Saab Inks $1.8B Camouflage Deal With U.S. Army

Saab AB said Wednesday it has signed a 10-year contract worth up to $1.8 billion to supply the U.S. Army with for camouflage systems.

The contract includes an initial $20.2 million order for Saab's Ultra-Lightweight Camouflage Net System from the Swedish company's Saab Barracuda LLC unit in North Carolina.

Saab Barracuda, located in Lillington, N.C., produces camouflage technology that can protect military personnel and equipment from visual threats and infrared and broadband radars, the company said.

Saab is no longer linked to the Saab Automobile carmaker, which was sold to General Motors Corp. (GM) in 2000. The company also produces the Gripen fighter jet in a joint venture with Britain-based BAE Systems PLC, as well as missile and anti-armor systems, and navigation and tracking systems.