Withdrawing U.S. Troops

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Today's topic:

The U.S. military's taking out Al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi earned praise from politicians across the political spectrum Thursday but also hardened positions in the debate over the timing for withdrawing U.S. troops. Read more.

If you were president, what would you do to help get American troops out of Iraq as quickly as possible?

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

“I would order all males to be identified with G.P.S. system bracelets, starting with the Baghdad triangle. Those identified as terrorists should be deported or jailed. Also, the border should be sealed off from any further incursions from Iran, Syria, and Jordan. Then, I would leave Iraq responsible for monitoring its own people.” — Hank

“I don't think it would be in our best interest to move our troops out of Iraq quickly. I think the president and his staff are doing an excellent job and they should be the ones to determine the timetable for bringing our troops out.” — Anonymous (Kalispell, MT)

“I would immediately contact all our allies and negotiate terms by which they would send troops to Iraq. This should have been a multi-national force from the beginning, with American troops representing approximately 50 percent of the total force instead of 90 to 95 percent.” — Roger (St. Louis, MO)

“The key to reducing U.S. troop levels in Iraq is expanding the nations involved with peacekeeping. If Iraq could secure more troops from Middle Eastern countries, European nations, Asia, and Africa, the situation would improve dramatically. If Germany cannot help in Iraq, we should reduce troop levels there immediately by 10 to 20 percent. France should help, too, and if not we should reduce troop levels in Bosnia/Kosovo by 10 to 20 percent as well.” — Mike (Des Moines, IA)

“I don't think I'd handle it much differently than President Bush has handled it. But I might have given the troops carte blanche to do whatever was necessary, without political considerations, to end the terrorist occupation earlier in the fight.” — J.

“I'd continue on in the same manner. A massive pullout of our military would undermine everything that has been done in the past four years and will make the U.S. look weak in the eyes of the enemy. If we don't hold those who have attacked us accountable for their actions now, then when will we?” — Jennifer

“If I were president, I would just say two words: pull out. Then, and only then, will the Iraqis possibly take care of their own business, or fall into civil war. The armed forces should be here protecting our borders, not in some country where the people do not want us there and hate us for it.” — Chris (Ridgecrest, CA)

“We preemptively invaded Iraq and are fully responsible for the current situation there. There will never be stability in Iraq until Bush transfers control of all oil development contracts in Iraq to Iraqi companies to which we are not connected. He should pull out all of our troops as soon as a stable Iraqi government exists and they ask us to leave.” — Mike (Derry, NH)

"I would order all media out and if they still choose to stay, I would order the troops to not protect them. I would also not suppress our troops for political reasons. I would meet with both the House and Senate for a majority vote and inform them that if anyone leaked the information to the media, they would suffer the consequences." — Dave

"I would give the new government a withdrawal timetable. In three months, we would pull out 50 percent of our troops. In six months, we would pull out another 25 percent, and in nine months, we would pull out the remaining troops. If, after three and a half years, Iraq can't train their own security, they will never be able to." — Bill

"The troops must stay until the job is done. No timetable needs to be set." — Chuck (Grants Pass, OR)

"I would gather the opinions of my military commanders in the field and of the Iraqi government and wait until they all agree it's time to go. To go any sooner, would be a crime to the people of Iraq, to the soldiers who sacrificed, and to the world that needs this wake-up call from more than 40 years of Middle Eastern hypocrisy." — Hal (Florida)

"The main problem is that everyone in Iraq has an AK-47. When trying to establish a democratic government, you must not allow there to be private religious militias. You must remove all the weapons you can possibly find because we do not know who is a terrorist and who is not. It needs to be against the law for anyone to even speak against the coalition forces. There should also be secret police; every nation involved in the coalition should have intelligence officers, along with local spies." — Gabriel

"I would give the generals all that they require. Then, I would give orders to sweep the entire Sunni triangle, especially the Anbar province." — Dan

"I'd finance a large cache of tanks, helicopters, armored vehicles, and weapons for the new Iraqi government. I would leave about 20,000 troops to help train the Iraqis on how to use all of this. The rest of the troops should go to Afghanistan to find Bin Laden." — Jose

"If I were president, I would take better control of our industries. With the technology that's available today, there is no reason that our soldiers have sub-standard equipment or shortages. More money should be devoted to equip our soldiers, rather than to aid other countries." — Dan (Williamsburg, VA)

"I would definitely keep up the fight. If the troops come out without victory, we would be back a few years later." — Dan

"If I were President Bush, I would stay the course. I would allow the Iraqi government to establish itself and help build the police and military force up so that the public trusts them." — Ken

"I would say to the Iraqi people that we have done more than our share to help them and we don't belong in a holy or civil war there. It is their country and their responsibility to fight for themselves now. It is way past time to bring our troops home." — Vi (Illinois)

"If I were president, I would not get out of Iraq until the job was done." — Paul

"I would get rid of the existing Iranian government first, then pull out of Iraq because the Iranian government supports the terrorists in Iraq." — Ahmad

"I would give the troops more freedom to do their job, kick the press out of Iraq, and set free the Marines held at Camp Pendleton." — Daniel

