Enemy We Love to Hate

Big fight with Tiki Barber between segments today:

We debated the need for a player to stop by his coach’s office after a season. I was talking specifically about Plaxico Burress and his refusal to do an exit interview after last year’s game. Of course, we were not in a big brawl but did disagree passionately. Tiki, by the way, is getting into game shape already — so do not worry, Giant fans.

As for the show, the sad news about the brutal murder of those two U.S. soldiers tarnished the show, as did the claim that the new leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq personally killed the two young men. This now becomes a war between Al Qaeda and the U.S., and all agree that they are the enemy that we love to hate. Buried in all the grim news of the two young men is the capture and killing of the No. 3 ranked Al Qaeda member in Iraq, along with the arrest of 75 more. I just hope they clean out the region that killed so many American men.

We also examined the long-held, widely accepted belief that monkeys, if left alone long enough, could type out the Bible. As it turns out, I am the only one who thinks that a monkey, if left alone, could type out the Bible, and that took one hour to debate. Turns out, it’s a lot of monkeys, and they would fight and throw excrement if left alone with a typewriter, so I guess I was pretty wrong.

Look for more on President Bush’s trip to Europe and more ugly half-truths about Gitmo. The Judge flew down there today and should have some great stories later in the week for us to kick around.

Once I get photos back from our Mets/”FOX & Friends” day I will post them online. It was great meeting 800 of our biggest fans, and we are all honored you are there to support us. Thanks to the NY Mets, Heather and Sandra and our own marketing maven, Mike Tammero, for making it happen.

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