FOX News Quiz — Answers!

Check your answers to the news quiz below — correct answers are in red, and incorrect answers are in gray.

Question 1: On Monday, in response to the North Korean missile threat, Japan was considering whether or not its pacifist constitution would allow for

A. strategic submarine positioning in the Sea of Japan
B. the instatement of a military draft
C. a pre-emptive strike against North Korea's missile bases
D. evacuation of civilians living near a military base

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Question 2: On Monday, what record was set in Britain?

A. Oldest couple to get married
B. Oldest woman to have a baby
C. Heaviest set of twins born
D. Oldest man alive

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Question 3: On Tuesday, terrorists hit the transit system in Mumbai, India, killing almost 200 people and injuring many hundreds more. How many explosions were involved in the attack?

A. 8
B. 13
C. 26
D. 32

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Question 4: On Monday, a Manhattan doctor allegedly attempted to commit suicide by blowing up his NYC townhouse. What did he send to his ex-wife before he did this?

A. An angry email
B. A torn photograph of her
C. An envelope with anthrax in it
D. A threatening text message

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Question 5: On Tuesday, the House of Representatives took up a bill to prevent people from using credit cards and other forms of payment on the Internet. What were they trying to stop people from doing?

A. Downloading pornography
B. Purchasing alcohol
C. Ordering prescription drugs
D. Gambling or making bets

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Question 6: On Wednesday, Hezbollah fighters took two Israeli soldiers captive, an act that triggered an assault with warplanes, gunboats and ground troops by the Israelis. Which country were they targeting?

A. Lebanon
B. Syria
C. Jordan
D. Iran

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Question 7: On Wednesday, as Russian President Vladimir Putin made preparations for his country's hosting of the 2006 G8 summit, he lashed out at which member of the Bush administration for his criticisms of Russia?

A. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales
B. Vice President Dick Cheney
C. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
D. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

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Question 8: On Thursday, oil prices hit a new high, above $76 a barrel, in a market agitated by all of the following except

A. the standoff with Iran over its nuclear program
B. news of explosions on Nigerian pipelines
C. the North Korean missile situation
D. escalating violence in the Middle East

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Question 9: On Thursday, as tensions between Israel and Hezbollah mounted, President Bush said that

A. Israel is to blame for the escalation of violence on the border.
B. Israel has the right to defend itself.
C. Israel needs to be held accountable for the bombing of the Palestine Foreign Ministry.
D. Israel should agree to the prisoner swap with Hamas.

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Question 10: On Wednesday, police added the shooting death of a 19-year-old Phoenix woman to a growing list of incidents connected to a serial killer known to police as the “Baseline Killer.” How many total shootings are now linked to the shooter?

A. 5
B. 22
C. 38
D. 57

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Bonus: On Wednesday's edition of "Special Report" columnist and FNC contributor Bob Novak gave an exclusive to Brit Hume about his involvement in the CIA leak scandal. Which of the following people did Novak identify as one of his sources for Valerie Plame's identity?

A. Lewis "Scooter" Libby
B. Karl Rove
C. Vice President Dick Cheney
D. New York Times reporter Judith Miller

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