North Korea Missile Threat Should Shift Californians' Attention

I know the liberals in Los Angeles — Beverly Hills, Malibu, the Hollywood Hills — hate any war talk unless it's a movie.

They don't like Bush because he's worried about the Axis of Evil, and they do like Gore because he's not so worried about bad guys unless they're driving an SUV and melting the polar caps.

But things may change, and I'm anxious to see the West Coast discussion that is bound to ensue over the next few days.

What's changed is the North Koreans are about to test a missile that could hit Los Angeles. This brings the Axis of Evil much closer to home.

I lived in Los Angeles many years. I know the tendency is to worry about the box office, a good sushi place, beach weather and traffic headed to the valley. But being on the bull's-eye tends to focus one's attention.

It should focus the attention of folks in Berkeley, too. They could get hit just as easily as Los Angeles evidently, but their hatred for Bush and his wars is even more intense so I wouldn't expect much from them.

But the "Los Angelens" might now see they are as vulnerable as New York. They should have seen it anyway. After all, the millennium bomber planned to blow up LAX. But they forget quickly out there.

When you live on the East Coast you kind of get it when it comes to terrorism. The terrorists want to blow up Times Square, the Capitol. It all makes sense.

For my West Coast brethren it's been a little more disconnected. It's been, hey, aren't we over that 9/11 thing?

Well, no, we're not. And maybe now they won't be so over it either.

North Korea is a plaything of a nutjob who can't be counted on to not use his missile or many of them if he can build them fast.

He couldn't be counted on to not build a bomb, and we may have made a mistake thinking he only wanted it for deterrence. Maybe he did want nukes in order to put them on missiles he could use to threaten the United States.

Maybe that anti-ballistic missile system isn't such a bad idea.

Maybe the hard left located on the far left coast will see that now. Being on a bull's-eye changes one's perspective dramatically.

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