School Bus Video Shows Beating of 10-Year-Old Boy in Michigan

Videotape shows a 10-year-old boy being repeatedly punched by two others on a school bus while the driver continued her route without stopping, the child's father said Monday.

The videotape from a camera on the bus shows two boys taunting and teasing Chester Gala on their way home from New Baltimore Middle School, 30 miles north of Detroit, earlier this month. The tape was shown Monday on NBC's "Today."

After finger pointing and shoving, one of the boys stood up and punched Chester repeatedly. Despite the altercation, the driver continued her route without stopping, the boy's father, Eric Gala, said on "Today."

"I want the whole world to see this tape. I want every parent to realize that when you put your child on the bus, there is a concern for their safety," he said.

Representatives of the school district and the Macomb County prosecutor's office did not immediately return calls seeking comment Monday.

The identities of the boys beating Gala's son were not available and there was no indication if any charges would be filed.