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Today's topic:

President Bush made a surprise visit to Iraq on Tuesday to meet newly named Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and discuss the next steps in the troubled, three-year-old war. It was a dramatic move by Bush, traveling to violence-rattled Baghdad less than a week after the death of terror chief Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in a bombing attack. The president was expected to be in Baghdad a little more than five hours. Read more.

If YOU were president, what would you say to the prime minister and to the American troops there?

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

“I would tell him and the Iraqi people that the U.S. stands in awe of their courage and will always be ready to help in their struggle for liberty. I would assure them that we will never surrender or abandon them to the terrorists whose disregard for human life cannot be fathomed.” — Johnny

“I would ask why the Iraqi people aren’t fighting for themselves. As a former service member and ongoing supporter of the war and our troops, I know that our men and women over there are doing whatever they can to aid the Iraqis. Why is it that the Iraqis can’t or are unwilling to fight for their own freedom? Why do they accept the fact that every person in Iraq has known someone killed or injured by homicide bombers? With the 2008 elections coming up, Iraq may no longer have 150,000 American troops to take the bullets for them, depending on who gets elected as president.” — Matt (Arlington, VA)

“First, I would tell the troops how sorry I am that I lied to get them involved in a war that was for my benefit. I would ask all the media to finally print the truth, regardless of the consequences. The people who have supported me as president and the papers that the people support deserve this.” — Mary

“To the prime minister, I would say that we are and have been doing our best to help his people have a better life. To our troops I would say that we do not condone the wanton slaughter of innocents on any battlefield; however, we will not allow the enemy to use our civility to defeat us — the nation owes Iraq that much for allowing us to be there .” — Steven (Palm Springs, CA)

“I would tell the prime minister of Iraq that he needs to do everything possible to get the Sunni and the Kurds to join together in mutual cooperation for the good of the country as a whole. I would tell the troops that no matter what, they will be given whatever they need to accomplish their mission — not just material and tactical support, but effective rules of engagement and a viable exit strategy.” — Mike (Derry, NH)

“If I were president, I would assure the Iraqi government that we will remain there to help stabilize the country, since we were the ones who invaded in the first place.” — Peg (Rockford, Il)

“I would thank the prime minister for his courage and encourage him to do all he can to keep the freedom we have won for them. Then, I would thank all of our troops serving there for their bravery and tell them that regardless of what they hear from the mainstream media and many Democrats, many Americans are so proud of them and their fight to help make Iraq a free country. Without them the world would be a much different place.” — Darlene (Rochester, NY)

"If I were president, I would tell the prime minister and troops that if nothing else, staying the course will work. Doing anything else will make the U.S. weaker and the world scarier." — James (Dayton, OH)

"I would tell the prime minister that nation building takes time and is dangerous. The U.S. will stand with the Iraqi government and people, and against those who would want a dictatorship. I would also thank the prime minister and his freedom fighters for their service." — William

"I would congratulate the country on helping the U.S. to kill key terrorists and ask the government to strongly encourage citizens to continue reporting insurgent activity. From talking with many U.S. Marines, I understand that many Iraqi people are glad we are there, and feel we are making advancements toward freedom together." — BP (Jacksonville, NC)

"I would tell the Iraqi prime minister that every day we pray for his increased strength so that he can better rule. I would tell him that his country should be run by his own leaders and kept safe by his own security personnel. I would add that the U.S. is proud to have helped win Iraqi freedom, and looks forward to the day when no American troops are needed to protect Iraq." — Gary

"If I were president, I would tell al-Maliki the importance of keeping the Iraqi government as secular as possible in order to bolster democratic principles. I would further warn him against allowing fundamentalist groups from maintaining armed militias. He must not tolerate lawlessness, sectarianism, or any subversion of governmental power. As a further unifying factor, I would suggest that the Iraqi government nationalize and control the country's oil assets for the benefit of all Iraqis, distributing revenues on a per-capita basis, which would give everyone a stake in the success of the country. To our troops, I would express my gratitude for their service and ensure them they will be coming home as soon as their mission is accomplished. I would tell them not to expect gratitude from the Iraqis, or even many Americans, but rather to feel pride in having established the foundations of democracy." — Edward (Redmond, WA)

"I would thank the troops for the sacrifices they have made and apologize for putting them in harms way with no measurable benefit to their country. I would give them a certain date by which they could expect to be home. To Iraq's prime minister I would say, 'Goodbye and good luck. Call me if you need any non-military aid.'" — Bob (Van Nuys, CA)

"I would tell our troops that they are doing a wonderful job and to keep up the great work. I would also tell them not to listen to the mainstream media because it does not represent the American people. As for the prime minister, I would reassure him that we will stay the course until they are ready for us to stand down. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to be an Iraqi official, and I would tell him how proud the American people are of him for putting his life on the line for his country." — Jan (Nashville, TN)

"I would apologize to the prime minister for not giving our troops the proper training in Iraqi culture and for any misunderstandings about why we are there — for freedom, not occupation. I would then congratulate him for taking the job, knowing that his cooperation with the U.S. troops makes him a traitor among many Iraqi people. I would also encourage the troops to keep fighting and congratulate them on a job well done in bringing down the number one Al Qaeda leader." — Holly

"I would thank the prime minister for his patience, for allowing us to help in the liberation of his country, and for the assistance in bringing down Zarqawi. It's a privilege to witness the re-birth of a nation." — Mike (Baltimore, MD)

"I would tell the prime minister that the U.S. is there to help them become the most prosperous country in the Middle East. This will do what no amount of war could to establish freedom and democracy." — Jay