Success in Iraq?

Emphasizing the successes in Iraq a day after returning from a surprise visit there, President Bush said Wednesday that the United States will help Iraq succeed as it heads toward a stable democracy.

"My trip over there gave me confidence that we have a partner that is capable of setting priority and developing a plan to make those priorities, and then following through to see that those priorities are met," Bush told reporters in a Rose Garden press conference. Read more.

Bush pointed to a number of accomplishments, and said the war is ongoing and a difficult one. Do you think the war is headed in the right direction?

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

”I really don't think conditions will ever change in Iraq to what we call a democracy. Of course, I don't see the reasoning for the invasion in the first place, and feel Bush was on a revenge mission from the day he took office. 9/11 allowed him to justify this invasion. Iraq has nothing to do with 9/11. Saddam is an evil man, but Iraq was a sovereign nation and we shouldn't have interfered.” — Ralph

”I believe the war was always going in the right direction. War is messy and mistakes are going to be made. We have a good strong leader in this country, the right man for the job. I am confident that our cause will succeed and we will indeed see a peaceful Middle East some day because of our actions in Iraq. We are now witnessing the rebirth of nation and the coming of age for a culture that is thousands of years old and stuck in a tradition of oppression.” — Lisa (New York, NY)

"No, it isn't worth it.” — H.W.

”Despite their continued attempts to derail the Iraqis' efforts to gain their Democratic independence, the liberals are falling far short. Their obvious lack of confidence in the Iraqi people has been shown to be misguided and ill informed. Let's face the facts. The lefties would like nothing better than to watch the ‘Iraqi Experiment’ fail, even it means the death for more of our brave military. These people could care less about our country's security or prosperity as long as they stay in power.” — Carlos (Virginia)

”I definitely think success has finally tilted in our favor. We must continue the battle vigorously more than ever now that Al Qaeda has seen its leader in Iraq taken out. We must be steadfast, as the president said, and provide as much support as possible to our troops in Iraq, and that means supporting Bush. Iraqi people finally can see the democratic process taking hold and the evil terrorists being defeated.” — David (Woodstock, GA)

"No! Bush has only been amazing in the sense that he continues to make things worse and worse. His job in Iraq alone is far more impeachable than anything Clinton every did!" — Joan (Charlotte, NC)

”The war to free Iraq has always been headed in the right direction. The primary mission to remove the tyrant and establish a democracy has been a constant. Around this constant, the strategy of war has had to change in order to stay focused on the end-mission. That is the way of war. It also the way of armchair critics to rage at past decisions or mistakes without presenting positive alternatives. The president clearly established what the mission was, and the signs that would establish that the mission was accomplished.” — Chuck (Fulks Run, VA)

”I am seeing progress. This week has been encouraging for me because the mainstream news outlets are reporting positive steps in Iraq. And while I am still apprehensive about my fiancé going back over for another tour, I am more optimistic that this may be his last tour there. The fight to win the peace was always going to be more difficult than the actual ouster of Saddam. The death of Zarqawi was a start.” — Elizabeth

"It's time to get out of Iraq. Iraq and the world was safer before Bush!" — Nigel (London, UK)

”Yes, nothing happens overnight. President Bush has told us that this would take a long time, in terms of other conflicts this is not an extended war. Our president has been steadfast and committed and he has listened to his military commanders on the scene — and it’s all paying off. We have had our successes, but now I think that the victory will be complete. More importantly, the Iraqi people can see our resolve and our power. They will be able to move forward knowing they have a strong ally.” — Sharon (Apex NC)

”I believe the death of Zarqawi sets a pattern for what will happen to future leaders. Despite all the mistakes we have made in this war, we are progressing towards freedom in Iraq. The enemy we fight is evil and will do anything to destroy America. As we learn about our enemy, the progress in Iraq moves forward.” — Mike (Utah)

”Yes, the war is headed in the right direction. President Bush is right in standing his ground. We cannot and must not be seen as a weak-kneed nation…again.” — Elaine

