'American Idol:' Soul Patrol or McPhever?

The Soul Patrol is singing loud and proud across America, but McPhever is still in effect after last night's "American Idol" finale. "If it was tied up until this point, you are the winner," said Simon Cowell after Hicks performed his "AI" single, "Do I Make You Proud?" It wasn't all the blues for L.A.'s own Katharine McPhee either. The 22-year-old shined once again in her stunning rendition of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow." The winner will be announced during the two-hour finale, to be broadcast live on FOX tonight. Read more.

America has voted — who did you choose, and why?

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Here's what some FOX Fans had to say:

"I have been voting for Taylor since the start of the competition. I find him and his unique style refreshing, not to mention how great he works the crowd and gets them going. He can be fun one moment and then next do a serious, reflective song with his soul. It's Taylor all the way for me!" — Julie

"Taylor Hicks and his Soul Patrol will be on 'Cloud 9' tonight after a win. McPhee is pretty and can sing, but she is not as talented as Taylor. Katharine is just another pretty face and kind of boring; she doesn't command an audience like Taylor. He knows who he is. He makes you feel good and makes me want to get up and dance with him. America needs Taylor Hicks. He is a breath of fresh air." — Alyce (Hartsville, TN)

"Katharine McPhee should be the 'American Idol.' She has the voice that people will be listening to for a long time. Taylor is good, but not as good." — Don

"I have enjoyed every moment and I think Taylor is lovely, but as Simon said a few weeks ago, it's a singing contest, not a dance show. Katharine should win. She has a lovely voice." — Margaret (Spain)

“McPhee has definitely been the best performer. Taylor is stiff and performs on stage like a robot. Taylor's work has been sporadic and if he wins he will not go very far, in my opinion. Katharine has poise, an outstanding voice, she's gorgeous, and, like Carrie Underwood, gives an unforgettable performance each time she's on stage. She should be this year's 'American Idol.'" — Sherry

"Clearly, and without a doubt, the winner should be Taylor Hicks. He deserves to win because he sings from the soul without holding back and with such energy and excitement. I will be disappointed if Katharine wins." — Patty

"I can't get past the Jay Leno look and weird body spasms of Taylor. Kat needs more polish, but I hope she wins, although it has always been Elliott for me." — Ann (Anchorage, AK)

"Taylor is going to win! When Katharine forgot the song words that one night, she should have been eliminated and Elliott should have stayed!" — F.R. (Long Island, NY)

"Katharine McPhee has grace, beauty, and should be the winner. Taylor Hicks is fun to watch, has charisma, and sings OK, but he does not have Katharine's voice or looks. They both would do wonderful as a duo." — Shane (Hurricane, UT)

"Both of the last two contestants are awesome. However, Taylor has the maturity, stage presence and a 'look' that I believe make him a winner. He has experience in performing and connects with the audience. Katharine should head for Broadway. That would be her best genre." — Jo (Atlanta, GA)

"Ever since I saw and heard Taylor, I hoped that he would make it all the way. And then, when he played the harmonica briefly, it firmed up my thought that he would be the next idol. I would be stunned if Kat won, but again, she does have a good voice, too. No matter the outcome, both will be winners — similar to Clay and Ruben." — Dallas

"If people would judge by talent, tonight we would watch to see who the winner would be between Chris and Elliott. I thought last night's show was the worst ‘American Idol’ show I have watched, and mind you, I have seen every one of them since the beginning. Now, saying that, I think Taylor will win as he has the best stage presence, but Katharine definitely has the singing potential." — Linda

"If judging and voting were strictly on talent, Katharine would win hands down. She is superb. For Simon to declare Taylor the next 'Idol' before voting began smacks of rigging by the judges." — Gene (Woodstock, GA)

"Simon is right, as usual. Taylor should be our next 'American Idol.' I was all for Katharine, but I just don't get a feeling of sincerity from her. She is too perfectly mechanical - just too, too perfect. She is flawless, but an 'American Idol' needs a human quality, and that is what Taylor has. He is lovable to the core, and he is a fabulous singer and entertainer." — Grace (Ottumwa, IA)

