Father's Day Extravaganza

When the week is over the fun begins, because it is time once again to enter "The Zone" — the "FOX & Friends Weekend" Zone!

What do we have planned for you? Well, politics for one — and the questions as to whether our lawmakers will agree on a plan for Iraq. It seems the House and the Senate are engaged in partisan politics over the war in Iraq. Ellen Ratner and Jim Pinkerton will battle it out on that front!

It is Father's Day weekend and of course we've got some goodies lined up for you. David Kirsch will engage you in a gut-busting workout! David White and Home Depot will have some fantastic gift ideas for all of you last-minute shoppers. We are going to get a little cerebral and dig deep into the married male mind with author Neil Chethik. Plus, we'll take some digital cameras for a test drive!

You can't feature dads without sports, so we will have world-famous golf trick shot artist Peter Johneke live on the plaza to show us his latest. Of course we will have more on World Cup soccer as well.

Summer is the time for the most travel and SmartMoney magazine will guide us through the do's and don'ts with the "10 things we don't know about travel." What are they? Tune in!

We are going to have a pet fashion show — yes, a fashion show for your most loved ones!

Entertainment guru Lisa Bernhard will be on hand to give us the latest from Hollywood.

And, last but not least, I went to NASA and the Johnson Space Center in Houston and participated in a zero-gravity flight! Did I keep my lunch down? Check out this multi-part series on the zero-gravity program and a behind-the-scenes look into NASA!

Be ready to enter "The Zone" with Kiran, Alisyn and myself this weekend!


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