Senate Troop Vote

Democrats want a different direction in Iraq. Republicans back President Bush.

"The public is very happy about the fact that we have not been attacked since 9/11," Sen. Mitch McConnell, the second-ranking Senate Republican, said, even though polls show voters are weary about the war that's in its fourth year.

"Americans want an exit strategy," countered Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif. "The status quo is a disaster."

The GOP-controlled Senate was poised to vote Thursday on two Democratic proposals to start redeploying U.S. troops from Iraq this year, a week after both houses of Congress soundly rejected withdrawal timetables. Read more.

Democrats want a different direction in Iraq — What do YOU think?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"I think we should survey the soldiers in Iraq and see what they think about staying or leaving. That should effectively silence any controversy about us being there. Who better to decide than the very people who are dying for freedom?" — Bob

"We should get out of Iraq before any more troops are beheaded. We don't have to leave the Middle East, just pull back from Iraq. Go to Kuwait or Saudi Arabia. Then, let the warring factions go at it. When they are finished killing one another or reach some sort of peace we can help whoever is left rebuild." — Tom

"There are only a handful of liberal Democrats who want a pullout. They do not speak for America. Liberal Democrats want it both ways: support the troops but not the war. That’s inconceivable and unpatriotic." — Randy (Panama City, FL)

"We need to finish the job. Call it what you want, but leaving now is losing. That needs to be unacceptable. The war on terror will be long and the American people need to get used to it." — Kevin

"I think the troops have been there long enough. What is the goal? It started as removal of the weapons of mass destruction. Then, it was to remove Saddam Hussein. Now, it's to make Iraq a democratic nation and remove the terrorists. How will we know when the objective is reached and when we can start pulling out? President Bush stated that if we leave then we would be dishonoring those that have fallen in battle. But, as long as we are there, troops will die in battle. So we will stay there forever? Even if someone comes up with an attainable goal and we do pull out, another dictator will arise and overthrow the government in Iraq." — Michael

"Most of the Democrats just do not get it. You cannot win a war by cutting and running. If we pull out of Iraq prematurely, Al Qaeda would declare it a victory, Iran would exert its influence over Iraq and probably Syria, the Middle East would become more of a powder keg, and the terrorists would still want to slit our throats. Worst of all, it would mean that our beloved military would have fought and died in vain. I find it ironic that many Democrats want us to pull our troops out of Iraq and use them to take out Usama Bin Laden. Do they really want us to invade Pakistan?" — Bob (Fallbrook, CA)

"The Democrats are right. We are on the wrong course and have been for quite awhile. Just because the Republicans are the majority doesn't mean theirs the only way to go. The Democrats need to keep fighting this administration and get us on the right course before it's too late." — Vi (Illinois)

"I can't believe that the Democrats want to set a date to leave Iraq. I'm a registered Democrat and this worries me greatly. It's as though my party is on the terrorists' side. Even to hint that we are leaving before the job is done provides help to the enemy." — Kent (Yuba City, CA)

"Of course we need a new direction in Iraq. Usama bin Laden said we would be defeated in Iraq just as the Russians had been in Afghanistan. They will drain us dry. We will go broke trying to occupy a country. Bombing terrorist camps is one thing; occupying a no-man's land is another." — Jack

"What is the direction Democrats want to go? 'Stay the course is a disaster,' Barbara Boxer said. What disaster is she talking about? The fact that we control Iraq? That we set up a democracy? That the citizens of Iraq voted by the millions for a constitution? That we got rid of Saddam?" — John (Ohio)

"Democrats want troop reductions to be dictated by a calendar. The President is basing his reduction plan on the advice of the generals fighting the war. Which do I trust: John Kerry’s calendar or General Casey’s evaluation? No contest!" — Jack (Valdosta, GA)