Bush & Blair on Iraq

President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair say they are convinced they did the right thing by deposing Saddam Hussein despite missteps in post-war planning. Read more.

After listening Bush and Blair, what's YOUR reaction?

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“I voted for Bush twice, but it is time for our troops to come home. The mismanagement of post war Iraq has been an absolute disgrace. You can talk all you want about Enron, the people of Halliburton, the lack of amour for our troops, the companies billing for services not provided, and on and on — But the lives of our soldiers, and the billions thrown down a rat hole have cost this nation enough. Our government is broken from New Orleans to Baghdad. We as a nation need to focus, and look forward, and it will probably be best to bring our troops home. We are making the case for the terrorists. We need to be better." — Mike (Portland, OR)

"They're both right! Now is the time to stay the course with a free Iraq as the goal. I do not join those in opposition to this struggle. I know my Grandchildren will appreciate the endeavor."— Tom (Charlotte, NC)

“This was so pathetic. Nothing new. It was the same old, sad song. It’s taken too long, tragically, but America is wising up to what a horrible president Bush has been. He is truly one of the worst in the history of our country. He can’t even now, with his polls so low, take responsibility for his total failure with Iraq. It is all too sad.” — J.C. (Athens, GA)

“I was very impressed with President Bush and Prime Minister Blair’s comments about the future of the Iraq's government and the future removal of troops. I truly believe that we cannot leave this country until they are in control of handling the terrorist with their own police and military. If we do not follow through with our commitments, we will constantly be in a position to be attacked by terrorists through out the world. Our president has not wavered from his comments since 9/11 and Tony Blair has stood beside us.” — Peggy (Destin, FL)

“We all want our troops to return home, but we must stay the course and support their efforts until the mission is successfully completed. When we express a lack of support for our president and the efforts of our troops in Iraq, we will only embolden the enemy and prolong the conflict.” — Lew (Cheshire, CT)

“It was, as the Brits would say (and are surely saying), utter rubbish!” — Jackie (Hickory, NC)

“I for one was rather pleased by what both men had to say. I think that Blair is doing the best he can to help ad credibility to an utterly inept president. Sorry to my mates in the States, but Bush is inept.” — Nigel (London, UK)

“Enough already boys! It's no wonder there are emails such as this saying that people are fed up!” — Michael (Milton, WA)

“I am sick and tired of having to hear this cowardly president cite 9/11 whenever he has to make his excuses for why Iraq is so important. I think that Blair is intelligent, but yet he just stands there listening to Bush’s hogwash. Bush’s polls are low and he is just trying everything he can to get his GOP reelected, but it’s too late!” — Sam (Chicago, IL)