Taylor Hicks Gets Response From Childhood Crush

Two weeks after Taylor Hicks discussed his first crush as a young boy, the woman from his past has contacted People magazine.

The "American Idol" winner told People in a recent interview that he never forgot his first crush: "I was in the second grade; she was in the sixth." He added that ever since, he's always liked older women.

After reading the article, the woman, Christy Lee Worsham, called People. She's now married, and was surprised she had made such an impact on Hicks.

"He was such a fun kid," Worsham, 32, said. "I'm married. But I'd like to reconnect. He was like a brother to me."

Hicks, 29, was ranked as the "hottest bachelor" by People earlier this month. He then said he was on the lookout for another love interest: a mystery blond woman he briefly exchanged glances with on an airline flight.

A spokeswoman for People, who set up an e-mail and mailing address to help track her down, said Thursday there had been no luck yet.