FOX News Quiz — Answers!

Check your answers to the news quiz below — correct answers are in red, and incorrect answers are in gray.

Question 1: On Tuesday, President Bush announced a new Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson. What was Paulson's previous job?

A. Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, under his predecessor John Snow
B. Chairman of the global investment banking firm, Goldman Sachs
C. CEO of the New York Stock Exchange
D. President and CEO of the wilderness preservation group, The Nature Conservancy

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Question 2: On Tuesday, “Today” show co-host Katie Couric had her final day on the show before she moves on to her new job anchoring a nightly newscast. How many people turned in to watch the farewell show?

A. 2.6 million
B. 6.9 million
C. 8.4 million
D. 10.7 million

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Question 3: On Thursday, a new study of New Orleans came to a disturbing conclusion about the city's ability to withstand future hurricanes. What was the finding that suggests New Orleans could be underwater once more?

A. The city is sinking at a rate of almost an inch per year.
B. The Gulf of Mexico has been rising at the rate of almost six inches per year.
C. Hurricane Katrina washed away most of the topsoil around the city, leaving a clay surface that will not absorb water easily and therefore will flood more quickly.
D. More than half of the levees around the city have structural weaknesses that will take at least five years and more than $1 billion to repair.

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Question 4: A person who appeared in one of Michael Moore's documentaries is suing the director for $85 million. Who is the person and why are they suing?

A. James Nichols, brother of Oklahoma City bomber Terry Nichols, who says Moore tricked him into giving an interview for “Bowling for Columbine.”
B. Ray Bradbury, author of the novel “Fahrenheit 451,” who says Moore's film title, “Fahrenheit 9/11,” is a copyright infringement.
C. Essam Deraz, an Egyptian filmmaker, who says his exclusive footage of bin Laden fighting in Afghanistan was used without his permission.

D. Sgt. Peter Damon, a double-amputee Iraq war vet, who says his comments in “Fahrenheit 9/11” were taken out of context to make him appear anti-war.

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Question 5: On Saturday, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie gave birth to a baby girl named Shiloh Nouvel. In what country did the birth occur?

A. Thailand
B. Botswana
C. Argentina

D. Namibia

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Question 6: Last Friday, child victim advocates protested a Nebraska judge's decision to sentence a child molester to 10 years probation instead of 10 years in prison for his crime. What reason did she give for the lighter sentence?

A. The molester was just over five feet tall, and in the judge's opinion, that would make him a target for abuse in jail.
B. The molester was only 18 years old, and his supposed victim was 16.
C. The molester was also a victim of sexual abuse, and in the judge's opinion, psychotherapy would be better for him than jail.
D. The molester was a first-time sex offender with no history of other crimes.

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Question 7: On Tuesday, friends and family of Natalee Holloway marked the one-year anniversary of her disappearance on a high school trip to Aruba. How many people have been arrested, and subsequently released, in connection with her disappearance?

A. two
B. five

C. nine
D. eleven

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Question 8: On Thursday, the final round of the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee was televised in a primetime network television slot for the first time in its 79-year history. What was the winning word in the competition?

A. Polydactylism, the condition of having extra toes or fingers
B. Ursprache, a parent language, or the “ancestor” of other languages
C. Weltschmerz, the feeling that the physical world cannot satisfy the needs of the mind
D. Icteritious, the yellow color of the skin when it is jaundiced

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Question 9: On Tuesday, the FBI called an end to its two-week long search for Jimmy Hoffa's body on a Michigan horse farm. How much money does the agency estimate it spent looking for the teamster's remains?

A. Less than $250,000
B. Between $300,000 and $400,000
C. Between $600,000 and $800,000
D. More than $1 million

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Question 10: On Thursday, two crew members of the international space station went on a six-hour spacewalk to perform exterior maintenance tasks. The astronauts had originally planned to also perform a space stunt while on the outside, but it was cancelled. What was that stunt?

A. Zero G Soccer — Bicycle kicks and other tricks to promote the upcoming World Cup
B. Space Yoga — Stretching in space suits, to promote the start of “Healthy Living Week” in Russia

C. Astro Golf — Hitting a gold golf ball into space to promote a Canadian brand of golf clubs
D. Weightless Wrestling — Tumbling and tussling to promote the new European Pro-Wrestling League

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Bonus: On Wednesday's edition of “Your World,” Neil Cavuto had an exclusive interview with U.N. Ambassador John Bolton on an announcement by the U.S. government about how it will deal with Iran's nuclear ambitions. What was that announcement?

A. Iran has officially been designated as a hostile nation to the U.S.
B. The U.S. wants Iran to end all nuclear-related programs, including energy production.
C. Iran can expect sanctions if it does not end its nuclear problem and agree to multilateral talks soon.
D. The U.S. will not negotiate with Iran until they officially recognize Israel as a sovereign nation.

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