"I don't know why poor Katharine bothered to show up. The judges are all clearly voting for Taylor. While I enjoy watching Taylor's antics, I can't see buying and listening to his CD. He shines when he is on stage. How will that translate to a CD when you can't see him gyrating around? Only time will tell." — Effie

"Taylor has a stage presence, is likable, and can sing without taking over the entire stage and audience. I don't think Katharine should have sung the second song. It was great, but the mood left with the first rendition. However, I wish them both success and wealth." — Honey (College Station, TX)

"At this point in the game, I see two winners. Anyone who could withstand the criticism and see this contest to the end deserves worldwide recognition anyway. Both are deserving souls, but I like the southern crooner the best!" — Debi (Tupelo, MS)

"Taylor is fun and is a very good stage performer. He would be a fantastic lounge act in Vegas. However, how can you market him? He doesn't fit into any music genre and that will be a problem getting on the radio and selling albums. He reminds me of a good bar singer. Kat is an extremely talented young woman who can become one of the best female singers ever. She has a unique way of doing different types of songs without sounding the same on each one. And, she can be marketed to become a big star." — Pat (Bolingbrook, IL)

"Taylor will win tonight. The audience likes to see someone whose face and emotion conveys the lyrics they are singing. Believing in what you're singing is important. Taylor is bringing a vastly underrated, bluesy style to the epicenter of the music industry. He's giving a slick new look to a very old, overlooked, and pure style of music. His being a musician as well, in my opinion, gives him a lot of credibility. McPhee is good, but she doesn't have what Taylor has." — Clint (Richmond, VA)

"I like them both, but Taylor is a notch above Katharine. She is great depending on the song she sings. Maybe they should get married and be great together! I voted for Taylor." — Carol (Denver, CO)

"I pick Taylor not only for his vocal ability, but for his outstanding personality." — A Fellow Musician

"Taylor Hicks is far more of an 'American Idol' than Katharine McPhee. He appeals to a broader range of people, not just the ones who like a pretty girl with a pretty voice. I'm ready for someone with a new sound and a new look on the music scene." — Katherine

"Taylor is my pick. He has been from day one. He is 'WHAT HE IS" just a sincere beautiful, handsome singer. I love his gray hair. Go 'Bama!" — Liz

"Taylor should definitely win 'American Idol!' Music and charm just ooze from his soul. He has the best voice, the best personality, charisma, soul, most entertaining, sweet — everything one could want in an entertainer, including gorgeous looks. Yes, Katharine has a good voice but was off-key in nearly every song all season, plus she is so stuck on herself it's pathetic. Another attribute of the Soul Patrolman is that he is humble, and Katharine doesn't even know the meaning of the word." — Celia

"I voted for Katharine, because I think she is a great singer besides being beautiful. Taylor is good, however, and he will probably win." — Loretta

"Taylor is just plain boring to look at and listen to! He looks more like 'American Middle-Aged crisis!'" — Warren (VA)

"I like both finalists, but if Taylor wins, he will be another Rueben Studdard. He will be forgotten, while the runner-up Katharine will go on to have an amazing career like Clay Aiken. You can never have too many beautiful women with gorgeous voices!" — Don (CA)

"Taylor Hicks should win — he would make us all proud. He has the voice and the personaility. I am a grandmother of eight, and just watching him makes me smile. Perfect 'American Idol.' Although the line was busy all night! I tried for three hours to vote for Taylor and never got through." — Dorothy (Idaho)

"I voted for Hicks because I love to hear him sing. He puts so much into his performance. He is really an entertainer and I think that is what 'American Idol' is all about." —

"Taylor Hicks has been my favorite for quite a while, because he has MORE PASSION! It's not just about the voice, people! We pay to go see 'has-beens,' not because they can still sing like songbirds, but because they are GREAT performers. Taylor has that quality. He's a star. He draws people with his performance and personality. AND I COULDN"T GET THROUGH TO VOTE!" — Donna (Tracy, CA)

