Swedish Cameraman Shot, Killed in Somali Capital

A Swedish television cameraman was shot and killed Friday by an unidentified gunman during a demonstration in the Somali capital.

The attacker shot the freelance cameraman through the chest at close range, killing him instantly before fleeing into the crowd, according to an Associated Press reporter who witnessed the shooting. Another Western journalist who was walking with the victim was not injured.

The Swedish Foreign Ministry identified the slain cameraman as Martin Adler.

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In a statement, officials for Britain's Channel 4 said Adler had been a "longtime friend" of the network, and that they were "deeply saddened" to hear of his death, but that he had not been working for them in Mogadishu, as initially reported by the Foreign Ministry in Stockholm.

The killing occurred a day after Somalia's largely powerless government and a representative of the Islamic militant group controlling Mogadishu signed an agreement recognizing each other and calling for an end to military action in the country.

The cameraman was shot during a demonstration in support of the agreement and against alleged interference in Somalia by neighboring Ethiopia.

International journalists have been stoned and heckled while reporting on recent demonstrations.

In February 2005, an unidentified gunman shot and killed British Broadcasting Corp. producer Kate Peyton in Mogadishu.