What Is Durham DA Mike Nifong's Motivation?

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Tonight is a quick road trip to NYC to do the show. (The real reason for the trip to NYC is that we are working on a special for the weekend and have to put the final touches on the special and this must be done in NYC…)

I can't figure out the DA in Durham, North Carolina. It is indeed true that he has no obligation to talk to the press, but, if what we hear about the prosecution's evidence or lack thereof is true, he has some explaining to do. Yes, we can wait for the day it goes to court and hear the DA's case in the more formal and perhaps proper (court) forum — but is it fair to make the defendants wait for trial to get cleared if the case is nothing but a false accusation?

Ordinarily I am willing to "wait and see" since a DA can have evidence we don't know about — but in this case, the DA — per the North Carolina rules — has turned over all his evidence to the defense (called discovery) and it seems, at best, pathetic.

What could the DA possibly have in his file that we don't know about? I keep trying to imagine what he could have that we don't know about. If he has DNA, he is required to surrender that info. If he has witnesses, I bet the discovery rules requires that he disclose that to the defense in discovery.

What else could he have that could be relevant? During a commercial break my crew and I tried guessing. My stage manager suggested that maybe a fellow lacrosse player is helping the DA? A cell phone video or pic corroborates? Both are possible and could help the DA, but thus far we have not heard of the existence of a witness or cell phone pic. These are just guesses.

And, per the defense (and I admit I am hearing this from sources that are "close to the defense" and not the DA), the accuser has told more than one version of what happened which is deadly for a prosecutor. A witness who tells several stories about important facts is most often seen by the jury as a liar.

If the state of the prosecution's evidence is as the defense has said — or sources close to the defense — then the DA needs to step up immediately and dismiss the case. If the DA has other evidence that we do not know about, then it should proceed to trial. But, I am very suspicious about the state of the DA's evidence.

If it turns out that the DA has no case, and that he knows it and that he does not dismiss it upon this realization, shame on him — and he should look for a new job.

Now for some e-mails..

E-mail No. 1

(Yesterday in the blog I posted a pic of a bird. I asked for information about the bird and Gary Scott, below, has helped me out.)

That is a Muscovy duck, a native of Central America. They are prolific, raising several broods a year. The ducklings are a favorite food of Cooter turtles. Foolish people feed the Muscovey's and they congregate leaving large deposits as a thanks. As you noticed, they are twice the size of most ducks.
Gary Scott
Fort Myers, FL

E-mail No. 2

Greta—love the show, hope your stay in the sunshine state was a good one. The bird you took a picture of is a Muscovy duck, not native to Florida and hated by most boat owners for the mess they leave behind on boat decks. My town has a plan where they are going to start euthanizing them because they have 2 or 3 litters of babies per year.
Regardless how messy, they are still innocent creatures and should be left alone. Thanks for the pictures,
Cape Coral, FL

E-mail No. 3

Greta, It's a duck. A Muscovy duck to be exact. They're found all over Florida and can be quite a nuisance since they have become very domesticated and curious by humans that feed them. A quick Google search will yield more than enough info.
Jacksonville, FL

E-mail No. 4

I have been a fan of your program — that is until the last few months — Natalee Holloway's unsolved disappearance is a tragedy but doesn't warrant the hundreds of hours of media time when there are tens of thousands of girls being human trafficked in the U.S. — thousands more disappearing every day. Please give some time to so many other tragedies and make the American public aware of these other gut-wrenching stories.
Best regards,
Jonathan Weston

E-mail No. 5

Hi Greta,
Gosh, will it never end? The way this case has been handled is just monstrous! I can't believe these people. It's no wonder you seemed to almost lose your cool last night. And just think of Natalee's parents and relatives! There is absolutely no excuse for the way this case has been botched and botched royally! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THEIR PROBLEM? I can't believe that they don't know what happened to Natalee. Corruption, corruption and more corruption.
Thanks for not giving up on this Greta. Looking forward with great anticipation to the show Fri. night.
Best Regards,

E-mail No. 6

I wonder if there's any significance to the fact all three gator victims were female. When we lived in Orlando for a brief period right before Hurricane Andrew, a little old lady was eaten by a gator. I wouldn't live there permanently if you paid me a million dollars. Andrew missed Orlando, but when it flattened Miami, all the criminals moved to Orlando to prey on the tourists. It was the first time I remember carjacking. Florida had to change the plates on rental cars so the crooks couldn't identify out-of-towners. I believe that was also the time period three German tourists were murdered at a freeway rest area. Give Florida back to the Seminoles, I say. And, come to New Mexico for a visit.
PA Jones
Farmington, NM

E-mail No. 7

Face it: Karin Janssen has as much evidence against ALL the guys arrested in Aruba and Holland for the Holloway case that Nifong has against the Duke "rape" suspects. Jannsen and Nifong must have gone tot he same law school!

E-mail No. 8

The recent tirades against President Bush and the attorney general by your two "legal consultants" were totally inappropriate! I've been watching you ever since the OJ trial and know you are a liberal. You have always been fair however and you are a real lady, so even though you are liberal, I've always enjoyed watching you show. If you continue to have Bernie and Jeff on with their hateful tirades, I'll have to consider watching another channel — maybe CNN?
Bob Proctor
Reno, NV

ANSWER: Bob — I am not exactly sure what show you are talking about, but if you are talking about the discussion about the execution of search warrants on Congressman Jefferson's office, you might find it interesting to know that both Speaker Hastert and former Speaker Gingrich are mad about the execution of the warrant (even though Jefferson is a Democrat.) It boils down to the issue of the Constitution and the separation of powers clause. Check out this link to this article on the topic of Speaker Hastert/President Bush/execution of the warrant:

Also, here is an update on a story we have covered:

Pa. Woman Admits Lying in Death of Doctor on Turnpike

AKRON, Ohio (AP) — A Pennsylvania woman admitted Tuesday she lied under oath when she told a grand jury she was with a man accused of killing a millionaire doctor on the Ohio Turnpike.

Charlene McFrazier, 21, of Leetsdale, Pa., near Pittsburgh, pleaded guilty to perjury in U.S. District Court. She had told a grand jury that she was with her boyfriend, Damian Bradford, the night Dr. Gulam Moonda was fatally shot on the roadway near Cleveland in May 2005.

Bradford, 24, of Monaca, Pa., also near Pittsburgh, has pleaded not guilty to a two-count indictment in the death of Moonda, 69, a urologist from Hermitage, Pa.

The victim was shot and killed when he pulled off the side of the turnpike south of Cleveland to change drivers. His wife said a gunman emerged from another vehicle, shot and robbed her husband and fled.

Bradford could face life in prison if convicted of interstate stalking. He allegedly was romantically involved with Moonda's wife, Donna Moonda, 46, who has not been charged.

McFrazier, who faces between 10 and 16 months in prison when sentenced Aug. 24, would not say if she plans to testify against Bradford.
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