Your Grrrs: May 25, 2006

Your Grrrs...

Dianne in Amarillo, Texas: You have "hit the nail on the head" as the old saying goes. Those of us who spend our days trying to survive our bills, our jobs, our health problems and our children most certainly do not care what some rich, spoiled brat is doing or what some "celebrity" thinks. My opinion is that I easily know as much as any of these people, but no one calls me everyday to ask. I just wish more people would wake up and stop spending their money on these jokers and listening to them.

Ruth in Pittsburgh responds to Greg B: You are sadly predictable ... yet another reminder that the average liberal still doesn’t have a clue. Your time would be better spent trying to put together a plan rather than spinning your wheels spewing the same defensive taunts. If you think even anti-Bush sentiment could give Hillary a shot, you’ve got a lotta work left to do.

Harold G. in Fredericksburg, Va.: I applaud you for not jumping on the “Bash Britney Bandwagon.” It’s refreshing to see a young person just trying to live a normal life raising a couple of kids with -- oh my God!!! -- a husband as well!! What is this world coming too with such radical views!

Jen M. in Cleveland, Ohio: Grrrr! to all the people in this country who think that sex offenders can be rehabilitated! I am sickened every time I watch the news and see a man arrested for raping some child and you learn later on in the news story that he was out on parole having already raped another child! Lock these sickos away forever! Throw away the keys! Err on the side of caution (yes, it's sad that circumstances in their youth lead these child molesters to become predators, yet we do not "owe" them a second chance!). The innocence of our children is at stake, America!

Rachel in Illinois: I hate onions, too. I’m glad someone else feels the same way about restaurants mixing them in with everything. I love spicy food, but I can’t even get a decent salsa without scraping my tongue on a chopped bitter cube expelling its noxious flavors.

Miles V. in Houston: I personally like onions on anything -- in fact I eat them raw like apples. And they are good for your heart health. Not a negligible consideration for someone -- such as yourself -- who gets all wound up about things. But it's your life -- next time we have lunch together, you can slide me the onions out of your tuna. How's that for a deal?

Larry Smith writes: Mike, I have read your stuff for years but now I really HAVE to speak out. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed in a serious manner, with great deliberation. It annoys me that you could dismiss this issue so flippantly. Of COURSE onion goes with tuna fish! If you don't like the regular kind, try a Vidalia onion. Almost sweet enough to eat like an apple.

Dustin F. in Little Rock: Grrr to celebs stating their opinion? No, Grrr to journalists for asking for those opinions and then complaining when they're given!

Jean in Overland Park, Kan.: It irks me profusely to see the media attention given to Barbaro's broken leg. Hello? It's a HORSE!!!! Just today, I saw a news report on the cards, gifts and flowers being sent to Barbaro during his convalescence. I think the money being spent would better serve those who live beneath the poverty level, and not an equine that cannot appreciate these gestures.

Pappy in Riverton, Kan: I have a simple rule: if an actor opens his or her mouth about politics, I don't watch their movies, or listen to a singer's songs. I have quite a list so far, and it doesn't seem to bother me one bit!

Earl in cyberspace writes: Some people simply make more money than they can handle. I have always been an advocate of a system that would limit a person’s income to some function of their IQ. That way, the opinions they offer would likely be tempered or not offered at all. Who is going to offer a strong opinion on an issue, knowing that their income had been limited by their lack of intelligence? Wouldn’t it be nice not to have Terrell Owens, the Dixie Chicks and Tom Cruise telling others how to think? Being born with natural, physical talents that allow a person to excel and profit in one area of life should not give them the confidence to pretend to be intellectual as well. Of course, that still leaves us with all the other “dumb and don’t know it” people who weren’t blessed with gifts that allowed them to make a lot of money.

Heidi in Calif.: My Grrr is to all the people whining about Madonna singing from a cross on her Confessions Tour. Is it really that big of a deal? If you don't like what she does, you do not have to attend her shows or buy her music. It's really that simple. I am stunned that her singing on a cross is more offensive than priests molesting young boys because I have heard far more complaints over this tour than I ever hear about those cases. With everything going on in the world, this is what people choose to get angry over?? No wonder this country is in the state that it is ... sad.

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