Dixie Chicks' Emily Robison Apologizes to 'The View'

Dixie Chick Emily Robison has apologized to the women of "The View" for dissing them in Time magazine.

"view" co-host Meredith Vieira read Robison's mea culpa at the top of yesterday's show.

"I wanted to write you directly to apologize for my comment in Time magazine. I attempted to explain how much we respect maverick artists like Bruce Springsteen," Robison wrote. "My intention was not to insult 'The View,' and at the time, I was truly just pulling a name out of the air."

Robison was quoted in Time's Dixie Chicks cover story as saying the group takes its politics very seriously - and how it asks itself, "What would Bruce Springsteen do?"

"Not that we're of that caliber, but would Bruce Springsteen do 'The View'? " Robison said.

The comment infuriated the show's co-hosts, since "The View" gave The Dixie Chicks their big break in 1998. On Tuesday's show, Joy Behar tore the Time magazine article to shreds.

"I had no knowledge of whether [Springsteen] had been on the show or not," Robison wrote in her apology.

"We never meant to disrespect you, your show, or your viewers.

"Today, this Chick is eating a little crow."

"We accept the apology," Barbara Walters said.