Did The Times Cross the Line?

This morning's "Tiki Tuesday" with Kiran was its normal fun and exciting broadcast. The highlight for us had to be the bottom of the hour guest: actor John Ratzenberger who played the immortal Cliff Clavin from "Cheers." Ratzenberger is just funny and came with his "A" game.

As for the lead story, there's no doubt that it was The New York Times' perceived anti-American bias. It may seem like a complicated debate to some, but to our viewers The Times was wrong to report that we have been monitoring the international banking records of suspected terrorists through Belgium. The solution? Our viewers suggested banning, fining and even arresting all the reporters and editors.

It was also free coffee day on "FOX & Friends" and we had a chance to go outside and meet the fine people from Alabama, North Carolina and… Lithuania. Not in studio, but contributing all the same to the three-hour show, was Senator Carl Levin. He clearly wanted to talk troop strength and point out how much General Casey agrees with him and that Karl Rove is dictating the numbers of troops in harm's way. I think that issue is outrageous and both sides showed their passion.

On Wednesday you can look forward to Hank Williams Jr. and I'm pretty sure he will be playing for you!

Thanks so much for watching us every day and keeping us No. 1 in the mornings!


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