Playboy Playmate Suing NYC Over Injuries Allegedly Sustained in Rough Arrest

A lesbian Playboy pinup yesterday moved to slap the city with a $5 million lawsuit after cops allegedly manhandled her during a bogus bust.

"I am in constant pain," said shapely Stephanie Adams, 35, at the office of her lawyer, Sanford Rubenstein.

Adams, Miss November 1992 and the first openly gay Playmate, said her nightmare began in a cab in Chelsea about 11 p.m. Thursday.

The stunner said that during an argument with the cabby over where to drop her off, he called 911 and claimed she had a gun.

Responding officers roughly forced her to the ground, she said, pushing her face in the pavement and pressuring her back.

Adams said she told them, "Please, if you really feel I have a gun, check me.

"They leered at me," she said.

Adams, who was in skintight jeans, said one cop remarked, "There's no way, man, you could have a gun in that outfit."

Adam's notice of claim alerts the city that she plans to sue both it and the Police Department for "injuries sustained from excessive force."

Meanwhile, the cabby, Eric Darko, told The Post last night that Adams threatened him by saying, "I have a gun - don't follow me . . . I will shoot you.

"My life was in danger . . . She looked like a lion ready to pounce," Darko said, standing outside his Bronx home flanked by his wife, two daughters ages 6 and 8 and father-in-law.

"Police asked her if she was hurt, and she said, 'No,' " he added. "I remember that very clearly."

Darko said a cop at the scene wound up paying for her fare - $10.60 - and even kindly tacked on a $4.40 tip.