Grrr! Invincible My Behind

Sick of constantly scratching and denting my gold wedding band at the gym, I was immediately drawn to a ring made of Tungsten Carbide while browsing a Kay Jewelers in a mall not too long ago.

I first heard of jewelry being made out of Tungsten Carbide, a chemical compound blend of tungsten and carbon popular in tools — when a cameraman buddy of mine purchased a Movado watch made of the metal.

He told me it was ideal for his line of work because the compound is scratch-proof and nearly indestructible.

The ring, pictured to the right, is really beautiful. It's masculine and stylish, and retailing at $199 plus tax, I figured for a ring that will last forever, it was well worth the investment.

Not six months later the ring looks like this!

How big was the bus that hit me, you ask? How tough was the mugger who blow-torched the ring off my finger in a dark New York City alley? Did I lose my finger in a sawmill accident while cutting wood for my deck?

Well, no.

The ring simply split in half while I was running for a pass in an over-35 indoor soccer league. I don't know what's sadder, me playing soccer on a 35-and-over team, or this supposedly indestructible ring self-destructing right before my eyes.

Mrs. Grrr brought it back to Kay and the sales reps were stunned to see their tough-as-nails new product in two pieces. They're sending it back to the manufacturer and getting me a replacement, free of charge, I think.

So until then, I'm ringless, but still very married — as the tan line on my ring finger can attest, but this doesn't bode well for the future of Tungsten Carbide jewelry.

Hopefully it was just a manufacturer's defect.

Can't You Come Out to Play, in Your Empty Garden?

Now that Darryl Hannah and company have come down from the trees, I have to Grrr the ungrateful farmers and tree lovers who think that they can squat on land rightfully owned by a developer, grow crops that they sell on that land, free of charge, and then complain when the guy comes to claim his land.

I'm all for farmer's rights. I know all the words to John Mellencamp's "Rain on the Scarecrow," but this land dispute in South Central Los Angeles that got Darryl Hannah's name in something other than a "Where Are They Now" segment on E! is a bit ridiculous, to say the least.

Even more Grrring is the celebrity support, from Willie Nelson to Ben Harper to Danny Glover and the aforementioned Hannah. I'm sure they're all opening their own gated backyards so these displaced urban farmers can grow bell peppers in Beverly Hills, right?

Yeah, sure they will.

If celebrities want to really make a difference, then they should do more than just show up and think that their very presence is all that's required. Note to celebs: see Angelina Jolie and Bono if you don't know what I'm talking about.

The Devil Wears Prada

Fans of Lauren Weisberger's best-selling tome "The Devil Wears Prada" will be happy to know that the movie, starring Anne Hathaway and the incomparable Meryl Streep, opens at the end of this month.

Those of you who read the book know that Streep's character is a coffee fiend, and to celebrate, the makers of the film, 20th Century Fox, is sponsoring National Coffee Break Day on June 27.

Visit to find participating coffee shops near you, and be sure to catch my interviews with the movie's stars in The Real Deal next week.

20th Century Fox is owned by Newscorp, which also owns

The NBA Finals

You know, the NBA finals are going on, and in case you're one of those disgruntled NBA fans, don't give up on the league just yet. This is, so far, a great series. Sure, the Heat of Miami aren't playing all that great and the Shaq Attack looks to be on hiatus, but the Mavericks of Dallas are playing great.

This is an exciting series, that as of this column is 2 games to 1, in favor of Dallas.

I'm a fan of Pat Riley, and I'm a fan of Mark Cuban -- two guys who know how to play to win (yes, I like Dallas Coach Avery Johnson, too.) The only thing that is Grrring about this series is the relentless butt-whooping that German player Dirk Nowitsky is taking after admitting that he hums a David Hasselhoff tune that was a big hit in Germany to calm him while shooting free throws.

Of course, the Knight Rider himself didn't do Dirk any favors by showing up and cheering him on from the sidelines. I'm not really sure what Simon Cowell was thinking when he made the "Baywatch" dude a judge on his "America's Got Talent," but that show looks about as interesting as "American Inventor," so don't fret about any Hasselhoff comeback stateside.

The point is, the NBA is back.

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