Natalee Holloway Case: State of Suspension

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Over the weekend I spoke to Beth Holloway Twitty — still no news out of Aruba. I suspect the Aruban investigation is over, although there is no official word it is. I keep hoping I am wrong about this investigation and that it will resolve... meaning we find out what happened to Natalee. It has been well over a year and still no answers. This is one story that I thought if we persisted, we could get answers. Every day I get many e-mails from people asking if we have dropped the story. The answer is no. We check on it daily. If and when there is news, we will report it.

Beth and Natalee's father, Dave, are still awaiting the decision by the New York State Court whether their civil suit filed against Joran van der Sloot and his father will get thrown out or not. The issue of whether it will get thrown out was argued in May and the judge could decide it any day... or any month. Unfortunately for Beth and Dave — and for Joran and his father — there is no time limit within which the judge must decide, so they all remain in the state of suspension. You may forget about this civil case, but the litigants don't.

I also spoke to Catherine Herridge for a long time over the weekend. Her son Peter continues to improve. He is still in the Intensive Care Unit — which is expected for this operation. He has one nurse at his side at all times. Catherine told me how kind the nurses are to her son. If you have ever had a seriously sick family member, you have a profound appreciation for those who elect to do nursing work. By the way, the next time you get your driver's license renewed, consider making yourself a potential organ donor.

I frequently get asked where Laura Ingle is. Laura was on our show nightly during the Scott Peterson and Michael Jackson trials. I can tell you where she was this weekend: with my husband and me. She was covering a story for "Geraldo at Large" in Washington, D.C., on Friday, so I persuaded her to stay another 24 hours and spend the night with us. As you might recall, after the Michael Jackson trial she officially joined FOX News Channel and was assigned to the southwestern part of the USA. Then, two days later, Hurricane Katrina happened. She covered Katrina non-stop like the rest of us and then got assigned to Geraldo's show on the FOX Broadcast network (and not FOX News Channel.) As a result I don't get to see her much anymore and was happy to spend to spend some time with her. I do think, however, that a time will come when she transfers back to FOX News Channel — but that's just a guess, I don't make those decisions.

Check out Susan Estrich's column on the FOX News Web site. She wrote about the 25-year-old teacher (female) accused of having a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old student (male.) OK, yes — she and I agree, which may be why I am urging you to read it. The fix is in!

Now for some e-mails from viewers:

E-mail No. 1

I watch FOX pretty much every night but I have heard much lately about the Church of Christ minister's wife who was accused of killing him. Has that story just gone away or is it still developing?
Thanks for your good work and programs.
Allen Schneider

ANSWER: Well, I guess you missed our show on Thursday. We had both of Mary Winkler's lawyers on our show. She is still pending trial and has a bond hearing coming up. I don't know what the bond will be or whether she will be able to make it and get released pending trial.

E-mail No. 2

Haven't had a chance to read about your article on the woman who gave part of her liver. We were in Pittsburg on May 25. My son gave part of his liver to his dad. Wow — what a great feeling, we are back home, on Father's Day. My son had a few complications after the surgery but his Dad was out of the hospital in just eight days. More people need to know of this great place and what it can do to save lives. In our case the donor had problems, but the staff and doctors made sure he was well taken care of.
Thank you

E-mail No. 3

Hey Greta,
Just thought you might like to know, there is a one-column article on Catherine and Peter in this week's Globe supermarket tabloid (I have NO idea why I read that thing LOL) Looked to me — based on what I've read in your blog — they got everything correct. There is also an e-mail address at the end of the article to contact the writer.
Lisa Martin
New York, NY

E-mail No. 4

Duke lacrosse: I think it is disgusting how FOX is trying to take over the business of the courts. Since when did you get so high and mighty? Enough cases already have been tried by journalists. They not only want to control the executive branch of government they try to control the courts. Stick with reporting the news! If you want to keep my interest.

Finally, I thought the article below might interest you: It is about a Newsweek article appearing on the newsstands today. The Newsweek reporter — Susannah Meadows — will be on our show tonight, so you don't want to miss our show! Here is the article:

Report: Prosecutor hasn't changed mind about Duke lacrosse case

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