Adam Sandler Says He's Ready to Shift Focus to Fatherhood

Adam Sandler turns 40 in a few months and the new father says he's ready to shift his focus. Sandler and his wife, Jackie, welcomed their first child, Sadie Madison, last month.

"I've got the kid — I feel relief that I don't have to think about myself too much," Sandler told the New York Post in an interview published Sunday. "I've had 39 years just talking about how great I am. It's time, at age 40, to talk about the kid."

The star of "Big Daddy" says he was eager to become a father.

"You know what's surprising — that the kid looks through me," he said. "Every time I think the kid likes me, I'm like, 'Oh, she's staring at my forehead right now.'"

Having lost his father several years ago, Sandler says he knows time is precious.

"There are things that get you bummed, but I enjoy my life, and don't want to fast-forward it," he told the Post. "Some parts are boring, some parts are tired, but it goes away and you get back to having good times."