Time to Get Tough on Iran?

As U.S. officials seek a diplomatic solution to the Iranian regime's suspected nuclear weapons program, a growing chorus of critics on the right say the Bush administration is being soft on Iran and other so-called "enemies of freedom."

These critics, including some members of the U.S. Congress, say the administration's diplomatic strategy with Iran will likely come to naught and a more aggressive approach — including economic sanctions and regime change — should be pursued. Read more.

Bush critics say it's time to get tough on Iran — What do YOU think?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"Yes, it's time to get tough. The U.S. has been too nice for way too long. When every little country issues ultimatums at the U.S., it’s time to wonder where respect for this country has gone. The U.S. has a powerful reputation, but it is time to stand up again. We were caught off guard at Pearl Harbor and New York City. Getting caught off guard next time could be disaster." — Sam (Memphis, TN)

"I don't think we have to worry a whole lot about Iran. Israel is keeping an eye on them and before Iran develops weapons of mass destruction, Israel will eliminate their ability." — Bert

"I would not boycott or embargo Iran, as that would hurt the Iranian people, not the regime, and hurting the people would turn them away from us. Instead, I would communicate the dangerous policies of the leaders to the people. The people want more freedom, not the oppression being offered by Ahmadinajad. If we spend more time supporting the disenfranchised there, we will stand a better chance at regime change." — John (Winston-Salem, NC)

"Iran hasn't done anything of late to warrant our confidence, yet we are giving it to them. If we relax and let them develop nuclear power, we will be considered weak; if we get firmer, we will be seen as the bully and considered war-mongering." — George (Texas)

"It is past the time to get tough. Iran, North Korea, and all terrorist organizations need to know we are serious about our security. The people we are dealing with are radical. Unfortunately, as a result, we are obligated to act preemptively. We cannot afford to wait until something bad happens because the potential cost of American lives is too high." — Bud

"Military action would be a bad idea at this point. However, if we actually made an effort to reduce our dependence on oil, we would really have power over the Middle East nations." — Jeff (Baltimore, MD)

"It's been time to get tough on Iran since 1979 when they took hostages from our embassy in Tehran. Now they are stalling with diplomacy while continuing with banned development activities. I think the time has come to deliver a series of well-planned, surprise air strikes, including the use of bunker busters, where required, to take out the sites where the nuclear development work is taking place." — Mike (Texas)

"As long as we continue to have the 'Bush lied' mentality, we will never be able to advance a 'get tough' policy with any sort of credibility." — Jim (Sterling Heights, MI)

"The critics are right about President Bush being way too soft on Iran, especially when we know full well Iran is planning for global war. What are we doing even offering Iran an incentive package? Iran is just stalling for more time to build nukes and organize for war. The longer we wait on Iran, the more lives lost later." — Rick (Phoenix, AZ)

"While I would like to see a diplomatic resolution to the problem with Iran, I doubt such a settlement is possible. In Iran, the government is calling for the destruction of Israel. The only way to deal with a government like Iran is through a tough, no-nonsense approach. A nuclear device in the hands of either Iran or North Korea makes the world a much more dangerous place." — Eric (Orlando, FL)

"We should absolutely get tough on Iran. I'm surprised that the president and his administration have not yet. Ahmadinejad is just playing a game with the U.S., and I can only hope that we are not naive enough to fall for it. A regime change needs to happen in Iran if President Bush wants to make Iraq's regime change a success. Get rid of Ahmadinejad, give the women of that country humanity and civility, and bring on a long-overdue democracy." — S. (California)

"What gives the Middle East the right to destabilize practically the whole planet? It’s time to end the political correctness, ignore the liberals, and get the job done. When Iraqi soldiers start shooting National Guard Troops that they are working alongside, it’s time to get tough." — Brian (New York)