Bruce Willis Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Paparazzi Photographer

Bruce Willis filed a defamation lawsuit Monday against a paparazzi photographer who accused the "Die Hard" actor of attacking him outside a restaurant.

Anthony Goodrich allegedly made "malicious, fabricated and defamatory statements" about a June 13 encounter as Willis entered the Los Angeles restaurant Koi, attorney Martin D. Singer said in the Superior Court suit.

"It was a totally fabricated report," Singer said by telephone, noting Willis "was very upset over the story."

Willis, 51, was entering the restaurant when he was confronted by Goodrich and other "stalker-paparazzi" flashing high powered strobe lights, the suit said.

"Plaintiff put his hand up in front of his face to shield his eyes from the blinding flash of the cameras in order to be able to see and walk into the restaurant," the suit said.

"Goodrich falsely stated that Willis stiff-armed Goodrich, shoved the photographer and pushed his camera into his face, causing injury to Goodrich's nose and teeth," the suit said, noting the allegations eventually wound up on the Internet.

Goodrich allegedly said he filed a battery report with the Los Angeles Police Department, but Singer said Monday: "The detective told me he's not pursuing the matter."

The actor didn't "physically assault" Goodrich and the allegations "were likely to damage" Willis' "reputation" and "career," the suit said.

Singer said the Koi doorman backs Willis' account.

The suit seeks no less that $1 million in general, special and consequential damages as well as punitive damages to be determined at trial.

Attempts to find Goodrich for comment were unsuccessful.

"I'd like to find him as well," Singer said, adding his investigator was looking for the photographer to serve him with the suit.