Zarqawi's Brand of Evil

Thursday, June 08, 2006 10:18 AM

It’s hard to find words to use about Zarqawi. Some guy on TV just called him an “all-star” terrorist, but it doesn’t sound right.

In the field of evil, I would say Zarqawi changed things. He was an innovator in the field of evil, and he leaves a legacy.

I was in Iraq when his organization blew up the U.N. building. There was a press conference going on in the building when the bomb went off, being taped by a video camera, so you see and hear the explosion, then everything goes dark and in the darkness you hear a woman scream. I remember looking at the dark screen and hearing the woman.

The day after the U.N. bombing, a U.N. official came out in front of the gate, in front of the crater the bomb left, and said that the U.N. did not want U.S. tanks out in front of the building because the way the U.N. worked required free access for people to go in and out.

It struck me that, even after getting hit by a bomb, this official still did not understand that the nature of the enemy and the range of targets had changed…that no one was safe, not the UN, not humanitarian organizations, not Arabs, not women or children. It required a different way of thinking to understand a new level of evil.

Another Zarqawi innovation, or at least development, expanded the targets further. A letter intercepted to Al Qaeda leadership, revealed his plans to pit Sunni against Shiite, to stir up a religious war to make Iraq ungovernable.

He also expanded the range of terror attacks beyond Iraq, blowing up a wedding in Jordan and changing the way people behave in that country for years to come.

His use of the Internet to broadcast the beheading of hostages finally drew criticism from Al Qaeda because of the revulsion it was causing among Arabs.

Zarqawi was so bad, Al Qaeda told him to tone it down.

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You have to wonder if when he began the campaign to pit Sunni against Shiite that his days were numbered and this led to the inside information that we needed to get him. It was too blatant and intentional a plan of violence against Arabs for anyone to stand.

I would be careful about the distribution of the $25 million of reward money as it might be funneled back into terrorist attacks.

Orlando, Fl

Steve ...I appreciate your insight to this truly evil person...we are the better for his death

RC Logan
Cincinnati, Ohio

The FOX News company has opened up many things Americans were unaware of and your work in Venezuela is one of those things. Keep up the outstanding good work that we all benefit from!!!

Tom and Judy in Ohio


I sit in excited anticipation every day hoping to read what new adventure you will share with us.

Morgan Hill, CA

Hey Harrigan: Your insight on Zarqawi placed him accurately in history. Thank God, he is history now.

Annie & Neatie
Newton, TX