Scenes From Gator Country

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More pics are posted today. Today's pics are more of the behind the scenes from our trip to Florida. If you watched our show Friday night, you know that we spent the day in Florida learning about alligators and spending some time with a man whose job it is to trap alligators.

The alligator trapper we spent time with — Kevin Garvey — is the man who captured the alligator who killed a 28-year-old jogger a few weeks ago. (Regrettably, stomach contents of the alligator are what proved that this was the alligator that killed her.) By the way, I asked Kevin if he had ever gotten bitten by an alligator and somehow the conversation got around to his new tattoo — it is all over his back and is a work in progress. I snapped a picture of this tattoo — check it out. While I have little expertise in tattoos, it sure seems that this one is quite a huge project!

Can you believe the latest in the Natalee Holloway investigation? The young man arrested last Wednesday… held… interrogated… and now, this morning, released. He is not the first to get this "treatment." He was questioned last summer several times — but not arrested (until now). I keep hoping that the police and prosecutor are on the right track but there are no obvious signs they are. I hope I am wrong.

What is most disturbing about this most recent arrest is the cavalier attitude by the Aruban authorities. As of last night, per the chief prosecutor in a call with John Q. Kelly, she decided to release him — but then why didn't the authorities release him until this morning? Why hold him for another 12 plus hours? For sport? I think that is horrible — if they had a reason to detain him, then detain him, but once it is decided that there is no reason to hold him or lawful authority to hold him, release him... immediately. Don't just make him sit in jail! As you know jails are both unpleasant — and dangerous.

We are doing a special this Friday on the Natalee Holloway investigation — I hope you watch.

Now for some e-mails from you:

E-mail No. 1
(Note the e-mail below is from Kim Peterson of the Carole Sund/Carrington Foundation. She has been working with Sharon Rocha, Laci Peterson's mother and last night sent me the following e-mail and press release. I told her that I would post it today so that many could see it.)

Hi Greta. Attached is the press release for Tuesday's press conference in Phoenix. Sharon and I will both be flying there to announce this grant. Superstition Search and Rescue is the first organization to receive a grant from the newly formed Laci and Conner Search and Rescue Fund. They received a grant of $4905, which was used to send nine of their volunteers to Wilderness First Responder Training last week. Some of the people who attended last week's training will be participating in the press conference and sharing what they learned. Sharon will also talk about why she started the Fund and what she hopes to accomplish.
Thanks for your support of this.
Take care, Greta!
Kim Petersen
Executive Director
Carole Sund/Carrington Foundation
301 Downey Avenue
Modesto, CA 95354

FROM: Kim Petersen
RE: Superstition Search and Rescue is the first organization to receive a grant from the newly formed Laci and Conner Search and Rescue Fund in memory of Laci and Conner Peterson. The fund was founded by Sharon Rocha (mother of Laci Peterson) to provide financial assistance to non-profit organizations and law enforcement agencies involved in search and rescue to help improve their efforts through additional training and equipment.

Superstition Search and Rescue is an all volunteer organization that assists
Pinal County Sheriffs Department and the citizens of Arizona by providing wilderness search and rescue services with trained professionals that aid lost, injured, stranded or deceased individuals in its rugged and remote areas.

DATE: Tuesday, May 23, 2006
TIME: 1:00 pm till completed
LOCATION: Mammoth Steak House

For more information regarding The Laci and Conner Search and Rescue Fund, visit the Carole Sund/Carrington Foundation Web site at

P.O. Box 4113
Modesto, California 95352
Phone: 209-527-5224
Fax: 209-567-1338

E-mail No. 2

Hi Greta,
When it really looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, why would a judge grant bail for someone who leads them to the body? I certainly hope this young lady makes it and points to her accuser and it is her friend, the teacher, who just happens to skip out.
I know we have laws, but don’t we allow for common sense? I guess not.
I hope you had your well-deserved rest. For your own sake, slow down a bit.
George Hreha

E-mail No. 3

Lately, I can't decide if it's more risky to be a young male in Aruba or in Durham. Mike Nifong is on a self-serving witch hunt that will soon explode in his face. He's a disgrace to your profession.

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