Out-of-the-Ordinary NewsFor the Week of June 19

Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...

Lost in Translation

The U.S. may have lost its way in the World Cup, but an American soccer fan may have worse memories of his trip to Germany.

A Boston man checked into his hotel earlier this week before going out to see a match, but he couldn't get back in. It wasn't because he forgot his key, but because he forgot the name of his hotel and its address.

German police say the man wandered around Hanover, Germany, for more than six hours until he finally stopped to ask cops for help. Police say they then spent an hour driving the man up and down the city's streets until he recognized his hotel just before the sun came up.

Toilet Cleaning 101

There are sanitation engineers and waste technicians, and now there are "restroom specialists." But people who clean toilets aren't just given that name.

Singapore is sending 50 toilet cleaners to the World Toilet College to complete a three-day course in the latest bathroom technology, which apparently has made great strides since two-ply TP.

The program is reportedly aimed at raising the image and wages earned by toilet cleaners.

Barfly Busted

He thought it was his lucky night. Tip back all the drinks you want and pay for none of them.

He was planning to cover the bill with a check from a checkbook he found at the bar. Unfortunately for him, it belonged to the bartender. And that night, drinks were not on the house.

He was arrested on theft and robbery charges. Cops say he was "extraordinarily intoxicated" when they brought him in and that his dad picked up the $129 tab.

Makeup Mishap

Nobody yelled "Makeup!" and it wasn't supposed to be a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on inside your TV box. But viewers in Russia were treated to a sneak peek right in the middle of a prime-time newscast when two makeup artists decided that the anchors needed a little work.

They began powdering their noses and running a comb through their hair while the anchors were introducing a guest live on the air. Something like that would never happen here in "B."

Coming Clean

It wasn't your typical hot pursuit. The suspect was caught by people on foot. And the streets were never cleaner after the chase was over.

Police in New Hampshire say a man stole a street sweeper and took it for a drunken joyride when it was left unattended inside a parking garage. He confessed when the cops caught up, saying it was just a "stupid thing to do."