""No, no and NO! Iraq is truly a quagmire. Bush and his administration has done far worse than anyone could have imagined. Bush is in denial. It isn't working. We need new leadership and fast." — Larry (Newark, NJ)

”I believe America will be victorious in this war. I support our men and women in uniform no matter what cause it is for, no matter which party controls congress, or who is president.” — Ryan (St. Paul, MN)

”Yes, the war it is on the right track, and has been since the beginning.” — Greg

“Whether the war at present is headed in the right direction or not, is inconsequential. We are at war and we must win the war. If it is not headed in the right direction, I am confident that we have enough capable military leaders in our country to straighten things out.” — Armando (Coral Gables, FL)

"Bush has failed America and especially our men and women in uniform. Rumsfeld MUST be fired. He should be investigated for war crimes, along with Bush." — Jess (Boston, MA)

”All wars suffer from reversals from time to time. Resolve in the key to success and I believe we are on the right road. Iraq represents a line in the sand for civilized government and discourse. If we fail we let the rule of the gun prevail, instead of the rule of law.” — Phillip (Bloomfield Hills, MI)

“I believe the war in Iraq will eventually be a success. I also believe if politicians kept their noses out of it, and let the military leaders run the war, that success would come much sooner.” — Robert (Waterford, CT)

“Yes, the war is going fine — if they would get the politicians out of it! The generals on the ground have the experience know to request what they need. If they have a need to adjust troop strength, or give the troops more or better equipment, it should be done. We made a decision to send our troops in harms way, so we should support them and stop second-guessing everything they do. Our society wants everything accomplished yesterday. We are far ahead of any post-war cleanup in history. It took Germany 10 years to rebuild, we are only on our third in Iraq.” — Gary

“We are a long way and may never see the end of this war. I enjoy the good news, but I won’t jump up and down until our boys come home.” — Bobby

“Yes, though it has been hard. War isn't like a movie — neat and simple. People whom I know who have been involved in war say that it's often frustrating and difficult. The problem is that it seems everyone who is unhappy with this war has no answer about what should have been done about Saddam. He couldn't just be left to do what he wanted, sanctions and bombing hurt the Iraqi people more than they hurt Saddam, and war was the other alternative. We are, I believe, making good progress.” — Jeff (Baltimore, MD)

“ Yes, I believe the war is headed in the right direction. If we can surmount the handicaps of the insurgency, the political infighting between Islamic factions, and most of all the leftist media and treasonous betrayal by liberal leftist politicians in Washington, I believe we'll see success in Iraq.” — Chuck (Sierra Vista, AZ)

“This war was always headed in the right direction. I hate seeing the deaths of our brave soldiers and Iraqi citizens on the news, however we must defeat these small groups of insurgents to bring a democratic government to this unstable region of the world.” — Daniel (South Glastonbury, CT)

“There is a strong sense that the war is headed in the right direction. However, cautious optimism is required. We cannot afford to relax. We must remain vigilant and stay the course. Let us see how the latest operations in Iraq and Afghanistan work out. The next several months should be a good indicator.” — BP (Jacksonville, NC)

“I think the U.S. is doing what it set out to do. There should be no illusion, either by U.S. citizens or Iraqis that it will be an overnight process. In the long run, I think the Iraqi people will be better off.” — David (College Station, TX)

“I am feeling more confident that I was. However, I would feel even better if there were more troops on the ground. I have close family in Iraq and they are stretched so thin, that even when they are hurt, they have no time off and go back on patrol. Being lightheaded and shaken up from an IED cannot be good for their safety and reflex time if they run into a problem.” — Judy (Dubuque, IA)

“The war is now going in the right direction, since the troops and commanders have stuck with the plan and driven through the enemies efforts to stop them. They did not surrender to the difficulties, and we must continue forcing the Iraqis to take the lead in their own fight so we can withdraw.” — Cullom (Albuquerque, NM)