Nissan Recalls 155,452 Vehicles for Faulty Disk Brakes, Backup Lights

Nissan Motor Co. said Tuesday it is recalling over 155,000 vehicles in two models to replace faulty disk brakes and backup lights.

Subject to the recall are 144,298 Elgrand luxury vans, produced between Feb. 24, 2002, and May 20, 2005, and 11,154 March cars, manufactured between Feb. 16, 2002, and March 1, 2004, the Tokyo-based Nissan said on it Web site.

Nissan said the defective configuration of a front disk brake in some Elgrands will heat up if used repeatedly, and could break, while backup lights in the March model might not always light up.

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It wasn't immediately clear whether the recall affected cars sold outside Japan. Nissan officials couldn't be reached for comment later Tuesday.