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Since I promised you the behind the scenes of the show — including the regular life hurdles we confront on our job — here is the blog today:

You can blame (credit?) the length and content of the blog on my brother-in-law. He travels the world and the United States all the time and thus I called him a few days ago for the name of good hotel in Detroit. He is also from Michigan, so he seemed like the perfect source for a hotel for our short Detroit work trip.

Well, he led me astray this time. He gave me the name of a hotel next to a construction site: banging early this morning and then — worse — when I tried to log on to the Internet to write this blog, I could not find an ethernet cord in the room. I had to call down to the front desk for one and was told there was on in the room and where it was in the room. I hung up and checked where I was told it would be — nope, was not there. So I called again. I had one delivered to the room, but when I tried to get the Internet set up to write the blog, I could not get the Internet connection to work. Of course I tried everything and I am rather good at figuring out how to get online in hotel rooms — since I seem to live in hotels.

But here is the clincher: When I tried to call the Internet people for help, I discovered that the Internet connection on the desk that I could not get working was across the room from the phone. For reasons I can not understand, the hotel does not have the phone on the desk. I am not sure who came up with this design idea.

I still tried to make things go right — I was determined to blog. I got up from the desk and walked across the room and called the Internet connection service. I had to set the phone down every time the guy gave me a new direction on what to do and walk across the room to perform the task he told me to do. Then, of course, after performing the task, walk back across the room, pick up the phone and report that it did not work.

Needless to say, after what seemed like eternity and many ridiculous trips back and forth across the room, I gave up. The reason wasn't that the room was so big — it was not. It was the repetitive and unsuccessful part of the process — back and forth, back and forth. I could not spend my entire morning running back and forth in the hotel room between the phone and the desk like a fool.

So, this is your blog today. It comes to you via my trusty BlackBerry. I suspect I am not the only one who travels for work and runs into these issues. And, I am not naming my brother-in-law (this time) because he has been a good source in the past and a very good brother-in-law. And, yes, I am tempted to name the hotel, but I am holding my fire....

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