mail. The Duke case has become increasingly more frustrating with each passing day. The public has been made aware, largely through the defense attorneys who have gone on a public crusade for justice for their clients, of information that tends to exonerate these three young men. As a former prosecutor, I am disheartened that this case has not come to a just resolution in the face of such obvious inconsistencies, credibility problems, timeline conflicts and what appears to be a lack of forensic and eyewitness evidence to support the accusers story. As an officer of the court the District Attorney should have justice as his sole goal and purpose in resolving this case on either side, especially if these three men have been falsely accused after all he brought the charges...to allow this to linger further is unconscionable.

E-mail No. 2

People selling "murderabilia" on the Internet could and should help officials by providing information on purchasers like credit card numbers which could lead to serial killers who might be buying that stuff. Just a suggestion. It is so hard to fight the memorabilia, which is in extremely poor taste, but it would be great if the people selling it were given the chance to help authorities instead of just offending our nation. In essence, a chance for the sellers of murderobelia to do something very useful.
Dan & Kristen

ANSWER: Dear Dan and Kristen, thank you so much for your e-mail. My heart goes out to the family members of the victims that have to suffer through the indignity of having murderobilia sold on the Internet. Unfortunately, this is perfectly legal to do and even more disturbing is the idea that someone would want to purchase these things. People who do buy things on this site have legal privacy rights regardless of the poor taste they are exhibiting by supporting the propagation of violent crimes.

— Kimberly

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