Who Should You Believe About Iraq War: Democrats or Zarqawi?

I knew it was going to come to this and you're going to see the proof at the end of the program in Your Word when I read some e-mails.

Here we have the Dems saying we're losing in Iraq, and Zarqawi, or Zarqawi's adviser, saying the Americans are winning.

I say: Who are you going to believe?

Why would you take the word of a congressman in Washington who has a political stake in the question over the word of a dead terrorist whose people are sizing up their own situation vs. American and Iraqi troops? Who is inherently more credible?

So what do I get? It's a fake, John. They are making it up, John. It's a lie, John. Zarqawi was blown to smithereens by two 500-pounders and you're pulling a Zip drive out of his pocket and this note just happens to be on it?

Uhhh, no, they found it before the bombing in a Zarqawi safehouse, though they did find a Zip drive in his pocket that led to other raids. What's so hard to comprehend?

Remember, this is the guy who cuts heads off and writes long letters to his so-called bosses, Usama and Zawahiri, in which they talk about how things are going. This isn't the first time we've intercepted these notes.

But no, say the Bush haters. It's got to be a fake. Why? Because if it's the real deal, if this really is Zarqawi's own assessment of the insurgency or if it's the assessment of one of his close advisers, and it sounds like it has to be one or the other, then the Democrat argument is blown to hell bigger than the safehouse that blew up when Zarqawi was cornered there.

Bush says the strategy in Iraq is working. The Democrats don't believe him. Fine. They hate him. I get it.

Zarqawi says the strategy in Iraq is working. But the Democrats don't believe him. Because why again? Because he's a blood-drenched terrorist and therefore he would lie about his own situation. Of course, he would say the Americans are winning because uhhh, well, that line of argument just doesn't make sense, does it?

This Iraq war may yet go as bad as the Democrats seem to hope it is. But the idea that it's not working now is absurd, and the proof is in the thoughts of our own enemies talking to each other about their situation.

If you can't believe that, then you have to say the documents are fake. Or you just have to have your head buried so deep in the sand you don't know if you're in Washington or Iraq or if it's night or day.

That's My Word.

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