Britney Spears Makes Tearful Plea to Paparazzi

Britney Spears burst into tears while pleading for privacy from the media during an interview for NBC's "Dateline."

Spears told Matt Lauer she wants the paparazzi to leave her and her family alone, and denied that her marriage to Kevin Federline was on the rocks. She said Federline was helping her through the hormonal mood swings of her second pregnancy.

In a choked-up voice, Spears said the media and paparazzi "have to realize that we're people" and she and husband need their "privacy" and "respect."

"Those are things that you have to have as a human being," Spears said.

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She insisted that she's a good mom to her baby boy, Sean Preston, and Federline is a good husband.

Portions of the interview aired Thursday morning on the "Today" show. It will be broadcast in its entirety Thursday night on "Dateline."

Spears drew criticism earlier this year when she was photographed with her infant son sitting on her lap as she drove.

The singer said she feels like a target.

Federline and Spears married in the fall of 2004, and their son, Sean Preston, was born last September. She revealed last month that she is pregnant again.

Federline also has two children, Kori and Kaleb, with his former girlfriend, Shar Jackson.

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