"I would do the same to the Al Qaeda leaders as we did with Zarqawi. I would continue the intensified training of the Iraq military and police, encourage the new government to continue working toward a unified Iraq, and then remove our support. Iraq is showing the world what can be accomplished with democracy after having a terrorist leader." — JJ

"I would immediately start pulling the troops about — about 5,000 per week. I would wish the Iraqi government 'good luck' in getting their security trained, since the U.S. has invested enough money and lives already. I would have all the troops home within six months." — Joyce (Sheffield, AL)

"I would do what every other war-time president has done — bomb without mercy. This has been the only key to success in all past wars. When fighting an enemy that knows no boundaries, we can only win by engaging on their level." — Brian (Sanford, FL)

"I would win the war and then go into Iran. We are at war with people who want to kill us. Until we have total victory, we will never have peace. The alternative of pulling out or surrendering would end our way of life forever." — George

"I would soften durations of deployment to six-month per year rotations — no multiple deployments. I would shift to outer perimeter patrols that have seek and destroy operations in insurgent areas. We should send the wounded and those who have served the longest home first." — Fast Eddy

"I would tell the Iraqi people that ‘enough is enough, you are now on your own.’ It's time to get out." — Chris

"I would encourage the disputing factions to decide on borders so that they can make three independent countries, similar to the separation of India and Pakistan. This would end the threat of civil war and separate the ethnic and religious factions." — Bob (Van Nuys, CA)

"A troop pullout from any area in the Middle East would be strategically ridiculous. We should reduce our presence to near zero, but America will need to have a full-time base in Iraq for years to come. Anyone contemplating a troop pullout is confusing partisan politics with military strategy. We're not in Iraq for the Iraqis; we’re in Iraq to protect American interests." — F. Jay

"I would implement all laws that speak to treason and sedition. So far, the critics of the war in Iraq have been spared accountability for their statements. I would prosecute the perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law." — Patrick (San Diego, CA)

"I would focus on Iraq becoming stable before pulling troops out. We went into Iraq and should not leave until a reasonable level of stability has returned. I would try to pull both parties together in an open forum to discuss the best way to manage the war. I would also tell the public that when it becomes possible, we will redeploy our troops out of the cities to bases from which we can maintain a rapid response force to support the Iraqi army and police. It would be a two to 10 year commitment." — Kurt

"I wouldn't do anything! Our troops are vital to providing stability in the region." — Marilyn (Colorado)

"I would increase the troop levels over a short period of time, placing concentration in the Sunni section of the country. I would make a major push at the insurgency to flush them out, which would then give the Iraqi's the opportunity to unify and our troops the ability to come home." —Nicholas (Toms River, NJ)

"I would publicly tell all of the naysayers in Congress and the Senate to get behind me or get out. I am, after all, the commander in chief, and that office should command at least a modicum of respect. I would also take more credit for the good things happening and use Tony Snow to make sure that the press has no choice but to report successes. He would do this by calling a press briefing five times a day, if necessary, to get the word out. I would turn my forces loose on the insurgency, wherever it was. And, I would give my generals the order to do whatever it takes within the realms of the Geneva Convention to end this war now. Of course, the insurgency cannot be defined as a war party under that convention, so we would use our discretion to meet that end. Finally, I would send every available military trainer to Iraq to expedite the training process of their armed forces so that they could hold their own as soon as possible." — Tim (Bryan, TX)

"I would send 1000 to 2000 more troops to rid the country of the insurgents and enable the new government to implement democracy so that our military can come home." — Steve (California)

"I would stay and kill all of the Zarqawi’s and then I would send our troops to every other country supporting terrorism to do the same.” — Tom (San Antonio, TX)

"If I were president, I would be preparing long-term bases for our troops in Iraq. Keeping a U.S. military presence there, indefinitely, to assist the country, and being conveniently right next door to Iran, is a strategic move because of the location." — Becky (Joplin, MO)

"I would cut troops in half for the rest of the year and then bring them all home. Let the Iraqi people start running things." — Anonymous Fox Fan (Ft. Gordon, GA)

"As president, I would see to it that my troops have everything they need to defeat the enemy. I would deal harshly with those who seek to sabotage our mission. I would do my best to inform the American people of everything we do there and actively solicit their support. I would make sure that none of my actions are politically motivated and I would not condone any member of Congress or the media seeking to gain personally or politically from the Iraqi war. All the president can do to expedite the return of our troops is to supply and support them fully." — Sam (Memphis, TN)

"If I were president, I would have left Iraq months ago. We did what we went there to do — get Saddam out of the government and turn it into a democracy." — Laura (Iowa Falls, IA)

"I would defeat the enemy. Any other agenda is defeatist and would make the sacrifice made by those who served and died there meaningless. The American people need to develop the same courage as those who serve and commit to victory, however long it takes." — Chris (Cave Creek, AZ)

"I would pull every troop out of there, and all over the world, and bring them home to defend our country. Those folks have been throwing rocks at each other for thousands of years and will continue to do so until the end of time." — M.