Attack from the Bully Pulpit

Bob Edgar, the general secretary of the National Council of Churches, asked Baptists to walk together “in the footsteps of Jesus” and address the challenges of “fear, fundamentalism, and FOX News.”

Before becoming NCC general secretary, Edgar was a former seminary president and six-term Democratic congressman from Pennsylvania.

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"Many indicate that Edgar is being 'political' just because they disagree with him, while the fact is that the Right has used the pulpit for years to espouse political views. Edgar speaks for more Christians than Falwell and company. Falwell and other right-wing fundamentalists are no more real Christians than Islamic fundamentalists are real Muslims." — Tom (Sarasota, FL)

"There are Baptists, and then there are fundamental, Bible-believing Baptists. He will not get any of us to side with his misguided views. He needs to read the entire Bible, not just what makes his ears feel good." — L.S. (Cottageville, WV)

"Edgar should ask himself what Scripture says about some of these political issues he's addressing. He would find it doesn't work well blending Scripture and politics. Besides, Jesus would confront a thousand situations in this world before confronting 'fear, fundamentalism, and FOX News.' I believe Jesus would actually put himself in danger confronting real evil rather than wagging a partisan finger at an ideological enemy who posses no threat." — F. (Placerville, CA)

"Edgar does not speak for all Christians. I do not understand how anyone can make such a comment in the name of Christ. Perhaps, being a Democrat, he is trying to put a religious spin on a non-religious subject in order to change the focus from the issue at hand and confuse those who are less discerning because he does not have a real argument, as many politicians often do. As a result I am sure that he has turned a lot of his following away from FOX and back to the very liberally-biased organizations. It is a crafty strategy, and one unworthy of the name of Christ. It offends this Christian. Keep up the good work FOX." — Taylor (Atlanta, GA)

"He is a politician in a pastor's clothing and should be ashamed for doing so." — Jack (Charlotte, NC)

"It is clear that Bob Edgar is agenda-driven politician who assails conservatives. He possesses every right and reason to proclaim his beliefs, and yet it is also fair for traditional Christians to highlight the man's biases and hold him accountable for his statements and ideology. The more radical he is, the greater the acknowledgment of his proclamations should be made." — Marc

"Mr. Edgar is completely misinformed on the ministry. It's not the government’s job to supply those in need, it is a call of the church. People like him want the church money for themselves and the government supply people in need. He has everything all wrong. He needs to study the life of Christ. When did Jesus tell someone to go to Rome to get help for their needs? If he read his Bible he would know that he is all wrong in his compromise." — Herb (Balad, Iraq)

"Bob Edgar shows the world why the NCC has become irrelevant. The NCC is very political, and their version of Christianity is definitely not biblically based. Actually, there is only one version of Christianity, and if Mr. Edgar would actually pick up his bible and read, he might find it. I'll pray for him." — Sue

"I read the article and saw absolutely no reason for the FOX News reference. What in the world is he talking about? As a born-again Christian, FOX News is the only channel I will listen to for news. Please keep up the good work. I watch FOX News every morning and will continue to do so, as long as you continue to report fairly, as opposed to the editorials we get disguised as news on other channels." — Marilyn

"Bob Edgar does not speak for this Baptist! Liberal crab in religious garb." — LJP (Beachwood, NJ)

"What speaks loudest, though, is what is left out of the message. What of 'piety?' What of 'purity?' What of 'personal responsibility?' " — R. Green (Kansas City, MO)

"Bob Edgar is right on target. It's amazing how we've been programmed by the conservative new media in this country." — Don

"It sounds as if he is still fighting the same fight, just from a different chair. Why anyone would want a politician in that position I don't know!" — Eddie