Philippine Officials Scramble to Evacuate Villagers as Volcano Spews Ash

Restive Mount Bulusan spewed ash in a fresh explosion late Tuesday, prompting Philippine officials to hastily evacuate a nearby village in a downpour.

The minor ash explosion, Bulusan's ninth since it started acting up in March, was accompanied by mild tremors for several minutes before the volcano calmed down again. Despite such ash explosions, there was no indication that a major eruption was imminent, according to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology.

Edwin Hamor, mayor of Casiguran town near the volcano, said he rushed to a farming village with nearly 100 houses to evacuate jittery residents who heard rumbling sounds, then saw muddy water flowing down Bulusan at the height of the downpour.

"It exploded with ash again, and the heavy rains probably washed the ash down," Hamor told radio station DZBB.