Japan's Pre-emptive Strike?

Japan is considering a pre-emptive strike against North Korea's missile bases, signaling a firm stance before a possible U.N. Security Council vote on sanctions against the communist-led country.

"If we accept that there is no other option to prevent an attack ... there is the view that attacking the launch base of the guided missiles is within the constitutional right of self-defense. We need to deepen discussion," said Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe. Read more.

Would you support a pre-emptive strike on North Korea? If so, do you believe such a strike could be considered an act of self-defense?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

“Japan and other countries in the region have a definite right to protect themselves. By waiting for the U.N., these other countries are putting themselves in grave danger. History has shown us what unstable leaders will do. Lip service won't cut it with North Korea, and they have shown that accords and pacts mean nothing.” — Mark, (Charleston, SC)

“If Japan or the U.S. does a pre-emptive strike, that would be an act of war! If any country would do a pre-emptive strike against America, we would treat it as a act of war.” — Dennis

“It could be self-defense if Japan attacks while missiles are being fired in their direction. Of course, even self-defense attacks will start another world war! With no help from the useless U.N., we can expect another world war on top of the one on terror we are fighting now.” — V.H. (Young Harris, GA)

“I would support a pre-emptive strike on North Korea, but quite frankly, I don't think it would be worth the time or the money. I live in Hawaii, the nearest American state to North Korea, and there have been reports that North Korea was aiming their missile at us. I find it incredibly hilarious that they set their sights on us, launched their "long range" missile, and can't even get it as far as Japan.” — Chris (Hilo, HI)

“Yes, as the wife of a MA Army National Guardsman, I would support a pre-emptive strike from Japan on North Korea's missile sites. We cannot let North Korea perfect their missile systems.” — Susan (New Hampshire)

“I think Japan is starting to feel a bit like Israel. If someone were standing outside your home pointing a howitzer at it, what would YOU do? Wait to get blown up? I think not. The Japanese don't have too many options with a lunatic neighbor with nukes and missiles.” — Alan

“If your neighbor is threatening you, threatening nuclear war, and they are test-firing missiles, Japan does not have any other choice but a pre-emptive strike on the missile site. When will the U.N. speak up against these rogue states and take action?” — Ben (Toronto, Canada)

“I believe that someone in the world needs to take a pre-emptive strike. North Korea launched that long range missile, and even if it was a failure, that failure still told their intelligence what they need to do to make the next one work better. That is exactly what tests are for. Success or failure, they are still now further into their production of this long-ranged missile. It needs to demolished completely.” — Mark