World Cup Sex Industry Uncovered

A few weeks ago, an attentive reader encouraged me to check into reports citing major increases in human trafficking of women into Germany in conjunction with the World Cup soccer tournament.

I did the research and published an opinion piece, convinced the world needed to know the size and gruesome nature of the problem.

What I discovered was more than I bargained for. Several reputable human rights organizations concurred in anticipating the importation of 40,000 women from Eastern Europe to “service” the international soccer fans.

Then, I found a second layer of the story. Germany legalized prostitution throughout the country in 2002, becoming the second country in Europe, after Holland, to do so. In less than four years, an estimated 400,000 women have registered officially as sex industry workers.

Government officials argue its legalization is a good thing for women. They can now access social services and avoid abuse in the black market. Officials are also quick to point out the societal benefits of hundreds of thousands of new taxpayers (prostitutes) who now contribute to the economy.

What the government fails to acknowledge is the common-sense fact that prostitution itself, legal or not, is bad for women, and bad for men. It is abuse by its very nature.

Many of you asked me to continue to investigate the story and inform you of my progress. That's why I'm in Germany today. I'm here to find out more. Today, I have a sit-down interview with the general manager of the largest brothel of the city of Berlin. He has seen an upswing in business of over 100 percent since the beginning of the World Cup. In other words, he's making a killing.

I will ask him tough questions, you can be sure.

I want to do this story well. This means focusing on the facts, the ones in the open, and above all the ones behind the scenes. I will be attentive not to sensationalize anything, incite morbid curiosity, or give unscrupulous businessmen a platform to market their wicked trade.

Over the next few days, I'll try to do daily updates on this blog. I would also like to get feedback from you. What questions should I ask? What are your concerns?

I look forward to bringing to the light a world of darkness.

God bless, Father Jonathan

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