Hands-Free? No Thanks

You know what I'm noticing a lot these days? People who look like they're talking to themselves.

I don't think they are, at least I hope not. But to a man and woman, they sure look like they are.

They all have these ear contraptions that apparently are hooked up via some wireless Bluetooth thing to their cell phones and they're talking and talking.

And they're everywhere. Last night at the airport, I must have seen a dozen guys with them; talking away, some sitting, most just wandering around the gate.

The whole thing is weird.

One dude kept tapping his ear: holding one call, taking another.

Then this morning, in San Francisco here, a guy in the elevator — in the elevator — was chewing out his assistant as I headed down to breakfast.

It was enough to almost make me lose my appetite. I said almost.

I know these devices are handy, not to mention the only way you can legally use your cell phones in cars these days.

But hands-free is apparently common sense-free, because invariably the people who use them, shout on them, as if there weren't a soul around them.

Maybe they have to. I don't know. But this much I do know: They're everywhere: tapping their ears, gesturing their hands, oblivious to the world.

Me? I don't have such a device.

Someone told me they make your head look big. That was all I needed "not" to get one.

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