FOX News Quiz — Answers!

Check your answers to the news quiz below — correct answers are in red, and incorrect answers are in gray.

Question 1: On Wednesday, world health officials announced several new cases of bird flu in Indonesia. What is different about this instance of the H5N1 virus?

A. It is a larger outbreak than has occurred in the past.
B. It is believed that the sick people contracted the virus from wild birds, not domestic ones.
C. It is a much more lethal form of the virus than has been seen previously.
D. It is likely that the virus was transmitted directly from one human to another.

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Question 2: On Tuesday, nearly a dozen naval ships pulled into New York Harbor with more than 4,000 sailors and Marines aboard. Why were they there?

A. To attend the grand opening of the new building at 7 World Trade Center.
B. To provide additional security against terror threats to the city over the holiday weekend.

C. To enjoy several days of rest and relaxation in the annual "Fleet Week" tradition.
D. To help recruit new high school and college graduates into the Navy and Marines.

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Question 3: On Thursday, President Bush held a joint press conference with Prime Minister Tony Blair to discuss the progress of the war in Iraq. What did they have to say?

A. Iraqi forces need to gradually take control of their country, but we will continue to help them fight terrorism.
B. There is no timetable for troop withdrawal yet, but they hope to negotiate one soon with the new Iraqi government.
C. The "tough talk" used at the beginning of the war was a mistake.

D. All of the above.

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Question 4: On Monday, it was revealed that Rep. William Jefferson of Louisiana was caught on tape accepting a $100,000 bribe from an FBI informant. When agents searched his home, where did they find the money hidden?

A. Rolled up inside tube socks in Jefferson's laundry hamper.
B. Stacked inside a hollowed-out copy of the Bible next to Jefferson's bed.

C. Wrapped in aluminum foil packets inside Jefferson's freezer.
D. Stuffed inside of a moose head mounted in Jefferson's study.

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Question 5: On Wednesday, silver-haired Alabama native Taylor Hicks was crowned the latest "American Idol." How many votes were cast in the final night of the singing competition?

A. 28 million
B. 49 million
C. 63 million
D. 72 million

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Question 6: Last weekend, Kentucky Derby winner and Triple Crown hopeful Barbaro broke his right leg just a few hundred yards into the Preakness Stakes. What happened to the fallen horse after the race?

A. His owners had to shoot him.
B. He went into surgery and doctors say he will be ready to race again in a year.
C. He went into surgery, but doctors had to amputate his right leg to prevent infection.
D. He went into surgery, and doctors say he has a fair chance of recovery, but will not be able to race again.

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Question 7: On Wednesday, former Senator and Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen died. When he ran for the White House in 1988 with Michael Dukakis, what did Bentsen famously say to fellow V.P. hopeful Dan Quayle?

A. "You sir, are no Jack Kennedy."
B. "I am many things, but I am not a crook."
C. "This is a man who can't even spell potato properly."
D. "I'm old enough to be your father."

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Question 8: On Monday, the Departmen t of Veterans Affairs revealed that a laptop containing information, including social security numbers, on more than 26 million veterans was stolen from an analyst's home. Which veterans should be most concerned?

A. Those who served in World War I.
B. Those who served in World War II.

C. Those who served and were discharged after the Vietnam War.
D. All of the above.

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Question 9: On Thursday, the jury reached a verdict in the trial of Enron founder Ken Lay and former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling on charges of conspiracy and fraud. What did the jury conclude?

A. Skilling was guilty, but Lay was not guilty.
B. Lay was guilty, but Skilling was not guilty.

C. Both Lay and Skilling were guilty.
D. Both Lay and Skilling were not guilty.

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Question 10: On Thursday, the Senate voted to pass a sweeping bill on immigration reform. The bill includes provisions for current illegals to gain citizenship, as well as plans to beef up border security. What did the breakdown of the vote look like?

A. Republicans unanimously voted "yea," Democrats unanimously voted "nay."
B. Democrats unanimously voted "yea," Republicans unanimously voted "nay."

C. Both Democrats and Republicans voted "yea," but most of the "naysayers" were conservative Republicans.
D. Both Democrats and Republicans voted "yea," but most of the "naysayers" were liberal Democrats.

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Bonus: On Monday's edition of "Hannity & Colmes," Steven Almond a former adjunct professor at Boston College, talked about his decision to resign his post to protest the college's choice of Condoleezza Rice as commencement speaker. What did Secretary Rice do in response to protests by some students and faculty?

A. She encouraged them to be passionate but open-minded, saying, "At those times when you are absolutely sure you're right, go find someone who disagrees."
B. She dismissed them, saying, "Sometimes, dissenting opinions aren't as important as affirming ones."
C. She told protesting students that "they were behaving immaturely."
D. She thanked those who welcomed her with applause, and ignored those who were protesting.

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