Turning the Tide?

Just when you thought you had a wall-to-wall hurricane show, in comes a tropical storm. Yes, thankfully executive producer Dave Clark only asked me to cover three hours this morning. But Kiran, Doocy and Tiki all started at 5 a.m. ET.

It was exciting to see talk about a new security overhaul in Baghdad and raids on Al Qeada. At the top of the second hour we found out that Karl Rove could exhale. After two years the special prosecutor says he will not be indicting the president's right-hand man.

It's amazing to see so many things go right for the country, unlike where we have been heading the last two years. I hope we start keeping politics out of the wars and seeing President Bush in Baghdad should make us all feel optimistic. I just feel so heartened by Iraq's new prime minister, who seems to have taken this country over rather looking to us to lead. By the way, if you want to know why the president's poll numbers are down, check out Iraq. The president's numbers went up 10 points after killing Zarqawi — Bush's overhaul approval ratings could soar.

How dumb is Ben Rothlisberger to ride his motorcycle at all — let alone without a helmet. I am glad to see he is going to be OK, but how selfish to put the future of the franchise — and in his own life — in danger unnecessarily.

It was nice to have E.D. back in the fold, but I have to say the final half hour of the show was as bizarre as it gets. Please ask someone if you don't have it on tap to describe it. I will give you a clue: It involves her hands. Next "Friends" includes Jack Nicklaus, Senator Inhofe and so much more.

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