85-Year-Old Nude Dude Isn't Afraid to Bare All at School

It may sound like a nightmare, but the question is, for whom?

Stuart Taylor, arms extended in a warrior-like stance, is naked as the day he was born in front of a room full of strangers. His nightmare? Hardly.

He was born 85 years ago.

''It's hard work to stand still doing all those poses,'' said Taylor, a Coconut Grove, Fla., resident. “Sometimes I get myself in trouble for getting in positions I shouldn't get into.''


Taylor has been stripping down for artistic scrutiny for quite a while, The Miami Herald reports.

It all started in 1947 when he was a starving student at the University of Wisconsin looking for a quick way to pick up some extra dough.

Back in the day, models who dared to bare (almost) all in their bathing suits netted $1.25 a sitting, and those who would throw caution — and their clothes — to the wind save for an athletic supporter could earn $1.50.

But Taylor’s foray into the realm of the perpetually pants-less really began when he forgot to bring his jock strap to class one day.

"I told the instructor: 'I'll need to model nude for you.' He was upset and gave me a towel,'' Taylor said.

As fate would have it, the towel couldn’t keep Taylor under wraps, and nudity became his claim to fame.

Taylor visits nude beaches, has taken a nude cruise and has even been on a naked rafting trip in Utah.

''To be nude, there's this feeling of freedom,'' Taylor said. "I'm not an exhibitionist, I just enjoy nudity.''

And Taylor insists that chilling in one’s birthday suit for the benefit of art isn’t for everybody — it takes a certain frame of mind to properly bare one's behind.

''It's about pride,'' Taylor said. “If I have an itch or something and I want to scratch, I'd tell myself: 'Show a little discipline, Taylor.'”

I See You Living in a Big House ... er ... The Big House

NEW YORK (AP) — They should have seen it coming.

Three women were arrested in the Queens borough of New York City for running phony fortune-telling operations, including one who tried to dupe an undercover police officer out of more than $1,000 for an exorcism to banish evil spirits, authorities said Wednesday.

Police said the women violated a state law that requires all readings be done for entertainment or amusement purposes only, authorities said.

The three suspects weren't amused when they discovered their clients were undercover police officers taking part in a sting operation. The probe began in March.

"The defendants themselves apparently suffered vision deficiencies as they could not see themselves being prosecuted on fraud charges in their futures," Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown said.

One suspect, who operated under the name Readings by Julia, told one undercover agent that she could eliminate evil spirits for an additional $900 on top of her usual fee, prosecutors said. A second undercover officer was told that a $1,300 payment would return her wayward boyfriend, authorities said.

Who Doesn't Need 16 Chain Saws and a Tractor?

ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) — A woman accused of embezzling more than $1.5 million from a credit union and buying more than 1,500 items including hundreds of pairs of shoes, handbags, a $60,000 swimming pool and gambling trips to Las Vegas was sentenced Tuesday to 27 months in prison.

Betty Jean Barachie, of Kunkletown, bought 58 coats, 16 chain saws, a $25,000 John Deere tractor and more than 3,000 books, piling most of the items in her home with the tags still attached, said Dr. George Perovich, an Allentown psychologist.

"She was a compulsive shopper and was one of the most extreme cases I'd ever seen," he said.

Barachie acknowledged stealing money from the Northampton-Carbon County Federal Credit Union, where she worked, from 1995 to 2003. She pleaded guilty in October to charges of embezzlement and filing a false federal tax return.

Still, U.S. District Judge Eduardo C. Robreno chastised the U.S. attorney's office for failing to prosecute others allegedly involved in looting what was believed to be millions from the credit union, which became insolvent and was forced to close in September 2004.

"You have a small fish here. Where are the big fish? No one else has been charged with a parking ticket in this case," Robreno said.

'The Biggest Marijuana Cigar You Ever Saw'

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — Police say a pair of pot smokers picked the wrong moment to use the drive-through window.

The two men pulled up to the drive-through at a KFC in Buffalo, N.Y., in the hopes of obtaining some munchies.

Inside the restaurant, a couple of narcotics detectives were ordering their usual Wednesday special.

They say a cloud of marijuana smoke wafted into the restaurant, and they spotted the two men — smoking what one of the detectives described as "the biggest marijuana cigar your ever saw."

The detectives went outside and arrested the two. They're charged with possession of marijuana and smoking it in public.

Compiled by FOXNews.com's Taylor Timmins.

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