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Check your answers to the news quiz below — correct answers are in red, and incorrect answers are in gray .

Question 1: On Monday, as much as 10.5 inches of rain was reported in the Houston area by the height of the morning rush hour. What damage was caused?

A. Torrential rainfall flooded homes
B. More than 100 patients had to be evacuated from a nursing home
C. Hobby Airport was closed for more than two hours because employees couldn't get through the flooded roadways to work
D. All of the above

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Question 2: On Tuesday, the bodies of two missing soldiers were discovered dead in Iraq. Who claimed responsibility for their death?

A. The Iraqi defense ministry's operation room, Maj. Gen. Abdul-Aziz Mohammed
B. The new leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq
C. Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari
D. A farmer who said he witnessed the attack

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Question 3: In response to the threat of a North Korea missile test that surfaced on Monday, the U.S. plans to:

A. Wait for further news before taking any action
B. Deploy troops to South Korea where they can retaliate against the missile test
C. Activate its new ground-based interceptor missile defense system
D. Actively renew peace talks with Kim Jong-Il

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Question 4: On Tuesday, it was announced that Dan Rather is leaving CBS. What story began his fame?

A. Neil Armstrong becomes first human to walk on the moon
B. Former President John F. Kennedy's assassination
C. Civil Right Leader Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination
D. The Cuban Missile Crisis

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Question 5: On Wednesday, an inferno torched 1,770 acres and forced hundreds to evacuate which state?

A. Arizona
B. California
C. Texas
D. New Mexico

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Question 6: On Tuesday, announced it's plans to tighten security for underage members. Why did the top online teen hangout bolster protection for minors?

A. A lawsuit was filed on Monday by a teenage girl charging with negligent security practices.
B. There is a flurry of complaints about sexual predators prowling the site.
C. The filed suit charges the company with failing to take enough precautions to protect minors from sexual predators.
D. All of the above.

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Question 7: On Wednesday, U.S. officials started to seek a diplomatic solution to the Iranian regime's suspected nuclear weapons program. What program is currently in place to put tougher U.S. sanctions on Iran?

A. Mid-Eastern Support Act
B. Iran Freedom Support Act
C. Disarmament of Mid-Eastern Countries Act
D. Iran Disarmament Act

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Question 8: On Thursday, the U.S. was booted from the World Cup in a 2-1 loss to what country?

A. Germany
B. Italy
C. Ghana
D. Mexico

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Question 9: On Friday, the nationwide manhunt ended peacefully when a Nevada man, Darren Mack, suspected in the murder of his wife and shooting of a judge turned himself into authorities. Where did the suspect surrender?

A. Reno
B. Dallas
C. Los Angeles
D. Mexico

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AP/Miami Herald
Question 10: On Friday, a group of men have been charged with conspiring with Al Qaeda to "levy war against the United States" by committing acts of violence including blowing up Chicago's Sears Tower and an FBI building in Florida. How many men were charged?

A. Two
B. Twelve

C. Seven
D. Ten

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Bonus: On Thursday, the Oxford English Dictionary said what word was the number one noun used most often in the English language?

A. The
B. Week
C. Person

D. Time

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