Miami Heat

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May 30, 2006 9:02 a.m.
Miami Airport Lounge Quiet section

I debated bringing my cell phone jammer, but feared confiscation. So far so good.

I asked a fan on my right last night who he thought would be the key player in the game.

"It's got to be Antoine Walker," he said. That's exactly what I thought. In crossing over around the court, I had seen Walker practicing his threes from the side. One man rebounded, another fed him the ball, and when he paused, they went in. The court was elevated a few inches and Walker looked enormous, but not heavy. I stood there staring at the repetitive motion until a guard asked me to move.

The guy next to me had paid $175 for his ticket. He had a three-year deal for $12,000 a year.

"Did you ever think," the man in front of him asked, "that you'd someday spend $50,000 on basketball tickets?"

There was a place to eat under the seats, a buffet. I went with the chorizo, and asked for a second slice. It proved to be an excellent choice. A woman from New York asked me about Iraq. She asked why would I go there. She asked if I had life insurance, and who were my beneficiaries.

I came out for a cab after the game. I walked a circle around the arena. I took off my jacket because it was hot. Along one block of construction there were homeless guys sleeping one after the other, lined up. They were quiet, mostly sleeping. My feet passed just by their heads. I found a cab that had the post-game on and the windows open instead of the AC.

"We have to think about Wednesday," a player was saying on the radio, "because without Wednesday there won't be a Friday."

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