"What a strange season. At least in past years both contestants could sing! Taylor Hicks has no range, and doesn't even attempt to push his voice. What is with the straight-backed convulsing he does? Please don't say it's dancing! Katherine can sing. Too bad she has such poor advice on song choice. Between the two, only Katherine can sing, and singing is what will eventually sell CDs. The foolish judges are pushing Taylor." — Nancy (St. Louis, MO)

"Taylor is true and real. I would love to be at one of his concerts because he would keep me entertained. Katherine is pretty and has a good voice, but I can't seem to stay interested in her singing because it's not in her heart. I would go out and buy Taylor's music today and enjoy listening to it." — Angie

"We believe that McPhever should be the next 'American Idol' because she has the best voice and the judges have not been fair to her. If only they would listen to her. Yes, Soul Patrol is fun, but he does not compare to her in voice." — Nathan (Pensacola, FL)

"If you like boring, mundane, and really boring and mundane, you voted for Katharine. If you like being entertained, you voted for Taylor. I hope he wins, but considering all the teenyboppers with cell phones, Lord, I don't know if the guy stands a chance. I've watched for five seasons, and only once did the best singer/entertainer win: Fantasia. It's almost like one would HOPE to not win, come in second. Katharine should have been eliminated at least three or four weeks ago. She should try Broadway — they like voices that can belt out notes." — G.L.M.

"Katharine should be the American Idol. I love her voice, and she is very pretty and has a nice personality." — Eva

"Last night was the first night I watched and Katharine was amazing. True, her first single is pretty bad and a bad choice but she had it going nevertheless. She missed a few notes but Hicks had a hard time staying on key. When Randy said he was pitchy, he was. All of his songs were a little off key. Also, I never felt Katharine's voice was forced. The size of the auditorium doesn't matter when you are using a microphone. Their styles are different but their tone qualities are excellent. Based on staying on key, Katharine won it hands down. McPhever will win if you have a good ear." — Beth (Dover, AR)

"Kat all the way! She is the American dream. Taylor has already realized his dream by reaching this point in the competition. Katharine's life is just beginning and we can all join her in the ride of her life! That is what "American Idol" is all about! Have we forgotten?" — Jan

"Since McPhlirty was able to squeak past Chris Daughtry (which in a lot of people's minds is still questionable), Taylor has far surpassed anything she would ever be able to do. She's boring, repetitive and the cutesy-girl act she tries to portray won't fly in the long run. Taylor has everything: voice, entertainment, and a true personality. A real refreshing addition to pop music today. He might be better served going country like Carrie, since it's a much better forum to perform in (except for the Dixie Chicks — quacks that they are). So, Soul Patrol!" — Donna (Wooster, OH)

"Taylor Hicks all the way. Elliott was my underdog, but now it is Taylor all the way!" — Katie

"I have voted for Taylor Hicks throughout the entire season. On another note, rumors were abundant that they were thinking of replacing Abdul as a judge — DO NOT mess with the mix! It could ruin the show; however, I agree she has to curb her off-camera actions!" — Mr. Mom

"In my opinion the judges have been doing everything in their power to assure a Soul Patrol victory. He is a fine singer if you like an imitator. He can sound just like about four well-known singers. McPhee, on the other hand, has a unique voice with her own sound her range and abilities. It is up to America to see if they fall for the judges' game." — Frank

"Soul Patrol! Katharine McPhee is lovely, but there have already been three lovely, power-voiced ladies as winners. Taylor is different, from his gorgeous hair to his awesome stage presence. Go Taylor!" — Karla

"I voted for Taylor Hicks because he seems to best personify the traits of an American Idol; he's talented, has great stage presence, and seems to be very enthusiastic about performing. Although Katharine McPhee is also very talented — and of course, attractive — her performances lacked that simple 'joyful' quality I saw from Taylor Hicks. I predict he will be wildly successful in his musical career." — Anne (Green Bay, WI)

"Katharine had me voting like crazy last night. I honestly believe that she could sell more CD's or downloads than TWO Soul Patrols!" — Karla