Police Report: Duke Rape Accuser Was Nervous, Changed Story

A woman who said she was raped by three Duke University lacrosse players was nervous when she spoke to an investigator and changed her story several times, according to a police report released Friday.

Authorities said previously in affidavits the accuser reported she was raped by three men at a March 13 lacrosse team party where she was hired to perform as an exotic dancer with a second woman.

In the report by Durham Officer G.D. Sutton, the woman said she was one of four dancers at the party and that she was attacked by five men. Three lacrosse players were indicted.

The one-page report, dated March 14, was included in 536 pages of additional discovery evidence prosecutor Mike Nifong handed over to defense attorneys Thursday.

Joseph Cheshire, who represents charged player David Evans, released the report and said he plans to review more of the discovery file over the weekend and couldn't comment further on its contents.

Evans, 23, of Bethesda, Md.; Collin Finnerty, 19, of Garden City, N.Y.; and Reade Seligmann, 20, of Essex Fells, N.J.; are charged with rape, kidnapping and sexual offense. All three were released on $400,000 bond, though a judge reduced Seligmann's bond to $100,000 during a hearing Thursday.

Attorneys for all three players have strongly proclaimed their clients' innocence. A trial isn't expected to begin before spring 2007.