How Much News Do You Know?

Think you know what's been happening in the news? Try our quiz and see how well you remember the major events of the week! Be sure to keep track of your answers. Then, when you're finished, click here.

Question 1: On Monday, worries about NASA's July 4th liftoff of the Discovery arose because of

A. An asteroid passing 270,000 miles away
B. North Korean missile activity
C. Safety of the spacecraft
D. Health of one of the astronauts

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Question 2: When the Mexican presidential election votes were tallied, which candidate had the most?

A. Roberto Madrazo of the Alliance for Mexico
B. Felipe Calderon of the National Action Party
C. Andrés Manuel López Obrador of the Alliance for the Welfare for All
D. Roberto Campa Cifrián of the New Alliance Party

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Question 3: On Tuesday, North Korea fired a series of missiles into the Sea of Japan, except for one that failed. Many believed this missile was aimed at

A. New York
B. Washington, D.C.
C. California
D. Hawaii

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Question 4:The World Cup championship game will include which two teams?

A. Italy and Portugal
B. France and Germany
C. France and Italy
D. Germany and Portugal

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Question 5: What did Ken Lay, CEO of Enron, die from on Wednesday morning in Aspen, Colorado?

A. Death penalty for the Enron scandal
B. Ski accident
C. Lung cancer
D. Heart attack

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Question 6: On Wednesday, the FBI arrested and charged three people with what crime against the Coca-Cola Company?

A. Attempting to sell recipe secrets to Pepsi
B. Dumping alcohol into the Sprite
C. Altering the nutrition facts labels
D. Hijacking a company truck and selling the Coke products in their local store

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Question 7: On Wednesday, New Jersey casinos, state beaches, and government workers were without business because of a stalemate in the budget debate. What issue is causing contention?

A. Property Tax
B. Sales Tax
C. Income Tax
D. Insurance Tax

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Question 8: On Thursday, the eve of the first anniversary of the attacks on London's transit system, one of the homicide bombers appeared posthumously on video. He revealed all of the following except:

A. His responsibility for some of the bombings
B. His pleasure in the bombings
C. His promise of future violence
D. His demands of Britain

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Question 9: How old did the president turn on Thursday?

A. 55
B. 60
C. 65
D. 70

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Question 10: On Thursday, FOX News published information about documents uncovered in Iraq to Arab operatives working throughout Afghanistan before 9/11. What was the nature of these documents?

A. Training manual for the operatives
B. Plans for 9/11
C. Records of Al Qaeda attacks
D. Personal information of Saddam’s top henchmen

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Bonus: Which FOX News anchor reported from London on the anniversary of the bombings?

A. Sean Hannity
B. Shepard Smith
C. Brian Kilmeade
D. E.D. Hill

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