The Hunt for Hoffa

Even though Jimmy Hoffa's remains weren't found during a two-week search at a Michigan horse farm, FBI agents have a message for those responsible for the disappearance of the former Teamsters boss: They'll never stop looking for you. Agents said they will continue investigating Hoffa's 1975 disappearance, because they still have leads to pursue — despite the fact that their best lead in three decades yielded nothing more than a water line, a beer can and other trash buried beneath a demolished barn. Read more.

Should taxpayers continue to foot the bill for the search of Jimmy Hoffa's remains?

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

”Who in the world cares where Jimmy Hoffa is at this late date? I think it should be a federal offense to spend taxpayers' money on such foolishness as digging up an entire horse farm. Have all the members of the Senate, Congress and the whole damn administration lost their minds, or was I just hallucinating to think they had minds in the first place?” — Carole (North Carolina)

”I definitely think looking for a criminal's remains is a crime in itself. I certainly do not want my hard-earned money spent on this nonsense. I personally do not care where Jimmy Hoffa's body is, and do not want to spend any taxpayer's money to find out.” — Barbara

”I definitely think the government should keep looking for Hoffa. He made such a big impact on American society (whether good or bad is debatable) that Americans want to know what happened to him.” — Keith

”The money spent on hunting for the remains of Jimmy Hoffa could have been better spent on helping the victims of last year's hurricanes. What a waste of time and money! What difference does it make now? The people who did away with Jimmy Hoffa are probably all dead themselves, by this time. Forget it!" — M.K. (Alabama )

”I feel it is important to know who is responsible for crimes such as this, and they should be punished if possible. I am not one who cares for a person like this, nor do I want to spend effort on him. It comes down to value and that equates to justice. If there were new leads in the Kennedy assassination, I would feel it should be pursued as well. With the latter, I would feel better about the investment but the reason for the investment should be consistent.” — Lyle (Midland, MI)

”Hoffa was a mobster and his death was a mob hit. Who cares if one less thug is out there? Take the cash and build an extra mile of border fencing.” — Samuel

”Why are we wasting the FBI's time and money to search for a criminal that's been dead over 30 years? Haven't they anything better to do with taxpayers' money?” — Colette

"The worthlessness of the FBI will never cease to amaze me. We have kids disappearing everyday and terrorists that really need to be located, but here they are looking for a crooked mobster's bones. They should quit wasting our hard-earned tax money on something so useless and redirect it to real missing persons, especially the missing kids." — Danny (Reno, NV)

"Considering it has been a very long time since his disappearance, the question we need to ask is this: If his body is found, will that reveal any clues as to who is responsible for his death? Not likely." — Bruce (Cathlamet, WA)

"The American taxpayer pays for the healthcare of illegal aliens and now, I hear, there are benefits being granted to them through the Social Security fund. If we're going to get upset about spending taxpayers money let's get upset about the right things first. Stop illegal aliens from draining our tax dollars and stop the pork barrel projects of the members of congress. Then worry about other minor things, like where Hoffa is buried." — Robert (Asheville, NC)

"Stop hunting for Hoffa and spend the money on a border fence! Finding Hoffa does nothing to stop the erosion of middle class incomes, the spread of tuberculosis, and the detrimental impact on our schools and hospitals. Hoffa was big news years ago, but the Mexican invasion is the only important issue today. If it's not fixed, nothing else will make much difference because the U.S., as it has existed for 200 years, won't be here anymore. Get a border fence up now, and forget about an amnesty that'll let in another 100 million or so Mexicans." — Joseph (Phoenix, AZ)

"He is either dead or enjoying a retirement somewhere. Do I care? No. It is a crime to be spending all that money looking for a dead crook when there is so much need in the world. Let him rest in peace or enjoy his retirement." — Shirley (Brookneal, VA)

"Who cares? Nobody younger than 30 even knows who he was." — John

”No, we as taxpayers shouldn't continue to foot the bill in the search for Jimmy Hoffa's bones. I'm sorry Jimmy, but you’re no Pharaoh. If the Teamsters want to pay for the digging that's fine, but tax dollars need to be spent on the living.” — John (Sturgis, SD)

”I'd rather see the money spent on the apprehension of the congressmen who feel that they should be exempt from the law.” — Dan (Clementon, NJ)

”He was a crook, so why should we care what happened to him? We shouldn't spend another penny.” — Pete (Florida)

”Murder does not have a statue of limitation and those responsible should be identified. Even if the killer has passed on, the Hoffa family needs to have answers and case files closed. Although I must admit being born and raised in Michigan I am curious as well. I'd say continue.” — Richard (Kansas City, MO)

”No, this is ridiculous. After all these years, who cares? I don't, he was a criminal to begin with. It’s just another way to waste our tax dollars.” — Sharon (Deer Island, OR)

”The search for the remains of Jimmy Hoffa is about more than just finding out what happened to him. It is about bringing those responsible for corruption to justice. The criminal activities of the union leadership and their mob bosses created great harm to the reputation of organized labor then and is still doing so now. Finding out who actually killed him will lead police to those who ordered the murder and help them learn if the corruption is still ongoing.” — Cullom (Albuquerque, NM)

”I would say time limits expired on this search long ago. If the family desires further investigation, then they should pay for it. Taxpayers have already put in way more than their share. Enough is enough. Other than ‘closure’ for family members, what possible reason is there to locate a body after all these years? Why don't they allow the man to rest in peace?” — April (Illinois)

”I think it's a big waste of money. Even if they found the remains, how much good would it do? For the FBI to dig up that place was a joke and a waste of money. Some day, somewhere, someone will be digging up something or tearing down something and the remains will be found. Then they can waste some more money trying find and prosecute those responsible.” — Sandra (Placerville, ID)

”The search for Mr. Hoffa's remains should only continue if investigators expect an arrest to come upon their discovery. If we are merely searching to solve a mystery, then the search should be called off. It's a colossal waste of money and resources.” — Jeff (Huntington, WV)

”I only hope the same effort, expense, and time goes into the hunt for other persons suspected of being murdered. If something happens to me, I hope they try this hard to find my body.” — Angie (Florida)

"No, he's dead and those responsible will pay in other ways. We shouldn't have to pay." — Sylvia

"Hoffa's remains are of consequence only if the FBI can build a case against whomever was responsible for his disappearance. Obviously they don't have much of a case if, after all these years, they can't even prove that he is dead. At this stage, I'd rather see the resources put into finding the many, many missing children, some of whom may still be alive." — Phil (Rensselaer, NY)

"The public is beginning to wonder who, besides the FBI, really gives a damn if they ever find Hoffa's body. Tax dollars could be better spent going after terrorist cells instead of trying to find evidence to indict a few aging mobsters." — Frank (Plano, TX)

"If solid leads in this matter arise, then they should be followed up. The key is solid leads, but after 30 years, the possibility of obtaining a conviction is somewhere between slim and none, even if remains are found. But the search for Jimmy Hoffa makes for great press." — Eric (Orlando, FL)

"My goodness, no! This man was corrupt as they come, and we have already spent enough money and man power on this preposterous goose hunt. I wish the FBI would use the resources they have put into finding this criminal into finding Natalee Holloway, or other innocent Americans who have disappeared. This is outrageous, and it is time for it to stop. I feel this just shows how much our government officials are in bed with organized crime, and there appears to be no end in sight. He played with fire, and got burned. It is not up to the American people to foot the bill to find him." — Mark (South Carolina)

"There is no statute of limitations for murder, therefore the FBI should keep investigating when new clues surface. I would not waste funds or manpower with a task force though, unless it had a very good chance of success." — John (Maryland)