Your Grrrs: July 4, 2006

Your Grrrs compiled by FOX News intern Katherine Sands...

Laura in Birmingham, Ala., writes: That was one of your best Grrr columns yet. Bravo. Standing ovation. I am in total agreement (especially the popcorn).

Bill Voelker writes: Now that was a great column. Some of your more recent ones (I felt) weren't up to the Mike Straka level. They seemed more like whining. I really liked this one, and would love to post it all over my office because I have those Oblivions/Idiots/Importants all around me. A team of 10-20 people all call in to the same conference call and put their speaker phones on, and at the loudest level. And the best thing is, they all sit next to each other. That's what conference rooms (with doors) are for. The rest of us don't give a damn about your system issues. Thanks Mike, glad to see you at your best.

S. Haas writes: I'm so very grateful that someone is saying what I've been thinking for a long while. I especially am tired of actors who pretend they know more than the average voter regardless of their education or experience. Or those fine actors who actually believe that people who applaud their acting efforts actually agree with their political bent. Don't give me your V for victory signal, children ... you still live in America because it's where you are allowed to do the work you do and make the money you make. We watch your work yes, we may not agree with your politics, so kindly get off your highhorse. Be glad we still like what you do and not what you think.

Les S. in Arnold, Md., writes: Holy cow, Mike. You didn't just get up on the wrong side of the bed, you must have fallen out of bed. I'm wondering if steam was coming out your ears while you were writing your last column. Calm down, man. There are Oblivions everywhere. If you let them give you a heart attack, they win. Get some Valium, do some bio-feedback, take a deep breath or do something to cool off. I enjoy your column too much to see the headline "Mike Straka Taken to Bellevue by Men in White Coats." And by the way, I've been going to the movies for years and have yet to be bothered by anyone eating popcorn. You might want to just concentrate on the movie dialogue.

Melisa writes: Grrr to Aric in Pittsburgh who said he will no longer be reading your column. Have you not heard of a difference in opinion? Come on, this is an "opinion" column. I work in customer service and about once a week I hear the same stuff. "I'll never order through your company again." Boo frickin Hoo. I bet you'll still write your column and I'll still get my paycheck.

Karen Brinkman writes: Hey Mike, you forgot one essential part of being a truly annoying movie theater popcorn-eater -- you continuously shake the bag as you chomp down, ensuring all the salt is evenly distributed.

Mark Alexander writes: Mike, I think a new term for people with cell phone "problems" like picking a ring tone in the middle of traffic or on the bus, or cell phone people who get a call in the middle of a restaurant and act like they are in their house and let everyone else in on the conversation should be called CellPhonys. They are flat-out rude, not to mention most conversations are phony, pretentious and flat-out lame. Just a thought. Oops, gotta go get on the train and make a pretentious phone call. Love that column.

Jenn in Mass. writes: Today I read that Tori Spelling is on the cover of Us Weekly crying that she never made up with her father. She completely blames her mother for this. Shame on you Tori. Over this past year you have separated from your first husband and broke up the marriage of your second husband. The girl is a money-hungry twit who can't act. The fact that she would come out and whine right after her father's death is truly pathetic and appalling to say the least.

Pamela Beck writes: I could not believe all the people who wrote to you that live in so-called "tourist" destinations that were bad-mouthing people who choose their towns to visit. If not for them, many of those towns would shrivel up and die. Tourists are the lifeblood of many communities and without them many businesses would not exist. What happened to hospitality and kindness to strangers? All of us have been tourists somewhere at one time.

Karole Riippa writes: I love this piece; these are things that drive me wild as well. But, just in the interest of accuracy, Vanessa Williams didn't pose for Playboy. She had posed for pictures for a photographer some time before she became Miss America and always said that since she hadn't dreamed that a black woman could become Miss America, she didn't worry about the photos. But the photographer certainly saw his chance when Vanessa did become Miss America and sold them to Penthouse. The sad thing was that Vanessa Williams really was a spectacular Miss America who would have always been among the truly memorable ones (and you can count them on the fingers of one hand). On the other hand, she ended up with a far more successful performing career than any Miss America before or since. Look forward to reading more of your opinions.

Wayne Conway in Tulsa, Okla., writes: Mike, one of the first lessons we learn in school is how to "wait your turn." Unfortunately, this lesson is often forgotten in the checkout line. Why is it that some people immediately behind you in a checkout line feel compelled to fill the counter in front of you with their merchandise before you have even been rung up, much less completed your transaction. I have had people actually reach around me to place there items on the counter or conveyer as I was completing my purchase. To complete the affront, they will stand in your hip pocket, or nudge you along with their cart or basket to make sure you don't spend one extra second delaying them. Sure, I need to do my part by keeping cash, checkbooks or debit cards handy. But good grief, people, a couple feet of polite space won't delay you a bit getting through the line.

Mike Gust writes: Dear Grrr, I was able to get out of work a little early on Wednesday and my wife wanted to watch "Oprah." It gets worse. So, one of her guests is Leonardo DiCaprio and he is talking about the environment and how we need to stop our expanding use of fossil fuels. Since you have the inside scoop, when Leonardo is on some exotic foreign island with some more exotic foreign supermodel, I assume he got there in a row boat since these pictures arise monthly and he would certainly not take a private jet there and burn thousands of gallons of gasoline, would he?

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